About Us

Babyloveswings.com is a recommendation platform for those who feel trouble in figuring out what the best baby swing should buy. We provide professional reviews and recommendation, and tell you which lists is the best to buy, and which one suits your needs most.

Why Trust Us

We do not have direct business relationship with certain baby swing brands, but stand on the view of customers and choose the best one. We looked up all the customers’ reviews on shopping platform such as amazon and eBay, in order to get what troubles parents most. Besides, some of hot selling baby swings are tested directly by us for their performance and safety.

Our main aim is to help you save more time and energy in finding the most suitable baby swings. All the baby swings in our recommendations must be in high quality performance and especially in high level of safety.

Choosing the best baby swing is not the thing you need to do, what matters most is to find the most suitable one. We made detailed classifications on baby swing types, applications, price, appearance, functions and sizes etc. These detailed items can help you a lot in choosing the best valuable baby swing based on your actual needs and budgets.

How We Choose Best Baby Swing

Baby swing is used primary for infant baby, therefore, many factors must be considered carefully, such as safety and development of baby. On choosing and testing all sorts of baby swings, we looked up the detailed information on swing machines and get real baby to check if they are comfortable enough for baby to lie down. Followings are the factors that we tested before choosing,


Safety is the main factors in buying and using baby swing. When baby lies in it, there should be strong and closely tied harness to keep baby safe and protect baby from dropping down. Normally 5 point harness is chosen, it is able to protect baby both from upper and lower part.

The swing machines should be sturdy enough. Metal materials would be the best.


Infant baby is in rapid development both mentally and bodily, the design of baby swing must be suitable for development of infant baby. The seat should be in accordance with ergonomics.

3.Other personal features

The other factors we considered including sizes, prices, functions, music inserted and appearance etc. We’ve made clear classifications on each types, so you can choose the most suitable one based on your actual needs.

What If I Have Other Problems On Baby Swing

If you have any other problems, or the baby swing you want isn’t on our list, you can contact us or leave message on our site, we will make detailed analysis on the item, and to provide professional solutions for you.