Will your baby start crying for no reason? Has he ever feel comfortable suddenly in sleep? If so, then your babies may in the suffering of colic. Do not worry, however, it is the disease that the majority of newborn babies will encounter. The causes of it stay mystery but some methods do work, baby gear as getting the best bouncer for colic baby prove to relieve much of the pain.

In this post, we would like to introduce the top-rated colic baby bouncer that relieve the pain effectively for you. Hope you find a suitable and ideal type here!

Best Bouncer for Colic Baby Reviews 2020 On the Market

1. Overall Best Bouncer for Colic Baby – BabyBjorn Soft Balance Bouncer

best baby swings for colic

  • 4 Adjustable positions
  • Bouncer and chair combo
  • Long using time
  • JPMA certified
  • Easy to clean up
  • Foldable for storage

This is the baby bouncer that most parents will go steps ahead to recommend, through proper and excellent performance that integrates technology and comfortability. The whole shape design outlines a beautiful curve, with its classic color coordinate, matching with any modern design of your home. The ergonomic seat, proved by the experts, balances the baby’s weight and offers full support to the back, neck and head part of babies.

The proper head and back support inserted along with the seat provides long service life, allowing babies from newborn to 2-year-old use. The soft and breathable fabric adds up comforting when staying the bouncer for quite a long time. It doubles as a stationary chair as baby grows; For newborn babies use, the self-bouncing movement strengthens up the motor skills and gently calm them down in fussy.

For the baby with colics, there are four positions available, meeting the demand of playing, resting, sleeping and storing all in one machine. Adjust it to the vertical position when the baby starts crying for no reasons, it brings great relief under such conditions. Of course, fold it up to falt mode when you need to use it outdoor for traveling or hanging out.


2. Runner Up – Skip Hop Uplift Multi-Level Adjustable Bouncer

swings for colic babies

  • Steel sturdy material
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Machine washable fabric
  • Two melodies and sounds design
  • Removable toy bar

The sound and moving stuff are what attract babies the most, and that is why most baby soothing machine must equip built-in music in calming babies down or coaxing them into a sound sleep. Place the suitable batteries and turn the inserted music on, let the white noise as heartbeat and ocean waves create a peaceful environment for babies to stay.

The adjustable seat height enables you to take a short rest on the sofa while the baby is safely staying in the bouncer for fun. By using the hand knob, you can lift or lower the seat height at ease, and the maximum height it reaches up to 34 inches, by the way.

The removable toy tray along with interactive toys rotates, so as to grasp the baby’s attention. The auto-shutoff system prolongs batteries life by turning off the machine automatically when you are busy. In terms of sturdiness and stability, look at how wide and stable the base is. It carries the maximum weight to around 25 pounds, perfect for babies around 4-5 months use.


3. Bouncer for Colic Babies – BabyBjorn Bliss 3D Jersey Bouncer

rocker for babies with colic

  • Machine Washable Seat Pad
  • Stable and sturdy structure
  • Meet the US safety standard
  • Adjustable seat positions
  • Ergonomic design
  • Natural materials

In hot weather or summer use, the unbreathable fabric around babies gets their vulnerable skin sensitive. The mesh seat pad using on this machine brings in more air and makes it cozy sitting inside for quite a long time. The ergonomic design of the seat completely customized baby’s soft body, exercising their ability to balancing and also improving the motor skills.

All the materials adopt on the unit are non-harmful, which met and approved with Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class I for baby products. The T-shape harness safeguards babies all the time. Buckle it tight and then it is time to enjoy your own relaxing time.

What features most on the swing is the super long service life, with maximum weight limit reaching up to 13kg, it allows both newborn babies and toddlers around 2 years old to use it safely. Take off the fabric around the seat once your babies start to sit straight unaided. Besides, it is foldable, which means packing it in the suitcase or backpack pretty convenient for outdoor traveling.


4. Automatic Baby Bouncer For Colic Babies – Bloom Coco Stylewood Bouncer

best bouncer for colic baby

The invention of the automatic electric machine, as this infant bouncer, is what most call, the lifesaver. It saves many efforts of parents to coaxing babies into sleep, and spares more time for time to enjoy the individual time while baby lying somewhere safe and cozily. The main power of the unit comes from the batteries, in controlling the music and bouncing movements.

By taking into the using costs of batteries into consideration, Ingenuity uses Hybridrive technology to prolong its life to twice longer. The toy tray with two plush toys is detachable, you can remove it away when babies feel sleepy, for it turns into a kind of obstacle in coaxing babies into sleep by then.

Small and cheap as it is, you can find it super functional when compared with other types. Kinda like a full size swing, with 2-speed bouncing movements and 11 soothing music. Its neutral but adorable design makes it suitable for both baby girl and baby boy use. Plus, there are multiple colors available on the market.


5. High-End Colic Baby Bouncer – BabyJorn Midnight Blue Bouncer Bilss

colic baby swing

Among all the babies bouncers on the market, this one is a high-end type with the delicate design. Its ergonomic seat pad fits excellently with the baby’s body and makes it suitable for long-time sitting. It features most for the lightweight but sturdy frame. The safety harness covered with soft padding makes it more comfortable to hold on to.

Without any adapter or batteries, it helps strengthen motor skills and balance of babies through their own movements. You can also assist them by gentle bouncing the chair to get babies calm down soon.

Colic babies feel the relieve in upright positions, so adjust it to nearly 90 degrees. Aside from this, you can also adjust it to around 60 and 30 degrees for taking a short nap. What if going out for traveling? Well, fold it up and it fits any sizes of the suitcase. Besides, the fabric on the machine is pretty easy to clean, you can totally take it off and throw it into the washing machine.


6. Best for Newborn Babies – Fisher Price Deluxe Sweet Dreams Snugapuppy

colic baby chair

If you are choosing the most adorable baby bouncer suitable for colic babies, then this Fisher Price type is the best option. Its deep soft seat with machine-washable seat pad creates a comfortable environment for babies to stay in. The cute dog fabric adds up the adorableness of the chair, but meanwhile serves as infant support. Take it off your babies overgrow.

It features calming vibration, powered by batteries. You can also play the built-in music with the control buttons; The auto-shutoff design, which turns off every 20 minutes, prolongs batteries life and reduces the unnecessary costs. The 3 point harness safeguards babies during the whole use time.

The baby bouncer can be a good company no matter for indoor or outdoor use. With its lightweight but stable frame, taking it along with you is an easy piece. The anti-skid rubber stabilizes the balance when used on somewhere wet and slippery.


7. Best Compact Baby Bouncer – Fisher Price Starry Night Deluxe Bouncer

swing for babies with colic

Here comes a high baby bouncer that brings convenience to parents by soothing babies when seated. Do you see the foot pedal? Yes, it is used for slightly bouncing with hands-free. Sit on the sofa, with a cup of coffee at hand, or a book for reading, place your babies beside you and you can bounce the unit up with your feet. Isn’t it amazing?

However, it provides a cozy time not only for parents but for the babies. The fabric seat pad, with extra-deep seat, creates a warm but breathable place for babies to stay in. The hanging toys set within a baby’s vision strengthen the motor skills of babies.

When they get fussy, it is time to play beautiful music and sounds, the volume control is adjustable. It also comes with 20 minutes auto-shutoff. The maximum weight of it is 20 pounds, suitable for babies under 4 months use perfectly.


8. Best 2 in 1 Colic Baby Bouncer – Born Free Kova Baby Bouncer and Rocker Combo

baby swing for colic

This is a 2 in 1 machine with bouncer and rocker combo, you can also use it as a baby chair, of course. Abandoned the adorable design, this one is more like a modern decoration; With dark grey and white color combination, it is more dirt resistance and you can use it for either baby girl or baby boy to use.

Why is it suitable for colic babies? Well, its seat is set vertical, which is helpful for babies suffering from the pain of colic. The multi-position enables you to change it from rocker to bouncer mode. Fold it into a flat position and you can pack it easily into the suitcase or backpack.

The toy bar is also removable, features with two plush toys. It develops babies’ visual development, more importantly, soothes babies down when they get bored.


9. Best Bouncer With Toys – Bright Starts Playful Pinwheels Bouncer

baby swing colic

This is a portable bouncer that is more summer on the design, the bright color attracts baby’s attention immediately. With cute patterns and adorable seat pad, both baby girl and baby girl can use it perfectly. Small as it is, the anti-skid rubber makes it convenient to use on wet floors or on a map.

Two hanging toys bring exploring time for babies, by touching and playing them with hands, the motor skills of babies get improved to a large extent. By the way, the middle toy set on the toy tray is actually a mirror. For newborn babies, you can use it as a stationary seat; while for large babies, it turns into a bouncer which uses the power of themselves to bounce the unit up.

The control panel set on the seat is for controlling the vibration mode. Add adequate batteries and you can use the slight vibrations to soothe babies.


10. The Cheapest Baby Bouncer – Fisher Price Geo Meadow Deluxe Bouncer

colic bouncer

This is the cheapest bouncer that is suitable for a baby with colic, costs no more than $30, you can have a basic soothing machine at home. However, do not get fooled by its affordable price, the functions of which exceeds its price.

Lying in the seat is some kind of relaxing to most babies, thanks to its breathable and easy clean pad. The large seat carries a maximum weight of 20 pounds, perfect for babies around 4 months old. When babies get bored or feel sleepy inside, you can turn on the vibration mode.

3 point harness is adjustable for protecting babies in use, and here come the bat-at animal pals to bring sensory enjoyments for babies.

Why Do Colic Babies Need A Bouncer?

Suffering from the pain of colic can be torturing, and the crying of babies is a sign of the pain. A baby bouncer, as well as other baby gear, such as baby swing or rocker, is just a soothing machine but does help a lot in relieving the pain.

Before that, you may wonder how to relieve the pain of colic. The followings are the movement that you can do to help.

  1. Sit straight up
  2. Being held up in the arms and vibrated slightly
  3. Wrap in the cloth or blanket when they are crying
  4. Give a small feeding
  5. A pacifier is proved to be helpful a lot
  6. Have a tummy time or a burp after feeding.
  7. Music and toys can attract baby’s attention when they get fussy
  8. The dark light creates a warm environment for babies to have a sound sleep

As the causes of the disease are still under analyzing, there is no direct method to cure it. Till now, the best way is still diverting the attention of babies, and taking care of the food you feed.

A baby bouncer, however, serves as the best way to grasp babies’ attention on other places, no matter with the bouncing movements, or with the gentle vibrations. Plus, the vertical design of the seat also helps a lot. In a word, getting a colic baby bouncer can never get you wrong.

Of course, in terms of the baby colic, we have put much energy on it and did researches on the issue. If you want to know more about the disease and symptoms of it, please feel free to check in our review.

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