Baby Shower Favors Under $1: Thoughtful & Affordable Gifts

Baby Shower Favors Under $1: Thoughtful & Affordable Gifts

Getting ready before the arrival of your baby can be exhausting. There’s a lot to plan and buy, and you might also be on a tight budget. Whether you’re an expecting mother or organizing a baby shower for a friend or a family member, choosing baby shower favors under $1 is an excellent decision.

These favors are given to your guests to show appreciation and will definitely leave a smile on their faces. At the same time, they won’t break the bank, so you would still have enough cash for all the essentials you would need after birth. Keep on reading to learn more about the best baby shower favors under $1!

Best Baby Shower Favors Under $1

With so much prepping before the arrival of the baby, these easy to get and affordable party favors will help you cross out something off your to-do-list. Check them out.

1.    Yogi Tea Soothing Caramel Bedtime

Each bag of this soothing and calming tea combines the tasty flavors of chamomile with sweet rooibos, in addition to some hints of vanilla and caramel for a flavorful and warming infusion. The box costs $4 and contains 16 packs, so it’s a budget-friendly gift that your guests would appreciate.

Chamomile helps calm the body and the mind, so your guests will enjoy this cup after the party is over. The product contains organic ingredients with no additives. It’s also caffeine-free and gluten-free.

For best results, you should let the tea steep between 5 and 10 minutes, with an average of 7 minutes. You can drink it without adding sugar because it has a sweet taste. However, the hints of caramel aren’t’ that strong.

2.    Travel Cosmetic Bags, Portable Makeup Bag Organizer

This affordable cosmetics bag can be used to distribute your party favors. Your guests will also enjoy using it as an elegant and portable drawstring makeup bag. There are multiple colors available, and the interiors are waterproof and spill-proof.

Because it’s made of durable materials, this can be an excellent travel cosmetics bag where you can keep all the essential items. You can also use it to store your scrunchies, candy for kids, or lotions and creams.

The internal storage features 3 mesh pockets, so you can better organize your stuff for easy and fast access. The elastic bands keep everything in place when you’re moving around. The buckle is straightforward to use and doesn’t get tangled. The bag is foldable and washable.

You shouldn’t expect to put a lot of items in this bag because it’s relatively small. Nevertheless, it’s an excellent budget-friendly baby shower favor.

3.    Adofect 30 Pairs Gold Collagen Under Eye Mask

For less than $10, you will receive 30 pairs of under-eye masks. The masks are rich in 24k gold, which is a potent and luxurious skin treatment that diminishes the look of under-eye bags and lines. After using these under-eye masks, the eyes will have a youthful and awake look.

The 24k gold helps remove the toxins from the skin, improve blood circulation, and hydrate the skin. It decreases the puffiness under the eyes and eliminates dark circles and the look of crow’s feet. The formula stimulates the production of collagen and can be used before makeup for smoother application.

After one application, you will notice an overall improvement in the look and texture of the skin. The formula is rich in hyaluronic acid, vitamins A and C, and coenzyme Q10.

These masks are free of alcohol and other irritating ingredients, so they’re gentle on the skin. You can add one pair or more to every bag of goodies to make your guests feel special.

The patches can also be applied to the forehead or the neck to remove the look of fine lines. However, these patches don’t stick to the skin very well. You will need to recline or relax while using them to keep them in place.

4.    cnnIUHA Crystal Bracelet Bangle

Give your guests a fabulous bracelet to remember this special occasion. This elegant bracelet is made of copper, measures 20 centimeters long, and features colored crystals. There are several colors available, so you can choose different ones. There are also diamond-like crystals to add more elegance to the bracelet.

The knot symbol shows the strength of the relationship you have with the person you’re giving the gift to. Although it’s lightweight and looks simple, your guests will love this stylish bracelet.

The size of the bracelet can be too small for some people. However, if you want to, you can buy extra bracelets and add more links to make the bracelet bigger. Since the bracelet is extremely affordable, this shouldn’t be a problem.

5.    wet n wild Silk Finish Lipstick

Your guests will love how smooth and rich-colored this lipstick is. The formula is suitable for all skin types and comes in several cool shades, so it’s an excellent choice for baby showers because it will look good on everyone.

The formula is highly pigmented, so a little will go a long way. It contains vitamins A and E to condition your lips and keep them soft. The aloe vera extract, castor oil, and macadamia nut oil are rich in essential antioxidants that protect the delicate skin on your lips.

Unlike other lipsticks, this one won’t make your lips look dry, helping you to create the perfect pout with or without a lipliner. It’s 100% cruelty-free.

Some people feel that the color isn’t long-lasting enough. You can always help set it using loose powder and apply another layer to stop it from transferring.

6.    Beiswe Colorful Butterfly Clavicle Chain

This metal alloy chain is super cute and comes with a colorful butterfly. There are several colors to choose from, so you can pick your most favorite one or select multiple ones to make every guest feel more special.

The butterfly’s simple yet fashionable design allows you to wear it with multiple outfits because it adds the right pop of color. The chain is very easy to put on and take off, so it’s also a good gift for younger girls.

It comes in rich gold color, and doesn’t change color with repeated use. The chain measures 45 centimeters, so it might be too short for some people.

7.    LAVANY Long Chain Necklace with Glow in The Dark Flower Glass

Show your appreciation to your guests with this magical present. This wishing bottle pendant can be worn in a chain or used in a keychain, so it’s an excellent choice for everyone.

The chain is 56 centimeters long, but you can easily shorten it if you want. Because it doesn’t weigh much, you can even wrap it around your wrist.

Once the lights go off, the flower inside the bottle will glow in the dark and impress everyone. You need to keep it in bright light for a while, or it will lose its ability to glow. You can keep it in direct sunlight or even use a flashlight to charge it.

It might be a little time-consuming because it doesn’t work on the spot. Nevertheless, it’s quite a bargain if you’re looking for budget-friendly party favors.

8.    Little Story Folding Eyelash Comb

This small folding comb is an excellent gift because it’s portable enough to be carried in a purse. The gentle teeth are used to comb and separate the lashes to keep them in perfect condition. Regular combing of the lashes will help distribute the natural oils to make your lashes stronger and longer.

You can use this eyelash comb before or after using your favorite mascara. It lifts the lashes and removes any excess if you’ve applied too much mascara that looks clumpy. You can also use the comb with lash extensions.

Regular combing stimulates the natural growth of lashes and removes the dust, pollen, eye makeup residue, and any debris that might be stuck in the hair. Combing also removes the bacteria that might cause infections.

Due to its small size and simple construction, this comb should be handled with care. It might feel a bit flimsy.

9.    Luxurious Lavender Scented Candles

This affordable box contains 72 scented candles, so you can include more than one while giving out party favors. The candles are rich in the lavender essential oil that helps relieve stress and promote better sleep. These portable candles are perfect for travel, and you can stick a small thank you note on each one to make your party favors more personalized.

You can use these candles for meditation, relaxation, yoga classes, relaxing baths, or any special occasion. Each candle is properly pressed and won’t melt easily, even when left in a hot room. However, it’s always recommended to keep the candle in a cold room to help it last longer.

The same candle can be used more than once. It can be put in any glass holder or cup, and it will last for up to 8 hours, spreading the relaxing scent around the house.

Unlike regular candles, the flame is too weak. The candle shouldn’t be used as a source of light.


You don’t have to break the bank to buy cool baby shower favors. Our list options are quite affordable, and you can mix and match several items to create the perfect budget-friendly goodies bag. We hope you found our list of baby shower favors under $1 useful and informative!

If you’re looking for more info on baby showers, check out our guide on proper etiquette for grandmothers at baby showers. And if you want to make your guests feel extra special, don’t forget to add a written thank you note to make everyone know how much you appreciate their presence. Good luck with the party!