Baby Themed Foods for Your Baby Shower: Delight Your Guests

Baby-Themed Foods for Your Baby Shower: Surprise and Delight Your Guests

The arrival of a little one is always an exciting affair. While the mommy has a lot of preparation to take care of, the baby shower should be arranged by a friend or relative. But the mainstays of the baby shower should still be decided by the mom, right? Especially the food. That’s where we come in! In this article, we’ll go over the best baby themed foods that will absolutely delight your guests

Being asked to throw one is a big deal, so we’re here to help with the baby shower planning process. We’ll explore the various menu items that can be considered baby themed foods, and how to combine them for different party styles. Let’s jump in!

Planning a Baby Themed Menu

When planning a baby shower, you often find yourself aspiring to be innovative. Even though you have plenty of space to do so with the decorations and planned activities it tends to be the food that speaks to how great a party is.

You want something that looks and tastes good. Going for lighter food, or what you can call finger foods, is probably your best bet. A major advantage of this is that you can still customize it in lots of different ways.

You should take notice of the foods expecting moms should avoid though, when planning the baby shower menu and steer clear of them.

Tasty Foods for Gender Themed Baby Showers

Nothing’s easier than doing a gender-themed baby shower based on color. Take any of the food and add in whatever appropriate food color and you’re good to go.

A blue themed color for boys, or pink for girls, or yellow or green, it doesn’t matter. Color’s the top choice if you’re looking to have a gender themed baby shower.

Alternatively, you can use specific items for themed food options. Flowers and bow-shaped treats are common options for a girl baby shower. You also have some interesting variations, such as unicorn and mermaid-themed foods.

For boys, you’d find that plaid patterns and sports-related themes are popular. There are also some that feature baby animals with a blue color theme. Having cookies and cupcakes decorated with those items allows you to have an inspired and themed menu.

Divine Tasting Luxurious Baby Themed Foods

If you’re looking to throw a fancy baby shower then you have some fantastic options.

Decadence is cream cheese-filled strawberries, they are tiny, delicious, and you can use food coloring with the cheese to add a thematic feel.

Shrimp cocktail is also another classy option to consider. You can arrange them in small glasses to go with the theme.

Mini quiche cups, such as an artichoke and spinach quiche, will also be a good vegetarian addition to the menu.

Delicious Foods for Any Baby Showers

You probably want to have a mix of both sweet and savory items, when preparing your menu. You need to also consider the different food preferences of your guests.

Let’s look at the different categories you can use to customize a suitable menu for your event

The Sweet Deal

Let’s take a look at the sweeter side of things. These delicious items can be a marvelous addition to your dessert menu.

Mini Desserts

Cupcakes, cookies, cakes, tarts; any dessert in a mini form would be a viable option. You can easily play around with different colors and shapes to fit a baby theme.


The great thing about candy is that it’s available in every color imaginable.

Scattering around bowls of these will instantly add a spark of color and play to the theme of your party. You can even have them individually wrapped and placed on a candy table if you prefer to go that way.

These can also double as sweet giveaways that you can place in a cute themed box or bag. If you add a cute note, it will also make for a memorable keepsake.

Cotton Candy Cones

This is a great option if you want a twist on the classic ice-cream cones. Colored cotton candy in chocolate-dipped cones is a colorful and unique addition to your baby shower menu.

The Savory Treats

Give your guests taste buds a nice salty kick, with these delectable savory bites.

Mini Sliders

You can have these in beef, chicken, soy, or any other filling your heart desires. In all cases, these cute buns just have ‘baby’ written all over it. Top them off with an appropriately designed theme card, quote, or picture to add a bit of pizzazz!

Can’t find mini buns? You can use the regular-sized one and cut it into 2 or 4 pieces, and voilà! You’ve got minis!

Cheese Bites

Fried, grilled, or just plain raw cheese is one of the staples of any party. You can have them in a decorated platter or on sticks. You can add fun crackers and dips, and you have a sophisticated and delicious snack.

Mini Pizzas

You can’t go wrong with the classic mini pizza. However, if you’re feeling creative, you can go for interesting variations such as pizza flowers or pull-apart pizza.

The Healthy Corner

It’s a good idea to have a healthy corner that’ll be a hit with most party guests; everyone’s health-conscious these days! Not to mention the expectant mommy needs to have her healthy snacks.

Baby Veggies

Having a platter or two of baby veggies will add a distinct style to the theme. You have a sizable variety to choose from including baby carrots, baby corn, baby spinach, to mention a few. You can also add a couple of colorful dips for an additional appeal.

If you can’t get your hands on baby veggies, you can still do a pretty charming veggie platter. Cutting normal-sized veggies in small pieces will deliver the same feel, and you can use baby themed cookie cutters to make it even cuter!

Apart from platters, you can also use the veggies as ingredients to make interesting baby themed salads. For example, a baby beets and baby cucumber salad would taste just yummy!

Fruit Platters

Platters, salads, or on a stick, you can play around with your fruits to create wonderful baby themed sweet and healthy snacks.

Lean Meats & Fish

If you’re looking for protein-based options, you can add roasted beef, and chicken skewers. Mini buffalo wings are also a big hit and an on-point addition to your menu.

The Drinks

All this delicious food also needs refreshment.

You can add mini flags to the drinks with the party theme on it to add an interesting flair. You can also have colored cocktails, fitting with the baby shower theme. Additionally, themed water or soda bottles can be a cute option.

Don’t Forget the Cake

Birthdays, weddings, baby showers... You gotta have cake! And call me old-fashioned, but I love the traditions. The cake is what brings it all together, tying in all the items into the grand theme.

The beauty of the cake is in its evolution; it has taken on a life of its own. Classic cakes have long since morphed into a variety of visually pleasing and delicious options.

From themed decorative cakes to cupcake cakes and macaron cakes, the options are endless.

Baby Shower Tips and Tricks

If you’re the lucky one picked for planning this pleasant party, you can follow these tips to help keep you on track.

Meal Time is a No Go

The baby shower shouldn’t be set during standard meal times, since you’ll most likely be serving light snacks and finger foods. For that reason, we recommend planning it around brunch time or early evening.

Timing is Everything

Usually, a baby shower should take place around 4 to 6 weeks before the baby’s due date.

Any sooner can be considered inappropriate, and later than that, you may run the risk of the expecting mommy going into early labor!

Location, Location, Location

In some instances, the venue where you’ll be holding the baby shower should be considered when planning the food menu.

For example, you may prefer a small get together in a cozy space. In that case, you may want to consider foods that won’t spoil if you leave them out for the duration of the event.

On the other hand, if you’re having a catered affair, then you can probably afford to have more fancy items.

Additionally, if you’re having the baby shower in an event venue, then you have even more space to do a variety of themed food corners and stations.

It’s the Season

When planning a baby shower in the hotter months, it’s probably best to add items such as ice-cream, cold fruit platters, and salads. They can easily be manipulated to fit the theme and will be refreshing for your guests!

On the other hand, on cooler days you should consider having hot hors d’oeuvres and maybe mini-soup shots!

That’s not to say you can’t do fruit platters in winter, however, you should consider which foods best fit with both the season and occasion.

If you’re lucky enough to be planning a baby shower around the holidays or Halloween, you even have the advantage of adding in the holiday spirit to your party. Mini gingerbread men, anyone?

Final Thoughts

In terms of baby themed foods for a baby shower menu, you can say that the possibilities are endless!

Not only are there countless options, but you can also almost turn any kind of food into a baby themed one, by creating a miniature-sized variant of it.

Picking seasonally appropriate foods can take you over the top, and help you in putting together the perfect party menu!