Are Baby Swings Worth It? Treat Your Baby Right

Are Baby Swings Worth It? Treat Your Baby Right

Babies need a lot of things. It’s easy to convince yourself that every gadget and toy is necessary for keeping your baby healthy and happy, but we’ve found a lot of these extra items aren’t necessary. One item that is totally worth the money, however, is a baby swing. Baby swings are worth it.

Baby swings are totally worth the money because they can help your baby in many different ways. From preventing colic to helping them rest (and in turn give you some rest), baby swings are worth every penny. 

So what exactly are baby swings, and how do they work? Also, what are all the benefits to getting a baby swing, and how much should you spend? We answer all of these questions and more in this article. Stay tuned to learn exactly why we love baby swings, which swings we think are the best, as well as general tips on how to get the most out of your baby swing.

Let’s get to it!

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Do You Really Need a Baby Swing?

The short answer to this question is no, you don’t absolutely need a baby swing. Babies have been growing up fine for centuries without the use of a swing. That being said, getting a baby swing will help with a lot of things – and make your life as a mother or father much easier.

As you probably already know, being a parent is extremely time-consuming. Any break you can get from keeping your baby happy is a luxury. This is where baby swings come in. Baby swings will help keep your baby occupied and happy without much effort from your part. This is why we think you do really need a baby swing.

What Exactly are Baby Swings?

Baby swings are exactly what they sound like: they’re an electronic swing that rocks the baby back and forth to soothe it. In their most basic form, that’s it. There are plenty of baby swings that come with additional features in 2024, however. 

Some baby swings come with adjustable speeds and timers that allow them to shut off after a set amount of time. Others come with lights to entertain your baby, or the ability to play music to soothe them. All of these additional features add to a baby swings ability to soothe your baby and give you more time to relax.

Why We Love Baby Swings

It might be obvious already, but we are huge fans of baby swings. This is because they provide a ton of value to new parents for not very much money. We’ll now get into the myriad of reasons why baby swings are worth it.

They Free Up Time

The biggest and most obvious reason why baby swings are worth it to us is that they free up some time for mom and dad. As you already know, babies take up pretty much all of your time. You have to attend to them non-stop. If you leave them alone even for a tiny amount of time, they’ll start crying. So what do you do? 

Get a baby swing. Baby swings will keep your baby occupied and allow you to take a much-needed break. This could be to have a cup of coffee, do some laundry, talk to a friend – literally anything!

They Help Your Baby Nap

Another really important feature of baby swings that make them totally worth is that they work wonders in getting your baby to sleep. Rocking your baby has been a time tested method of getting them to sleep. Baby swings allow you to automatically rock your baby to get them to nap.

On top of that, most baby swings have multiple speeds so you can adjust to your baby’s liking. Even a thirty-minute nap will help improve a baby’s mood. It will also most likely help improve your mood, as you can take a break. Baby swings are great for getting your baby to nap.

They’re Not That Expensive

Our third biggest reason why we think baby swings are worth it is that they really aren’t that expensive. For the amount of value you’re going to get out of a baby swing, spending a couple of hundred dollars is totally worth it. 

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They Simulate the Womb

A big reason why babies love baby swings is that they simulate the motion they felt while in their mother’s womb. This natural rocking movement helps to calm them down and adjust to life outside of their mom. 

This adjustment can be difficult for some babies, which often leads to them crying and causing a fuss. With a baby swing, babies feel more comfortable in their new environment and will cry less. Less crying means an easier time for mom and dad!

Baby Swings Can Help with Colic

If you didn’t know already, colic is an acid reflux condition that babies get. It causes them pain which in turn makes them cry and fuss. This can last for hours and is a stressful thing to go through.

Baby swings can reduce colic, however, because they keep the baby calm in an upright position. When the baby is in an upright position, colic is reduced. This is because it’s harder for the babies’ stomach acid to splash up into their upper stomach where it hurts. 

While a baby swing most likely won’t solve all your colic issues, it can provide relief to both you and your baby. If you think your baby has colic, try relaxing them with a baby swing.

Baby Swings Entertain

It might not seem like much to us, but for babies, a swing can provide hours of entertainment. Every new thing they experience is totally new, and being swung in a baby swing is exciting. Remember when you first learned how to drive a car? It was super exciting and empowering.

Babies are having experiences like this all the time! A baby swing provides them with an exhilarating new experience that entertains them. It might not seem like a big deal, but when you’re experiencing everything for the first time – it is.

They Stimulate Their Vestibular System

A baby’s vestibular system helps it develop motor skills. Sounds important? It is! Baby swings can help a baby develop their vestibular system faster, as the added motion stimulates them. Swings are a great way to work out their vestibular system with much effort on your part. 

This is always a win for new parents.

They Help Them Learn About Gravity

Another reason baby swings are worth it because they help your baby learn about gravity. What do we mean by this? Well in the process of learning to crawl and walk, a baby needs to get used to what gravity feels like. 

While in the womb, babies are suspended in a liquid. This means that gravity has a much smaller effect. After they leave the womb, they are subjected to normal gravity and need to learn what it feels like.

Baby swings allow them to do just that. The swinging motion helps them feel what gravity is and allows them to prepare for crawling and eventually walking. It’s not proven science, but we buy into it.

Can Babies Sleep in the Swing All Night?

While we never recommend leaving your baby unattended for long periods of time, you can let your baby sleep in your baby swing all night. Just make sure you turn off the swinging function after 30 minutes and stay close by. Babies will usually not sleep more than several hours at a time and you’ll need to be ready to attend to them.

Why can’t you leave your swing on for longer than 30 minutes? It could be unhealthy to have your baby swing longer than that amount of time. You also don’t want to accidentally fall asleep and leave them unchecked for long periods of time. This is why we recommend only 30 minutes.

General Tips for Baby Swings

Before we conclude, we wanted to list some general tips for getting success out of your baby swing. If you follow these rules, you’ll get the most out of your new investment.

  • You can let your baby fall asleep in the swing, but once your baby is asleep either turn it off or take them out. Babies sleep best when they aren’t moving, so making sure your baby swing is turned off will result in a better night’s sleep. 
  • Remember, you should only let your baby swing run for 30 minutes max. This is because too much movement can be bad for your baby, and can hinder their development of motor skills. 30 minutes is just the right amount of time.
  • Be sure to follow the manufacturers instructions! The manufacturer built the swing, so they know best about how it was designed to be used. Follow their instructions above everyone else.
  • Be safe. This one might seem like common sense but make sure to put your baby swing somewhere safe. This means not putting it on elevated surfaces, keeping an eye on baby swing recalls, and avoid putting toys in the swing. All of these things could potentially hurt your baby.


We think baby swings are one of the best devices you can invest in as new parents. Even a small amount of time where your baby is occupied and not crying is worth a ton. This alone makes getting a baby swing totally worth it. We hope this article helped answer some of th questions you had on baby swings, and if you’re now interested in buying one check out our review pages. Our team has reviewed hundreds of baby swings and will help you pick out the right one for your baby.

Good Luck!