Babocush Reviews 2024 – Newborn Comfort Cushion

Babocush newborn cushion is a piece of cushion that typically flies over your radar until you have a baby suffering the pain of reflux or colic. Babocush baby pillow will provide a soothing and relaxing time, and lulls your infant from fussy to peace, which spares you more chance to get a few things done.

There aren’t many choices to make, for Babocush only has one cushion on sale. Limited numbers of products but unlimited value for a single piece. In this post, we detail the basic knowledge and buying guides of the Babocush baby chair and cushion below.

What Is a Babocush?

Babocush is a newborn baby cushion, with its belly down position, to create peaceful and womb-like conditions for the infant. It relieves gas, colic and reflux discomfort by motivating the emotions of parents. Gentle vibration and heartbeat sound keep your baby settled, relaxed and comfortable.

Putting a baby on a Babocush baby seat for tummy time, it helps relieve the pain from reflux and colic( A common disease that a large number of babies have in their early years). It mixes between a rocker and a tummy time pillow, designed not for sleeping but for soothing an agitated baby.

Babocush Newborn Comfort Cushion Review

Babocush Newborn Comfort Cushion


Babocush will protect your baby from colic and reflux, relieve wind and gas, meanwhile keep your baby’s airway relax.

Attach it to your rocker and it turns a soft place to stay for tummy time.

As a GLOBAL hot selling product, it never let you down. Look for no others but choose this!

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  • Stomach-down position

Babocush baby seat mimics the way you soothe a baby in its suffering of acid reflux or colics. Placing the belly down, it relaxes the airway of the baby and also brings the physiology benefits. Spare yourself more time in doing your own matters during its tummy time.

  • Breathable and machine washable pillow

The Babocush newborn pillow is designed solid, neither too soft nor too hard, but in a perfect size for the baby’s bone development. Anytime it gets dirty, you can unzip the cover and put it into the washing machine, but keep the water temperature no more than 30 degrees. Its luxurious-feel fabric softly touches the baby’s skin, making it relaxed and cozy.

  • Smooth vibration with heartbeat sound

Slight vibration helps relieve the pain of acid reflux or colics. It also comes with a heartbeat sound, gives the baby the feeling of lying on the mom’s chest, and thus makes it relaxed and secure. Both of which are powered by 2C batteries, and operated underneath the cover.

  • Five-point harness

It has a five-point harness (Not like the common harness though, kind of like soft strapping) set on the cover, and feels super secure when the baby lies on the unit. The length of it is adjustable based on the baby’s size and the measurement of the rocker attached to it.

  • Easily attach to the rocker

Babocush is a newborn cushion or seat, for best performance, you need to attach it to the rocker, Mamaroo or whichever rocker you have at home. The attach process is also simple, follow the instruction if you need.

  • Suitable for newborn baby

The ideal use time of the Babucush baby chair is 0-6 months of baby, which cooperates with tummy time newborn infant needs.

What Do Parents Say About It?

According to the data we collect from customers, 90% of moms regard it as a godsend, while 73.5% prove it useful in decreasing in crying.

“If you ever had a reflux or colic baby, you will appreciate how useful it can be in keeping baby calm and content. It is super easy to use, and the washable cover is freaking nice!! High recommend!” — Hermoine Kelly

“I ordered one from Friday afternoon and it arrived on Sunday morning. Used it once, but I already regretted not ordering it earlier! I had a little guy who was only 6 weeks early, with reflux and quite unsettled. The secure and relaxing time of Babocush really helps Shandy calm during the day, and gives me much time to have a rest.” — Bryone Jane Fleming

“Jennifer loves it so much!! She suffers from CMA and bad reflux, it demands me to hold and soothe her consistently. Now she feels so good staying on it, and it also gives me a chance to spend some time with the big boy. It is pretty safe, the secure strapping system works wonderfully. Anyway, it’s amazing!” — Floho

Are there any negative points?

Of course.

“I am gonna rate 3 stars for this product. The cushions appear well made and of good quality, but, the noise of the heartbeat is a bit large. And the time I received it, I do not know where the buttons are, no instructions on it! Then I found that they are under the cover. I must say, it is an OK product for its price, but when my baby is out of 6 months old, I need to throw it away. Kinda pity I believe.”

What Do Experts Say About It?

Babocush Newborn Comfort Cushion

It’s delightful that most online reviews are positive. While getting what actual parents say about the product, it is also vital to learn the view of experts.

Babocush rocker company explicitly states that its product is able to “hug your baby securely in the perfect position for relieving wind, colic, and reflux.” Its soothing vibration and heartbeat sound relax baby and ” reduces risk of the flat-head syndrome”.

The problem?

Many parents would still use it as a sleeper even though the manufacturer claims it to be used as a soother for a few hours only.

The national manager Jill Green states that babies sleeping on their stomachs have a  large potential in causing SIDS, whether the baby has reflux or not. “The international recommendation for reflux is to sleep babies on their backs in a flat bassinet or cot. The safe sleeping guidelines do not change for babies with reflux.”

“Babies may get over reflux by falling asleep on their tummies, but they do not get over SIDS.” Says Ms. Green, “Sleeping on the stomach has a high rate in causing SIDS and other sleeping accidents.”

Marine Polis, the executive officer of Kidsafe And Health Organization, believes that ” Many devices do lots of help in our daily life, they work especially well in soothing babies or calming the distressed babies. However, they are just aids, which means, all of them must be used under supervision. Never leave your baby alone on the soother!”

Babocush Pros And Cons

  • A great relief from colic and reflux
  • Have vibration and heartbeat sound
  • Help relax baby’s airway
  • Keep baby in a natural position, give physiological benefits
  • Avoid flat head syndrome
  • Sleeping on the stomach may cause SIDS or other sleeping diseases
  • Tummy time needs to be fully supervised

How to Ensure Babocush Is Safe for Your Baby to Use?


Babocush safety is always the priority concern of parents, for it is closely related to the baby’s safety when using it.

So, are Babocush safe?

Yes, it is quite safe, only if you use it in the right way!

Here I will tell you how to ensure your Bobacush is safe for your baby to use.

1. Make sure your baby is closely strapped in

There is a five-point harness on the cushion, set for keeping the baby snuggly and securely in the cushion. They go between the baby’s legs, shoulders, back, and waist, ensuring that the baby is unable to fall from the cushion, while still keeping a comfortable position.

2. Keep baby’s head side

Each year, there are approximately 3,000 newborn babies died for the blocking of the airway. And sleeping on the stomach is the main cause of it. Therefore, when you place baby in the cushion, remember to keep her or his head to the side.

3. Never leave the baby alone on the cushion

Babocush newborn pillow serves as a substitute for parents in hugging and calming fussy babies, but it does not mean you can leave your baby alone and exert on doing something of your own. Even with strong straps and comfortable cushions, there is still a potential danger in using that is totally unpredictable. Always keep your eye on baby no matter what you are doing!

4. Do not use it as a sleeper

Again, Babocush is designed to help your baby relax and relieve the pain, in other words, it helps kill the tummy time, but not the sleeping time. It is a truth that laying on somewhere soft and comfortable, at the same time enjoying the gentle heartbeat sound and vibration gets the baby sleepy soon. But at this moment, we will always recommend you to move your baby to crib or bassinet, anywhere that is designed for sleeping the whole night.

5. Obey the restrictions of the age range

Believe me, there is always a must to set an age range for each baby gear, primarily for safety. When your baby outgrows the age range, you need to stop using it immediately. Nothing is more important than the baby’s safety.

The adjustable harness is suitable for a baby under 6 months, while the maximum age range for using Babocush is also 6 months.

6. Attaching to a rocker or a bouncer

There are two ways of using the cushion, use it as a flat pillow or attach it on a rocker. Of course, the second method is more agrees with the design principle. As for how to attach a Babocush on a rocker, I will talk later in this article.

Babocush Price

How much is a Babocush?

Or say,

What’s the price of Babocush’s newborn cushion?

A Babocush cushion or pillow takes around $140, but if you attempt to buy a rocker or bouncer to attach to, then the cost of which can be much higher, which reaches up to around $200 or even $300, all depends on the kinds of rocker you choose.

Is Babocush Worth It?

Babocush Newborn Comfort Cushion pic

For most moms, parenting multiple children at the same time is a tough thing, especially when your spouse or other family members are out for working or shopping. A Babocush is a seat (a godsend as some moms describe it), to solve the problem of baby sleeping.

But, is it really worth going so deep into your pocket to purchase a seat or rocker chair like Babocush?

Yes, absolutely!

Through vigorously test, Babocush newborn cushion is proved to be safe, which means you can do your own business while in a knowledge that your baby is lying somewhere safe and comfortable.

Unlike something improvised that gets the baby at the risk of blocking the airway, or overheating, a Babocush baby seat is able to relieve the pain of baby reflux and colic while providing a secure place for the baby to stay in.

By getting a Babocush baby chair, you own a cushion, an entertainment place and a relieving gear at the same time.

However, there is one more thing you need to know, Babocush is just a cushion, which means you need to tie it on a rocker or a swing for extra functions and better performance. If you lack a rocker or need to replace with a new one, just click below to get the best one through our expert reviews.

What Does the Babocush Attach to?

Babocush is a pillow that allows attaching to a rocker or a bouncer with two straps. If you own a rocker at home, then there is no need to buy extra new type anymore.

How to Attach Babocush to Rocker?

Attaching Babocush to a rocker is an easy task, with buckles on the cushion, it attaches tightly.

Step #1. Make sure the strap is long enough

Adjust the strap, making it long enough to cover your rocker or seat chair.

Step #2. Put the cushion on the seat and adjust the position

Put the seat cushion directly on the rocker seat, (make sure the harness or straps of the rocker is put under the cushion) and adjust the position, whether you want it to place ahead of or back.

Step #3. Tie buckles up

Step #4. Check

Check whether it is stable or balanced, this is vital for it concerns directly with your baby’s safe!

Step #5. Put your baby on and use it!

Yes, after the above four steps, you have successfully attached it to your rocker, isn’t it super easy?!

Still, have trouble in attaching? Watch the following video and it gives the correct way to attaching more straightforwardly.

How to Install Babocush?

Different from other baby gears such as a swing or a rocker, Babocush is just a cushion that can attach to other gears. Thus, there is no need to install it. What you need to do is to attach it on your existed gears, the detailed instructions have been given above, check and put your Babocush into use right away!

Can I Put Babocush On Mamaroo?

Sure! You can put it on nearly any baby gear with the right size. Tighten it up on your Mamaroo, then it is the time for the baby to relax.

Again, Babocush is used mainly for tummy time and benefits the baby in getting rid of wind or pain from reflux and colic. Do not use it as a sleeper.

If you really want one for sleeping, you may consider the following best bassinets we picked out for you.

Now let’s look at what other moms talk about combing the Babocush with Mamaroo:

“The match of the two made in heaven!!! I received it a week before and it works really wonderful. Especially with my Mamaroo. My daughter loves it! She is only 2 months and is fond of the unique movement of Mamaroo, but the pain from reflux sometimes makes her difficult to relax even when lying inside. Now with Babocush’s seat, she can sleep inside for quite a long time!!”

How to Put Your Baby on the Babocush?

Step #1. Undo the straps

After the Babocush newborn cushion is safely tied onto the rocker, we need to undo the shoulder straps and the wrist strap, lay everything out nice and flat.

Step #2. Take the baby on

Take your baby on the cushion and you will always need to HAVE THE BABY’S HEAD FACING THE SIDE.

Step #3. Make sure the side straps are level just below the baby’s armpits

It is the best place for the baby to stay on the cushion safely and comfortably.

Step #4. Take the center strap

After placing the baby into the right position, you can take the center strap and fill it up to the baby’s back. Make sure it is neither too long nor too short. Tuck the longer part inside itself to make it right up to the baby’s neck.

Step #5. Pull the side strap

Now it is the time to pull the side strap across either. You can put two or three fingers in here so you know it’s not too tight or loose.

Step #6. Pull down the shoulder straps

How Long Can I Use Babocush?

Babocush is a soothing cushion that is suitable for a newborn baby under 6 months. If attached to a rocker or a bouncer chair, the maximum age range is 3 months. While your baby is between 3-6 months, you should separate it and use it as a non-slip flat surface.

The resting time on Babocush cannot be too long, and you can never put the baby on it for sleeping. It serves as a safe place for tummy time, which means20-30 minutes per day is enough.

When the baby outgrows or is able to roll over on his or her own, you should stop using it immediately.

How Do I Clean a Babocush?

The sanitation of baby products is vital for the baby’s health, (thus we strongly recommend you to buy any baby stuff that is washable, especially the machine washable) equally, the Babocush pillow needs to wash regularly.

Then how to clean it up?

First, unzip the cover, remove the mattress protector and then throw it directly into the washing machine. The water temperature should keep no more than 30 degrees for protecting the fabric, and do not tumble dry.

After it gets dry, you can cover it up and put it into use again. If it gets not as dirty, you can use a damp cloth to clean up the foam and vibration soother.

What Age to Start Tummy Time?

Tummy time is a time baby spends on the stomach under supervision while he or she is awake, it helps the baby to strengthen and boost gross motor skills, and prevents multiple development issues for the early months of the baby.

Having tummy time is a must to do, then what age should you start tummy time?

Well, you should start it as soon as the baby leaves the hospital and comes home. The best tummy time should be altogether 1 hour a day, especially when the baby is no more than 4 months old. However, you can start a few times a time, and three or five minutes a time.

As the baby is used to the motion, you may prolong the tummy time.

Keep practice until the baby is able to roll over on his or her own, for most occasions, the baby accomplishes around 6-7 months.