10 Fun Baby Shower Active Games for Your Guests

10 Fun Baby Shower Active Games for Your Guests

“Has it really been that long?” Yes, it has, sister! The baby’s due in just a few weeks, so do you know what time it is? It’s time for the baby shower! Baby showers are a ton of fun, especially when you have plenty of activities for your guest to participate in. But what are some fun baby shower active games your guests can play?

Glad you asked! In this article, we’ll go over our favorite baby shower active games that will get your guests off their feet and having fun.

Traditionally, baby showers are the best way for friends and family to share their excitement and love for the baby and parents-to-be! They’ll gather around, ‘shower’ the parents with gifts, and offer good wishes before the birth.

Baby showers are also the best time to make some hilarious memories. And what better way to crack a few laughs than with baby shower active games?

By ‘active’, we mean games that require physical activity. Most baby showers involve a lot of sitting, which can get tiresome. Let’s take a look at several different active games to set up in a baby shower.

Baby Shower Active Games for Adults

If your party mostly consists of adults, and you are going for games a little more entertaining than pencil-to-paper based ones. That being said, adults also appreciate simple games that are funny. Let’s take a look at some fun themed adult baby shower games.

Diaper Changing Challenge!

If the party is coed, this activity can be downright hilarious when the father participates. It’s also a great game to play with other soon to be parents. Don’t forget the camera!

  1. Get baby dolls and dress them in diapers only.
  2. Separate your guests into teams according to the number of dolls available.
  3. Each team gets a baby doll.
  4. Have the contestants of each team stand side-by-side.
  5. Each contestant gets a diaper.
  6. Blindfold the contestants. (Optional)
  7. The first person of each team has to replace the doll’s diaper with the one he/she has, then pass it on to his/her teammate to do the same.
  8. The first team to finish wins!

Diaper Toss

This game can be a tad messy, but it’s definitely entertaining. It’s one of our favorite baby shower active games. It will get everyone up and moving, and it’s also hilarious.

  1. Get a large bucket.
  2. Place a large plastic bag under it.
  3. Get diapers, pour water into them, then tape them up into balls.
  4. Have guests take turns tossing up to 5 diapers into the bucket from a distance.
  5. Increase the distance for each guest with every toss. (Optional)
  6. Whoever doesn’t miss a single toss wins.

Baby Stroller Olympics

This particular activity is great for the outdoors. It’s also a funny take on one of the most historic sporting events in the world – the Olympics. Its another great baby shower active games.

  1. Get a few baby strollers and baby dolls.
  2. Set up a start and a finish line.
  3. Add obstacles, such as chairs and tables, between the beginning and the end.
  4. Have the guests stand by their stroller with their doll in hand.
  5. When the host says ‘go’, each participant must strap their baby into the stroller and head for the finish line.
  6. Whoever drops their baby is out!
  7. Whoever reaches the finish line first wins!

Baby Shower Active Games for Kids

If there are kids at the party, how come only the adults are playing! Fear not, we have a list of games made especially for the little ones. Keeping the kids active and entertained is a crucial part of a successful baby shower. When the kids are entertained, the parents can socialize much easier.

Most of these games are a play on already existing games kids should know how to play. This will ensure they will be able to pick them up easily. This is important so you don’t spend too much time trying to teach them new games. Let’s take a look.

Place the Baby on the Belly

Are you familiar with “pin the tail on the donkey”? This game is a lot like it, but it’s baby-shower themed. This baby shower active game is great for both adults and kids.

  1. Print out a large picture of a pregnant woman (can be the mom-to-be).
  2. Print out a baby picture, and tape its back.
  3. Have each contestant up one by one.
  4. Blindfold each contestant, and have them attempt to place the baby’s picture on the mommy’s belly.

Baby Shower Musical Chairs

Musical chairs is a game as ancient as they come, but it’s never out-of-date for children!

  1. Set up some chairs in a circle, having the seats face outward.
  2. The number of chairs must be one less than the number of participants.
  3. Get the participants to stand around the chairs.
  4. Put on some baby music, and have the contestants spin slowly around the chairs.
  5. When the supervisor stops the music, the participants must sit on the chairs.
  6. Whoever remains unseated is out, then we remove one chair, and repeat.
  7. It goes on to see who sits last!

Babysitting Challenge

This game is a great way to keep children occupied throughout the party. We have found that girls love this game. It gives them a chance to pretend they’re the adults and learn about the responsibility of watching after a baby.

  1. Get a doll for each participant.
  2. Place extra dolls around the area.
  3. Have the participants take their doll everywhere with them throughout the party.
  4. Whoever finds an extra doll, takes it, and babysits it.
  5. Whoever has the most dolls at the end wins!

Four Square

Four Square is a classic schoolyard game that most kids absolutely love. All you need is a piece of chalk and a rubber ball. Use the chalk to draw a big square and divide it up into four quadrants. Label each quadrant 1 to 4. The person in number 1 is the server and winner. Here’s how to play.

  1. The server bounces the ball into another player’s quadrant.
  2. The other player must hit the ball into a different quadrant before it touches the ground.
  3. If they hit it out of bounds they rotate down to the 4th quadrant (or out if other people are in line to play).
  4. The server continues to serve and starts the next round by hitting the ball into another player’s quadrant.
  5. Besides hitting the ball before it hits the ground, there are few more rules to prevent unfair play. You have to hit the ball underhand, and if it hits the line of a square it counts as in.

Baby Shower Active Games for Kids & Adults

Kids always like to play in the big leagues, don’t they? Fortunately, we have a few games suitable for all ages!

Dough Babies

You’re never too old to play with dough! While some parents might not take to this, almost all the kids will. It’s a great baby shower active game for all ages.

  1. Get several small pots of playdough.
  2. Ask the contestants to model a baby out of the dough.
  3. Set a ten-minute timer.
  4. Get the parents to vote which dough baby they like best!

Baby Charades

Who does not love a good game of charades? Charades is one of the classic party games, and it works great at baby showers too. Here are the basic rules.

  1. Write down the names of 10 baby-related actions on small papers. Examples can be changing diapers, feeding a baby, getting a baby to burp, etc.
  2. Fold the papers up, and add them in a container.
  3. Have each guest take a turn pulling out a paper.
  4. They must act out the action stated in their paper, and the other guests have to guess what it is.

Bowling Baby Bottles

This game could not be more baby-shower themed. It could also be a great addition to the stroller Olympics game if you want to have multiple active game stations.

  1. Arrange 10 baby bottles in a tip-down triangle on the ground.
  2. Make a ball out of a diaper!
  3. Have the guests bowl with the diapers!
  4. Whoever scores the highest wins.

One-Of-A-Kind Onesies

Everyone can share in this activity. It takes some work and preparation, but at the end of the day, the parents-to-be will have a collection of adorably memorable onesies for the baby. Another great option for a baby shower active games.

  1. You will need some plain onesies, tacks, cardboard sheets, stencils, fabric markers, and iron-on letters or graphics.
  2. Offer each participant a onesie supported on top of a cardboard sheet.
  3. Keep all other items within their reach and ask them to get their creative juices flowing!

Wrapping Up

Baby showers can be fun and memorable. Whether it is the time spent with family and friends or the anticipation regarding parenthood and the arrival of a new baby, showers are a time of joy and excitement.

When you fill such a time with engaging and entertaining activities, you stand to make some wonderful memories. Many of the games suggested ought to be videotaped! Watching those videos later is guaranteed to put a smile on your face

We hope you found this article both informative and useful. If you’re planning your baby shower – congrats! We wish you the best of luck with your event and parenthood.