Top 5 Best Baby Swings under $100 – Affordable/Cheap Types Review(2020)

best economical baby swing

A baby swing is not a necessity for each family, but it can be a good helper, many moms who bought and used it regarded as a real lifesaver. Therefore, you can get one if you have enough budget.

Price of baby swings can be various a lot, if you do not have enough budget, or want to get one for outdoor or travel use baby swing, then you may consider the baby swing under $100, it meets the basic needs of soothing babies and can be your best partner on taking care of babies.

On picking the ideal baby swing, several factors such as vibrations, music inserted, rocking, and soothing mobiles are a great helper in coaxing babies into sleep.

However, it is still a challenging task on choosing the right baby swing due to bundles of options listed on the market. The quick and easy way is to find the core features in selecting: the comfort of the swing seat, toys, and mobiles, music and lighting, design and durability, reclining features and speed control, weight capacity, and power options, size, quality, and mobility, etc.

Here we made a review on best baby swings under $100, you can choose the one you like most.

Top 5 Best Baby Swings under $100 of 2020

Best Baby Swings under $100 Reviews

1. Affordable Baby Swing – Graco Simple Sway 

baby swings under $100

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Being a full-size baby swing, the price of this Graco baby swing is really cheap, thus it is frequently regarded as the most cost-effective baby swing on the market. The operation of it is quite simple, and assembling it is easy.

The Graco Simple Sway Swing has become one of the most popular swings in the recent past, thanks to its versatility. It comes with various features that help in soothing and comforting your baby. Did you know that this baby swing comes with up to ten classic melodies? On top of that, five nature sounds are there to help in calming the baby.

This product comes with two distinct vibration settings. With this, it will be easier to pick a rhythm that suits the baby at that time. The settings will also allow you to establish the right speed for the swing. Remember, unless the speed is friendly, the child will hardly be comfortable.

The support offered by this product is unmatched. It comes with a 5-point harness that will keep your baby both secure and comfortable. Remember, it features a removable head, which will be vital in redefining comfort.

Other features:

  • 6 swing speeds
  • 15 songs and natural sounds inserted
  • Plug in and battery operated
  • Gentle vibration
  • 5 point harness
  • Small frame to save more floor space


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2. Best Cheap Baby Swing – Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom 

best baby swings under $100

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A Portable and compact size make it super easy to carry around anywhere you want. It is folded up and meet the basic needs of soothing babies. Battery operation makes it perfect for outdoor use but you should also think about the high battery cost.

Are you looking for a product that is both compact and portable? Nothing matches the value that this product offers you. Usually, it comes with ABS and steel construction. This product is relatively foldable, which enhances portability.

You will also witness that it features a polyester material, which is relatively durable. Ideally, the fabric is soft and relatively ergonomic, which keeps the baby content at all times.

It comes with six different swing speed options. What is more, they are relatively quiet, which means that your child will get the peace that they so deserve. What is more, it prides itself on some of the sweetest melodies that will soothe your baby at all times.

Interestingly, this portable swing features hanging toys too. This way, your child will have enough tools to play with at all times.

Other features:

  • Folded up, easy to be carried away
  • 6 swing speeds can be adjusted
  • 6 songs and natural sounds inserted
  • No working noise even in high swing speeds
  • Soft and cozy seat pad


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3. Best Portable Baby Swing Under $100 – Fisher Price Take Along Swing 

best cheap baby swing

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Though being a portable baby swing, this is more functional than other types. It is a baby swing that vibrates, two vibration modes can be adjusted for soothing babies. The compact shape is also suitable for storage and taking along.

This product prides itself is in advanced technology. Besides, it is an ideal option for those who are on a budget.

It is a six-speed swing, which assures you of enhanced calming vibrations too. The calming vibrations provided by this swing will ensure that the baby remains comfortable and peaceful. Most importantly, it comes with soft paddings, which enhance ergonomics.

Did you know that this swing is foldable and compact? This aspect comes in handy in improving the level of portability. While at it, this swing is capable of converting to a stationary vibration whenever necessary. The baby will enjoy different melodies, including sounds of nature during this vibration.

As mentioned earlier, this swing comes with SmartSwing technology, which is relatively advanced. This technology is essential in automatically determining the weight of the baby and finding the right speed for it. While at it, it will comfortably start without a push.

Other features:

  • 6 swing speeds
  • 10 tunes and natural songs inserted
  • Easy to convert to the stationary baby seat
  • Small shape for take-along or storage
  • Battery operated only
  • Soft and comfortable seat, also machine washable


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4. Best Affordable Outdoor Baby Swing – Ingenuity Swing’n Go Portable

best eco friendly baby swing

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This portable baby swing is able to fold up for storage, 5 point harness keeps baby safe all the using time. It is relatively more functional and cost-effective than other portable ones.

You can hardly ignore the quality that this product from Ingenuity provides. From unmatched durability to enhanced reliability, it is that which you have always desired. Usually, it features soft fabric and head support for enhanced comfort.

You will also be free to choose from five different swing speeds, depending on the mood of the baby. You will also have access to up to three distinct timer settings, including 30, 45, and 60 minutes.

It comes with a relatively quiet motor. This way, you will be sure of the baby enjoying the peace that they so deserve at all times. Did you know that it has a removable toy bar too? Here, the baby will be free to pick from a variety of plush toys to play with.

Other features:

  • 5 swing speeds
  • 11 songs and white noise inserted
  • Lightweight makes it simple to carry
  • Noiseless working condition
  • Volume control inserted
  • 3 timer settings inserted
  • Battery operated


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5. Best Baby Boy Swings – Graco Slim Spaces

best least expensive baby swing

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Graco baby swing of this type is easy to be carried, the height of the swing can be adjusted with adjustable supporting legs. But compared with other portable baby swings, it is even less functional, no music and vibrates inserted, only use swing motion to soothe the baby.

Here is yet another compact baby swing for you to pick. With adjustable legs that can comfortably transition to full-size, you will find these baby swing to be the best for your child. Its compact nature will be vital for those who want to save space.

Usually, you will be sure of adjustable speeds for the swing. That implies that getting a pace that matches the mood of the baby will be no hassle. There is access to toys and visual simulation too. Most importantly, it has a 5-point harness that ensures the baby is both secure and comfortable.

Perhaps, it would be right to appreciate how affordable this swing is. It will suit those on a budget.

Other features:

  • Height adjustable leg
  • Compact and portable size makes it a super space saver
  • Easy to fold up for storage and take-along
  • Battery operated
  • Adjustable swing speeds
  • Machine-washable seat pad


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Features of Best Baby Swing under $100

1. Less functional but easy operation

Baby swing under $100 usually means it has less function than other full size or expensive baby swings, but it doesn’t mean it is not a good soother. With basic adjustable swing motions and music, perhaps also with vibration setting, baby swing under $100 can be highly cost-effective. And the design style of it is quite simple and easy to operate for each parent.

2. Space saver

A full-size baby swing is normally charged high, so the baby swing under $100 is normally the small type, and can be a perfect space saver. They weight light and are easy to be carried around.

3. Easy carry and suitable for outdoor use

They are normally portable and compact types, the leg can be folded up as half of its original size. You can pack it into a suitcase or large backpack after folding, and take it out for travel.


Most portable baby swings are powered only by battery, and the battery costs can be expensive. For daily use, the battery is normally lasting for a month, which means you need to buy and change batteries monthly, for a long period of use, the battery costs can be even higher than full-size functional baby swings. Therefore, if you want to get the best baby swing under $100, you need also to consider the using costs of it.

Our Pick Is…

Among all the best baby swing under $100, you can see clearly that nearly all of which are portable types except for Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing- Abbington one, and yes, this is our most recommended baby swing under $100 for you.

As a full-size baby swing, the machine is far beyond its value. The primary reason for its top position on our list is that it supports plug in operation. As we have said before, the battery cost can really be a trouble thing for most parents. You need to buy and change battery nearly a month later constantly, and the price can be even more expensive than buying a full-size baby swing. Therefore, we strongly suggest this most cost-effective baby swing for you.

If you want to know the latest price or deal, just check on Amazon by clicking the button below.

best baby swings under $100


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