7 Best Ingenuity Baby Swing Reviews: Ultra Guides On Choosing 2020

best baby swing ingenuity

Ingenuity is a famous brand on producing various kinds of baby gears, the most popular products of it are baby swing. Apart from compact shape and elite quality, Ingenuity baby swing is also awarded for noiseless working condition.

Getting more knowledge about the brand history and products features is a must if you attempt to avoid something worthless.

Here, we offer you the comprehensive knowledge on the brand — Ingenuity.

Plus, there are also 7 best Ingenuity baby swings in 2020 on the market we picked out for you.

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About Ingenuity

Ingenuity is one of the top brands of baby swing in the market, the aim of which is to make the everyday life of your little one with a little more smooth and make a noticeable difference with their products in your life.

It pays much attention to baby care products, experts in the baby swing, high chair, bouncer and baby seat. Compared with other brands, most hot selling ingenuity baby swings are compact types and portable.

Top 7 Best Ingenuity Baby Swings 2020 on the Market

1Convert Me Swing-2-Seat
2Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing
3Ingenuity Swing'n Go Portable Baby Swings
4Simple Comfort Cradling Swing
5Ingenuity Inlighten Cradling Swing
6Ingenuity Twinkle Teddy Bear
7Ingenuity SmartSize 2-in-1 Soothing

Best Ingenuity Baby Swings Reviews

1. Ingenuity Portable Baby Swing – Convert Me Swing

bright starts baby swing





Maximum Weight Limit: 19.8 pounds

Age Range Description: 0+ months

Its Dimensions: 9 x 21.5 x 22

Its Weight: 9 pounds

This baby swing machine is quite light and easy to be carried away. The round base plate saves a lot of floor space. It is easily changing into an infant bouncy seat with a swing lock.

Several swing speeds satisfy the baby’s preference. Music helps soothe the baby into a sound nap, and the volume of music is much lower than other types. It can be folded up easily for traveling or using outside, assemble process is quite easy, approximately take up 30-50 minutes.

Built-in timer helps you turn off music and machine automatically, saving much energy on battery. Hybridrive technology makes the battery lasts 3 times longer than others.

It is only battery operated without plug in option, can be much costly on buying battery constantly, and the swing speed is quite low even in highest speed level.


Easy carry and light
Space saving
5 swing speeds
Fold up easily
Clean in the washer nicely
Easily convert to seat with swing lock


Battery only
1 toy ahead only
Swing speed is low

2. Ingenuity Baby Swing For Small Spaces – Cozy Kingdom

best baby swing ingenuity





Maximum Weight Limit: 5.5-19 pounds

Age Range Description: Less than 24 months

Its Dimensions: 20.1 x 6 x 21.2

Its Weight: 10 pounds

This machine can be best baby swing under $50 when in the budget, the compact and simple structure makes it portable and easy to carry from room to room.

Compared with other brands, it operates super quiet, does not make any noise at all. If you mind the working noise, this will be the best choice. The fabric is soft and folds flat in half, taking less floor space in your house. 2 reclining positions make baby feel content.

Smooth music and gentle swing speed calm the baby down quickly. Two toys ahead entertain baby when you have no time playing with him or her. Swing machine can be folded up and easily take along.

Battery operated design makes it much costly on buying and changing the battery from time to time. And the seat is quite low, barely to the ground.


Foldable, easy to travel
Pad washable
6 sounds and songs
No working noise
6 swing speeds


Battery only
Seat is low

3. Best Ingenuity Outdoor Baby Swing – Swing’n Go Portable Baby Swings

ingenuity baby swing ratings





Maximum Weight Limit: 20 pounds

Age Range Description: Less than 24 months

Its Dimensions: 6.8 x 14.5 x 22.2

Its Weight: 6.4pounds

Swing’n go portable baby swing is really sturdy and cost-effective to the price. Ahead toy bar can be removed when the baby is taking a nap. The noiseless working motor makes baby sleep more soundly.

8 melodies and 3 nature sounds soothe baby quickly. Compact and simple structure makes a good space saver. Easy fold legs make it easy to carry and travel wherever you want. But it goes only from head to toe, and battery-operated setting makes it rather costly on buying the battery.

The seat is relatively low to the ground, therefore, parents need to bend down very low and carry a baby in or out, which can be rather annoying, so does the low button setting.

The built-in timer of it can be a lot of help in saving the power of the battery so that you won’t drain it out when you are busy and forget to turn it off manually.


Clean seat pad
Fold up easily
5 speeds
11 sounds and songs
Volume control and 3 timer settings


Battery only
Front to back only

4. Ingenuity 2 In 1 Baby Swing – Simple Comfort Cradling Swing

ingenuity baby swing electric





Maximum Weight Limit: 19.84 pounds

Age Range Description:

Its Dimensions: 27 x 29 x 35

Its Weight: 0.32 ounces

This baby swing is a full size type, the big sturdy structure may occupy much space, so if you do not have much space in your home, perhaps you need to consider other types.

The toy bar is set ahead and two toys hanging, a small baby is able to touch the baby toy and play with them with fun. When you are doing chores, just turn the machine on and the 6 swing speed and 180 degrees rotating will help soothe your baby.

Unlike portable type, this one is plug in operated, saving much money for you each month. If you want to move it to another room, just push it around, the wheels at the bottom will save much energy for you.

The control panel is quite simple to operate, and the seat pad can be removed into the washing machine.


180 degree swing
Plugin or battery
6 speed swing
Adjustable recline
Easy to operate
Easy to assemble


Occupy much space

5. Ingenuity Inlighten Cradling Swing

ingenuity automatic baby swing





Maximum Weight Limit: 20 pounds

Age Range Description: Less than 24 months

Its Dimensions: 29 x 21.8 x 43.8

Its Weight: 23.9 pounds

All the babies are curious about a light thing, this baby swing designed internal lighting electronic mobile, it can interest your baby when you are doing other things.

Fabric and cozy seat makes them feel warm and relaxed. If you do not like the built-in music, you can just connect it with your phone and play the music that your baby likes.

Through testing, we found this machine is lack of neck support and newborn baby may get trouble in its weak neck support, therefore, it is more suitable for larger baby use such as 3 or 4 months. The machine does not rotate singly from side to side or from head to toe but rotates 180 degrees.

And the two recline positions are able to make baby sleep sound and play comfortably. When you want to move it away, two wheels at the back of the legs will save much energy for you, just ensure not to put the baby in when you are moving.

Though it is easy to fold, it still takes up much space.


MP3 plug+play
Light beams electronic mobile
Plush rotating toys
Rotates 180 degree swing or sway
2 recline position
Easy to fold


Take up much space
Lack of neck support

6. Ingenuity 4 in 1 Soothing Solution -Twinkle Teddy Bear

ingenuity inlighten baby swing and rocker





Maximum Weight Limit: 19.84 pounds

Age Range Description: 0+ months

Its Dimensions: 11 x 29 x 19

Its Weight:

This one is quite the same as the Inlighten series, but it is a combo of swing and rocker. When your baby is growing up, you can take the baby seat down and change it into a rocker, it moves with your infant’s motion manually.

The upper part of the machine is set with electric mobile and mirror, inlighten design makes the baby more relaxed and enjoyable. You can easily plug your phone into the machine and play music your baby interests most.

The machine is quite heavy to carry but the bottom wheel can be a great helper, if you want to move it to another room, just pull it away. It has two reclined positions and 6 adjustable swing speeds, it also swings in multiple directions.

Anyone of which will be your baby’s preference. In our test, the music will stop automatically for short period of time, and for lack of head support, baby’s head is easily flip out, so it may be a lot suitable for a larger baby.


Swing in multiple directions
Inlighten design
Mp3 and phone plug
Easy to move
Rocker and swing combo
Plug in and battery operated both


Take up much space
Not portable
No head support
Music lasts for short time

7. Automatic Baby Swing – Ingenuity SmartSize 2-in-1

ingenuity baby swing music





Maximum Weight Limit: 20 pounds

Age Range Description:

Its Dimensions: 16.5 x 12.5 x 31.5

Its Weight: 35 pounds

Are you hesitating on buying a swing or a rocker? Why not buy a 2-in-1 one straightly? This swing machine is a swing and rocker combo, you can simply put the seat down and change it into a rocker.

It is said the special design saves 30% space for you, but it indeed is still a large thing and can be a trouble if you do not have much space in your house. However, when it turns into a rocker, you will be able to put it with you in any of the room you are staying.

The seat is able to rotate 360 degrees easily, you can connect your phone with the machine and play music even video with a mobile device. 3 automatic swing settings and 2 adjustable recline positions suit different demands of your little baby.

Swing leg is equipped with two wheels for convenient moving, but actually it works quite bad through our test, one still find it hard to roll it around in the house, and the large structure can easily get stuck near door or wall corner.


Compact design takes up 30% less space
Two recline positions
mp3 plug in for music and video
Light Beams electronic mobile
Plug in operation
Used as rocker
3 automatic swing timer settings


Still take up much space
The wheel is not easy to roll
Machine is quite heavy

Ingenuity Baby Swings And Rockers

 1. Ingenuity Twinkle Teddy Bear In Lighten Cradling Swing & Rocker

ingenuity baby swing adapter

When you put the seat down, this swing machine changes into a rocker, 5 point harness prevents baby from falling down. If it uses as a rocker, it will rock with the motion of small baby. Rocking directions can be changed from both side to side and from back to front.

It uses battery power to turn the vibration on and off.

2. Ingenuity SmartSize 2-in-1 Soothing Solution- Rowan

ingenuity baby swing girl

Different from the twinkle teddy bear series, when this baby swing changes into a rocker, mommy can rock it manually to have intimate interaction with the baby. As it is light and portable, if you need to bath or wash clothes, just put the rocker with you and to have fun easily with the baby while doing chores.

Before taking the seat down, remember to turn the toy bar away.

Ingenuity 2 in 1 Baby Swing

1. Ingenuity Twinkle Teddy Bear In Lighten Cradling Swing & Rocker

bright starts baby swing with music

This is a baby swing and rocker combo, turn the seat down with a button and it becomes a rocker. When you turn the vibration on, it slightly moves like spring, thus it can be a good helper if you are busying doing other matters.

2. Ingenuity SmartSize 2-in-1 Soothing Solution- Rowaningenuity inlighten baby swing weight limit

The smart size of the infant swing rocker makes it easy to be carried everywhere you want. When you want to have a nap or bath, just put the rocker near you so that you can keep an eye on it all the time.

3. Ingenuity Boutique Collection Smart Size Gliding Swing & Rocker-Bella Teddy

best baby swing ingenuity

Normally, this machine is used as a gliding swing to soothe the baby by swinging front to toe or side to side. If you need to take it to another room, just put the swing seat down, and it can be used as a rocker. Battery option controls vibration to soothe baby down.

4. Ingenuity Smart Size Gliding Swing & Rocker- Taylor Teddy

ingenuity baby swing ratings

This machine is another type of swing&rocker series, the basic function is the same as Rowan and Bella Teddy one. Battery controls vibration both for swing and rocker. You can simply change it into a rocker by pulling the button.

Ingenuity Portable Baby Swings Reviews

1. Convert Me Swing-2-Seat Portable Swing – Ridgedale

ingenuity portable swing baby bunting

This swing machine is highly portable, its compact design makes it a good space saver. If you need to bring it elsewhere for traveling or outside playing, fold up and it can be carried easily with one hand. The lightweight of the swing machine also enables you to carry it from one room to the other.

2. Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing

ingenuity portable baby swing review

This is a super cute portable baby swing, the whole machine is made simple and easy to operate. It took small space when putting into normal use, extremely suitable for small space using. While folding up, it is narrowed half of its normal size, which is easy to be put in the car seat and take it anywhere.

3. Ingenuity Swing’n Go Portable Baby Swings-Hugs & Hoots

portable baby swing ingenuity

Compared with full size baby swing, this portable one is designed small and compact. If you need to carry it outside, you can fold up legs and seat, then it turns half size of usual. Even when you want to move from room to room, the lightweight of it enables you to carry with one hand easily.

Ingenuity Plug In Baby Swings

For ingenuity, you can easily distinguish plug in type and battery type from its size. All the full size baby swing of ingenuity use plug in, while portable ones are only battery operated. As the cost of the battery is quite high, plug in infant swing can help you save large money for you and is more convenient. Followings are the plug in types:

ingenuity baby swing adapter

baby swing plug

plug in infant swing

plug in infant swing

Battery Operated Baby Swings

Compared with plug in machine, battery operated is costly on changing and buying batteries constantly. With daily use, the battery one is normally drained out in a month. But on traveling, it can be a good helper, you do not need to find an adapter outside. Therefore, you can use it everywhere you want.

Here is the Ingenuity battery operated baby swings reviews:

battery operated baby swing reviews

foldable baby swing

most portable baby swing

Travel Baby Swings

The key factors for travel baby swings are portable and battery operated. Once the baby swing is portable and is designed compact, it is easy to be carried everywhere, especially when they are fold up easily, you can even put them into a large suitcase or bags.

When traveling outside, you will find it hard to get a suitable adapter for plug in types. Even you find one, you need to stay where the adapter at for a whole using time. Therefore, we suggest battery operated one for you, then the baby is able to enjoy the same cozy and comfort as at home.

Followings are recommended travel baby swings:

battery operated baby swing reviews

foldable baby swing

most portable baby swing

Ingenuity Swing Weight Limit

A baby swing is not quite the same as other types of the machine; it’s using time or say, the service life is entirely limited to individual babies. As we all know, the baby grows rapidly; every day he or she changes to a new look or size. That is why we need to take much consideration of the baby swing’s weight limit.

As the baby grows large enough, he or she might be too heavy or too big to sit still or lie in the machine. If you still use it, dangerous things happen at any time. For such conditions, you need to change a big baby swing or another soothing tool for infants to enjoy their happy time.

But how do we know what the weight limit is?

There will be a clear description of the products using instructions, and for parents looking for ideal types, maximum weight limit shows on the product specifications once searching on Amazon.

Ingenuity baby swing’s weight limit varies according to the types of machines. For example, Ingenuity inlightens cradling swing and rocker weight limit is 19.84lbs. Average baby swing weight limit reaches around 20lbs, some are lower as 18 or 19lbs, while some are quite large, reaching up to 30lbs at its maximum range.

Ingenuity Baby Swing Age Limit

Different from the weight limit, there is no actual recommendation on age limit on using Ingenuity baby swing. Why? Because for each different baby, the weight level at the same age varies a lot. Compare your baby with your neighbors, am I right? Of course, babies between 2 and 8 months are more suitable to use a baby swing.

Thus if your small angle is far beyond the age, please be sure to stop using it immediately for safety.

Ingenuity Baby Swing Battery Size

From our best baby swing review, you will know that there usually are two types of baby swings, one for plug in baby swing, the other being battery operated baby swing. Here we do not talk too much about the difference between them(shows in our reviews).

For battery-operated baby swing Ingenuity type, you will find it super convenient to take along for outdoor use. However, what troubles most is, of course, the change of batteries. The more functional baby swing is, the more quickly the battery runs out.

Thus before purchasing, you may also want to know the Ingenuity baby swing battery size.

The standard battery size of Ingenuity baby swing is 2 D or 4 D types, to make clear of it, you might as well check it on Amazon. After buying it, open up the battery box, and you will know the size of which.

Speak of this, we would highly suggest you buy one with standard batteries, or you will find it extremely headache on shopping for suitable batteries anywhere.


1. What is the age range of those baby swings?

Actually age is not a key factor in using baby swings, but the weight is. Even in the same age, the weight of two babies can be in great difference. Therefore, when buying a baby swing, you must read the recommended maximum weight range careful and make sure your baby’s weight is within the range, or it may cause danger.

2. Can the noise sound be heard?

Compared with Fisher price and Graco, baby swings of ingenuity are proved to be less noisy, some of which are even noiseless. Especially for portable ones such as Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing and Swing’n Go Portable Baby Swings-Hugs & Hoots. So if you feel motor noise can be so annoying, you’d better choose ingenuity one.

3. How long does the battery drain out?

As some of the products are battery operated only, we tested each of them and found the battery drained out for about two months in the daily use time. Compared with full-size type, the function of portable ones are less, thus the battery is used only for swing, music, and vibration. But if you used it at home most of the time, we suggest plug-in types for you, which really saves a lot of money.

What We Choose…

On considering all the factors, we would like to pick Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing for you. This is a simple design swing, though a portable baby swing, it meets all the basic demands of baby and mom. When put at home, it spends less space and is perfectly suit every corner.

Lightweight of it enables you to carry it with you when you go to another room for bating or cleaning. As a baby swing around $50, this can be a perfect choice for you.

what's the best baby swing to buy


Check more details and deals on Amazon if you have an interest.