Top 8 Best Upright Baby Swing 2024 – Review & Buying Guide

Sitting up unassisted is a milestone for babies to learn to crawl, go and run. Normally at the age of 4-7 months, babies start to try sitting up on their own without much support. Before that, you can give them some chances to exercise. In such conditions, getting a best upright baby swing can be a perfect option.

Best Upright Baby Swing – Review & Buying Guide

Do not waste your time searching and filtering the ideal types among thousands of models on the market, here we offer the most worth buying and the best-recommended units for you straightforwardly.

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Top Picks for This Year

1. Best For Small Apartment – Graco Slim Spaces Compact Baby Swing

Graco Slim Spaces Compact Baby Swing

Among all the baby swings on the market, this one is regarded as top #1 recommended type, when it terms of the best upright baby swing. There is nothing special for its functions, only some pieces of music and gentle swing from front to toe.

However, what makes it outstands is the slim size and upright seat. The supporting legs are formed by steel stick, surrounded by the anti-skid rubber on its feet. Aside from this, it is adjustable in height. By pushing or pulling the stick in and out, the swing turns higher or lower.

Its seat is what we emphasis the most, there is only one seat position, which means you can not use it as a place for a nap. However, it is a perfect option for feeding, and particularly for babies with colics or reflux.

2. Best For Reflux Babies – Graco Etcher Compact Swing

Graco Etcher Compact Swing

This is another model of Graco Slim Swing series, which differs mostly on the appearance. Instead of balls, it has two-star toys on the toy tray, which move a bit with the sway of the seat. It comes with thin newborn support that is detachable and machine washable.

Thanks for its foldability and compactness, you can use it for outdoor traveling, pack it in your suitcase and I promise it occupies an only small piece of land. Plus, the battery-operated design makes it super easy to use in the wild.

It has multiple swing speeds that are available. The sleek color design suits both baby girl and baby boy.

3. Best Swing And Bouncer Combo – Graco Soothe System Glider

Graco Soothe System Glider

If you want to get a cost-effective and functional baby swing that sits upright, we would like to recommend this model. It combines the function of bouncer and swing together, by taking the seat down, you can take it anywhere you want with a light and portable bouncer.

The seat recline is adjustable, you can choose the most suitable position according to the needs. The upright type is for feeding and sitting up exercising. While you adjust it into a larger angle, it becomes a bassinet for taking a short nap.

The canopy prevents sunlight for outdoor use; the hanging toys grasp baby’s attention in a minute, and 5 point harness is closely attached to safeguard babies all the time.

4. Best 2 in 1 Swing and High Chair – Primo Smart Voyager Convertible Swings

Primo Smart Voyager Convertible Swings

Apart from its wonderful performance in saving floor space, it is also quite functional. Through linking it to your phone, you can control it with Bluetooth. There are 5 recline positions on hand, for baby with reflux, the upright position can be the best.

It features a high chair, with its large weight limit, you can use the high chair for even toddlers. From the high chair to the swing, you need only push the seat up and down for transferring. It has automatic cry activation system, which means once the baby starts to cry, the unit starts playing the music and turns on the lowest swing speed automatically.

5. Best Portable Baby Swing – Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom Swing

Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom Swing

Do you like to travel around? Are you the kind of the person that is always on the go? If so, then you need to get such a portable swing to hang out with your newborn babies. Small and compact as it is, there are still multiple functions that meet various needs.

You can adjust the seat recline with a simple push, meeting babies maximum comfort and meanwhile offering them enough time to learn to sit up straightly. With 6 swing speeds, the baby enjoys the swing motions with 5 point harness protects infants during use time.

All the seat pad and fabric on the unit are machine washable, that you can easily take it down and throw it into the washing machine. Foldable design also enables you to pack it into the suitcase or backpack.

6. Best Swing and Rocker Combo – Graco Duet Soothe Swing

Graco Duet Soothe Swing

This unit, no matter you use it for a rocker or a swing, is capable of adjusting the seat recline angle. For feeding, you will need a straight seat with newborn support pad; For taking a nap, change a large angle and make it relatively flat for a sound sleep.

Above the seat is mobile with three hanging toys, which moves around once you turn the model on. All the buttons are set on the mobile, making it easy to adjust even when you are holding babies in the arm. The plug in option saves batteries costs, and you can also choose the battery to supply power for vibration modes on the rocker.

7. Portable 2 in 1 Swing – Graco Duet Swing With Rocker

Graco Duet Swing With Rocker

This Graco baby swing adopts steel structure to guarantee the sturdiness. It comes with 3 seat recline, and the upright seat position makes it perfect for babies with reflux or colics to use.

When you attempt to use it as a rocker, you can take it down easily and take the portable rocker to anywhere with you. The detachable toy bar with two soft toys hanging ahead to attract baby’s attention in he or she is in fussy.

From front to back or from side to side, you can choose whichever meets baby’s demands. The battery offers power for vibration modes, and you may adjust from fast to slow.

8. Best Plug in Portable Baby Swing – Ingenuity Braden Swing

Ingenuity Braden Swing

The biggest problem of most portable baby swings on the market is the lack of plug in option, which costs a lot on batteries buying and changing. However, this one gives attention to both plug in designing and portability. Do not worry about outdoor use, because it also offers a battery option for you.

If you take a close look at the harness, you will find how thoughtful it can be. Around the seat belt is a soft and cozy fabric, making it pretty convenient for babies to use. The newborn head support that comes with the unit gives basic support for infant use. Detachable toy tray with two soft toys is hanging ahead for soothing.

Usage of Baby Swing That Sits Upright

Learn to sit up is a vital task for newborn babies, for it is a milestone for other physical movements. Besides, it also meets some basic needs.

Using Condition:

When babies grow older to around 5 or 6 months, they need to eat more food supplements. Feeding a newborn baby is not as easy as feeding those toddlers, for it is hard for them to sit up unassisted. You can either hug them in the arm or place them somewhere safe and upright for feeding.

Well, I do not recommend you to hug them in arms for feeding, unless you want everything goes mess. Believe me, it is hard to feed them by oneself. Then a swing, especially an upright swing can be a helper.

Once you place the baby into the swing, and adjust the seat recline to around 60 degree (which is a perfect angle for eating). Buckle tight the harness and place the bowl on the tray, then it’s time for free eating.

Graco Slim Space Compact Baby Swing

Suitable Users:

Baby with reflux or colics

Babies under 1-year-old are easily suffering from the pain of reflux or colics. The exact reasons for it still remains a mystery, but there is evidence showing that sit up straightly is helpful in relieving the pain.

Hugging and keeping baby upright in the arms is an impossible thing. That is why you need to get those baby swings with upright seats for help.

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Baby wants to sit up on his own

For newborn babies, it is hard to sit up on their own unassisted. The upright baby swing with hard sturdy support helps them to strengthen their back power. And once they grow older, you may train their whole body power by using other gears such as jumpers and walkers.

Other Upright Baby Gears

Apart from baby swings, you may also need some other necessary baby gears for different ages of babies, here we make a brief introduction on them and recommend top-rated for each model as follow:

1. Fisher Price Sit Up Floor Seat

upright baby swing

The soft and cozy fabric with sturdy structure offers a comfortable environment for sitting up inside the machine. The upright back gives support for babies, while the two linkable toys grasp the baby’s attention. For easier storage, you can just fold it flat and pack in the suitcase.

2. Jolly Orignal Baby Exerciser and Jumper

baby swing that sits upright

The sturdy structure with saddle seat provides a safe place for baby to exercise, through the jumper, their balance, coordination and also the muscle power gets improved to a large extent. It requires no doorways and allows you to use it either outdoor and indoor. Fold it up if you intend to store it.

3. Summer Infant 3 Stage Super Seat Booster

best upright baby swing

It combines support seat, activity seat, and booster seat together, been a 3 in 1 baby seat, which suits the need of babies from infant babies to toddlers. The soft foam seat with 3 point harness helps baby to sit upright; the activity seat with 360-degree rotating tray keeps baby engaged; a booster seat with removable snack tray offers a safe place for baby to have a meal.

4. Windsor Glider and Ottoman

baby swing that sits upright

If you attempt to enjoy more time hugging with your babies, try this ottoman. The sturdy structure offers a comfortable seat, the soft fabric feels cozy. The side pocket gives you enough space to put a storybook or other baby stuff. Assembling it is pretty easy, takes around 20 minutes if you read the instructions carefully.

5. Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo

best upright baby swing

It is time for babies to learn to jump. With the height-adjustable jumper, it grows with babies. The 360-degree spin seat enables babies to discover all the toys attached.

Buying Guides on Upright Baby Swing


Apart from the upright position, there are other factors you should consider on buying the best type.

1. Adjustable seat position and angle

The upright swing is suitable for feeding, but it is not a comfortable position for babies to stay for a long time. The most important thing for infant babies is sleeping, for they grow up rapidly through sleeping. And the baby swing can serve as a temporary place for taking a nap, they can stay inside for around 1 hour a day. Then the one with multiple angles become a necessity, adjusting it to around 30 degrees for sleeping and 60 degrees for entertainment.

2. 5 point harness

it is never too much to protect babies from dangerous situations, and that’s the work of 5 point harness. Compared with 3 point type, it safeguards babies from arms to hip. If you want to get more details on the harness, please check our best 5 point harness review.

3. Cozy and soft fabric

To protect baby’s sensitive skin, you need to make sure the swing fabric is pretty soft and also breathable. Choose the one that is machine washable, it saves much energy and time when you feel exhausted and tired.

4. Toy tray or feeding tray

When you try to feed a baby, you will know how important it is to get a tray. It is a place to put your bowl in eating, and also, you can put some toys on the tray to entertain babies when he or she cries when staying inside the swing.

5. Consider the size

Do you have a small apartment? Do you often go out for traveling frequently? If so, then you will definitely need a compact swing or those are foldable. Measuring the sizes of the swing before buying if you do not want all the baby stuff crowds the whole room.


1. Is it safe for a newborn to sit up?

There is no solid evidence showing that the sitting up position is bad for a newborn baby. However, making them sit up on their own is difficult without assistance. At around 5 or 6 months, their body muscles start strengthening and they have more power sit up on their own.

2. When can I stop supporting my baby’s head?

At the age of 1 month, he or she is able to lift his own head, and totally hold it up when you place him at upright position at around 4 months old. At that time, his neck muscle and head control get largely improved and strengthened. Till 6 months, he can unassisted sit up on his own.