Can Baby Swing Cause Brain Damage?

While babies can bring lots of joy, there are moments when frustrations strike in if a caregiver fails to console their crying. Despite most caregivers failing to handle these accordingly, some consider using a baby swing to aid in calming them down. However, this at times can fail; as a result, most caregivers start shaking or swinging the child vigorously, which might then result in the Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS). Usually, this takes just a few seconds of shaking to result in irreversible brain damage to a toddler or an infant. In this article, we shall be answering the question; can baby swing cause brain damage?

Baby’s Swing and Brain Damage

Despite baby swings being an essential tool when it comes to making an adult life more comfortable and allowing the siblings to interact with their little brother or sister, they can have an irreversible effect on the brain when used inappropriately.

When shaking your child vigorously on a baby swing, it might result in Shaken Baby Syndrome. This is often prevalent among the neonatal and tends to destroys the child’s brain cells, thus preventing their brain from getting an ample supply of oxygen. The effect can result in permanent brain damage or death.

In addition to swinging, other SBS causes include tossing your child gently into the air or bouncing them on your leg. You should note that SBS is often common among children below the age of one year. Nevertheless, Shaken Baby Syndrome can as well occur among toddlers and preschoolers.

brain damage

Effect of Swinging

Most individuals tend to enjoy swinging; this is because of a full range of sensation. While swinging a child will have a feeling of calmness; furthermore, the sense of swinging is often associated with the pre-birth movement in a mother’s womb, which is your child’s first sensation of gravitational force.

Swinging can have some benefit to child development and can have a significant negative impact on their brain as well. However, we don’t want to leave you with the impression that swings are unsafe for your child. Despite having some adverse effects, swings are essential when it comes to soothing your young ones giving you much-needed peace.

What Are the Signs of Brain Damage?

What are some of the signs you should watch out for in case your child suffer from Shaken Baby Syndrome;

  • Hearing loss
  • Partial or total blindness
  • Development delays
  • Blue skin
  • Failure to lift their hand or head
  • They don’t smile or coo
  • Throwing up
  • Seizures
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Moving less than usual
  • Seem stiff
  • Impaired intellect
  • Severe mental retardation
  • Speech and learning difficulties
  • Memory and attention problems

Most of the babies will look normal after the shaking; however, most of them tend to develop one or more of the above-mentioned problems. Furthermore, the first sign of the problem tends not to be noticeable until the kid starts attending school and start developing behavioral or learning issues. Nevertheless, by this time, it becomes more difficult to associate the problem with Shaken Baby Syndrome that might have been caused by a baby swing at a younger age.

What Should One Do If Their Child Becomes a Victim?

This is a question worth discussing. Since baby swing can result in brain damage, what should a parent do if that occurs? It has been reported to occur when the child is under a caregiver, relative, or a daycare provider.

When a child becomes a victim of SBS or brain damage as a result of swinging or tossing in the air, you should consider seeking for help immediately; furthermore, it will be best have an expert attorney to aid you to solve the case if you as a parent weren’t there when it happened. Usually, this is traumatizing and the worst nightmare for any parent out there.

Final verdict

Baby swing causes brain damage when used inappropriately. When using a baby swing, you should consider the amount of force you are applying; this will aid in minimizing brain damage. Furthermore, when purchasing a baby swing, ensure that it does not tip over or folds easily to avoid any brain injury from occurring. In addition to that, a baby swing should have a seat that can be adjusted to more than 50 degrees and have a shoulder strap that will keep your child safe.