Is Nursery Water Safe for Babies

best nursery water

Nursery water is a steam distilled water accessible with and without attached fluoride and may be utilized to blend with formula, dilute juice, and as an excellent source of drinking water as instructed by your doctor. This water uses purified water as its bottom. Purified water is manufactured by sieving source water through activated carbon … Read more

Is It OK for Babies to Sleep on Their Side

sleep on the side

You’ve perceived the signals. She’s getting vigorous and thrusting her borders. You dread that someday you’ll walk to her cot to discover your toddler dozing in her side or on her stomach. With all the cautions mothers perceive about “back is safer,” the notion of your toddler resting on her side or belly can be … Read more

How Can You Tell If Baby Is Too Cold

baby get cold

Reading your baby’s cues is obviously the hardest thing about being a new parent, and we can all agree on that. Since babies cannot fend for themselves, it is overly essential that parents should always watch out for signs of tiredness, hunger, sickness, cold/temperature, among other very common issues in babies. However, some things, such … Read more

How Can I Decorate My Baby’s Room?

baby's home decoration

Pulling the perfect nursery together before the baby’s arrival can be a bit stressful, especially if you have no previous experience in art and design. If you are looking for some inspiration, the internet is a perfect place to start from. Try to pay attention to the more significant concept such as color, theme, or … Read more

What Is SIDS And What Should I Do?

sudden infant death syndrome

For each year, there are around 3,500 infants die in sleep, for various reasons. Some die for suffocation, some die for sudden infant death syndrome, known as SIDS. No one would suffer the pain of losing babies. That is why you need to get basic knowledge and solutions as precautions. Symptoms of SIDS still keeps … Read more

What You Should Know on Tummy Time

baby tummy time

The first few months of babies determine one’s development in his or her whole life, and thus experts highly suggest babies get tummy time before 6 months of their ages. It helps strengthen the muscle of the upper body and prevents early motor delays. Sleeping on the stomach is the basic position during tummy time, … Read more