Top 9 Best Bassinet Sheets Reviews For Rectangle and Round Oval Bassinets Mattress

The bassinet is the necessary gear for each baby and that is why you need to get the best bassinet sheets to provide a comfortable environment for him or her. Soft and machine-washable fabric is the basis for selecting bassinet sheets, especially for sensitive babies.

Facing many materials of bassinet sheets, such as cotton and polyester, which exactly suits the best? And how do I know the sheet size fits my bassinet well?

To save your time and energy, we gave the top 9 best bassinet sheets reviews on the market with expert buying guides for you as follows.

Picking the Best Bassinet Sheets From the Reviews

Different Materials of Bassinet Sheets

We have different bassinet materials around the world that you need to look at when choosing the right bassinet materials. Choosing one that you think is suitable for you can be a challenge, that’s why we have provided you with some useful information about each type of material you can consider for your bassinet sheets.

It is important to choose one that is comfortable so that your kid won’t have to wake up from time to time. Bassinet sheets come in small size because they have to perfectly fit the bassinet mattress. It is always advisable to have a minimum of two sheets, but three will do better just in case you wash one.

We have different types of bassinet sheets that are made from different materials, but at the same time, it can be made from a combination of different materials. Here are the different materials of bassinet sheets:

1. Cotton bassinet sheets

This is the first type of material used to make bassinet sheets. Sheets made from pure cotton offers the best options as they are breathable, which makes it possible for air to freely circulate around the baby.

When you use cotton material sheets, it helps keep your baby cools during warm months, and you can also use these kinds of sheets during cooler weather. Apart from that, pure cotton does not attract lint easily or pile easily. Washing cotton sheets is very easy and simple.

The only drawback with cotton sheets is that they wrinkly easily, you need to iron it after washing or to use it for a long time to get it stretched. Besides, the cotton material can be coarse for first use but will get soften up after washing a few times.


  • Durable
  • Easy to wash
  • Does not spoil
  • Hypoallergenic and breathable


  • Coarse
  • Wrinkles easily
  • More expensive

2. Polyester bassinet sheet

It is very cheap to manufacturer polyester sheets, and that is why buying polyester sheets can be cheaper than cotton types. Another advantage of polyester material is that it is very flexible, making to be tear-resistant.

The only let down of polyester material is that it is less breathable than cotton. Using it in cold seasons can be more suitable since it keeps the body warm for a long time.


  • Cheap
  • Not prone to shrinking
  • Tear-resistant


  • Susceptible to pilling
  • Wrinkles easily

Reviews of Top 9 Best Bassinet Sheets

1. Best CheapBeabea Goods 100% Rectangular Bassinet Pads For Unisex Babies 

bassinet crib sheet

This is one of the best products you can purchase from The Elephant Collections. Designed in three cutest prints, it provides multiple choices for baby preference and your bassinet styles. Features an elastic hem, you will find it suitable for most standard sized bassinet pads.

It contains three super-soft jersey-knit sheets that are ideal to use for babies with sensitive skin. The soft plush feel of the material gives baby the sense of comfort and cozy, for it is breathable and helps regulates the baby’s temperature in hot summers.

To make washing it easier, it comes with 3 packs so that you can change it every two days after use for sanitary. Is it hard to wash? Not at all, you can throw it in the washing machine and care with it as usual fabric.


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2. Best SmallKnlpruhk Grey Soft and Stretchy Bassinet Sheets Set

carter's bassinet sheets

If you are looking for a reliable, safe, and high-quality jersey knit made of 100% cotton, then this is the product you have to go for. It is super soft, breathable, and easy to stretch; no matter how many times you are going to wash, it will not fade its color.

This product features a thoughtful in its design and can fit any mattress up to 16 by 32 inches. The premium performance on elastic plus stretches makes it stationary all the time when fitted.

The shinning point is that it contains a soft layer made of cotton wool on its surface, which is friendly to the baby’s skin and is easier to wash.


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3. Best CottonBurt’s Bees Baby Standard Organic Stroller and Bassinet Sheet

halo bassinet sheets

This product is designed with safety in mind as it is elastic for extra fit and is a premium fully encased up to the bottom edges; this makes it able to keep the sheet in place for you and the baby for easy rest.

Its super soft jersey knit is the reason for its popularity, for it keeps sensitive skin free from any irritation. The 100% organic and breathable cotton material safeguards baby in use and that is why we highly recommend it.

To fit a standard crib and toddler mattress, it has a rectangular shape. Be sure to check the size based on your crib size, and select your favorite color on the sheet from multiple choices give.


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4. Best For Baby Boy and GirlEly’s & Co. Waterproof Safe Soft Jersey Knit Cotton Bassinet Sheet

rectangle bassinet sheets

This sheet is waterproof and is made from cotton material, fits all bassinet mattresses despite the shape. It is very soft, light, and breathable, hence offering a welcoming texture and resulting in restful sleep.

It doesn’t matter whether you aim to use it for a baby boy or baby girl thanks to the modern grey color. Made from 100% premium quality Jersey knit cotton, it provides a peaceful and warm environment for babies and toddlers to have a sound sleep.

What we love most is the mattress lining with TPU, thus making clean-up a breeze. Besides, it comes with two packs, which means you can use one and wash one for convenience.


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5. Best RectangleAmerican Baby Company Breathable Bassinet Sheet and Mattress For Boy and Girl

delta bassinet sheets

It is important for you to create comfortable and safe sleeping conditions for the precious baby, and an American baby bassinet is the best choice you can go for.

The product is jersey measuring 15 by 33 by 4 inches and is soft and warm for your baby to feel exceptional comfort and available in a variety of colors to match any desired style.

This sheet is of high quality and contains 4 inch deep pockets plus elastic trimming. It is washable by the use of washing machines and dryable. There are a variety of colors and styles that you can choose to match with your crib.


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6. Best SquareMomcozy Universal Breathable 3 Pack Bassinet Sheet For Standard Bassinets and Cribs

flannel bassinet sheet

Perhaps you are looking for a generous pack of sheets for comfort and convenience. This is an ideal gift for any new mom as it comes with two packs of nice-looking sheets. The 2 sheets are doubled with a thick elastic band for safety and can bunch up any loose sheets too tight, creating a safe environment for the baby.

It is compatible with most bassinet oval or rectangular mattresses with a size of 32 by 16 by 3 inches. It is 100% cotton, breathable, and friendly to any skin.

These sheets are so soft and contain great functionality with a lot of elasticity on its edges, ensuring that it fits many different sizes of a bassinet.


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7. Best OvalBROLEX Stretch Fitted Bassinet Sheet

cheap bassinet sheets

This is one of the products that are recommendable for you with a newborn as it fits most of your bassinet mattresses pads.

It is a stretchy sheet you can go for any types of standard bassinet and cradle. And cleaning it is very easy and effortlessly with the use of machines. Applying it on your bed is fast and easy within seconds as its bottom is elastic guarantying to stay in place.

It measures 6.7 by 5.7 by 1.7 inches, and the way they are designed, you could use the sheets on any bunch bassinet and are so soft with perfect thickness for provision of both warmth and extra cozy to what is a plain area for sleeping baby.


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8. Best Small SheetTANSY PANDA Set of 3 Soft Cotton Bassinet Sheet

bassinet sheet set

If you are looking for a fitting sheet that will give a sound and safe sleep to your baby throughout the night with no interruptions, then you have to consider Tansy Panda product as it is breathable and contains soft fabric to assure comfort and you can use it throughout the year.

This sheet keeps your baby dry and warm during sleep and stays firm and each pack consists of 3 unisex bassinet sheets that are easy to maintain and clean.

It is ideal for use in rectangular, oval, squire, or hourglass mattresses measuring 16 by 32 by 4 inches. The elastic coupled has a smooth fabric for ensuring no lumps shall get into the baby’s comfort. For convenience use, it is machine washable.

They are as well universal in size with 360 degrees bands that are elastic for perfect fit and can be a suitable baby registered gift for your loved ones.


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9. Best Machine-washableOTON Swivel Sleeper Mattress Special Bassinet

large bassinet sheets

This is a special design for HALO bassinet swivel sleeper and is made to fit hourglass-shaped mattresses and is well featured with an envelope for a safe fit.

The product is 100% preshrunk cotton and cannot come loose when using it. It comes with a satisfactory warranty from manufacturing company if it doesn’t fit or not satisfying you.

The soft cotton layer on its surface protects the skin of the baby very well end even if it is washed with a machine for a long time, these bassinet sheets do not fade, and it is easy to wash.

It is high quality and soft product than other sellers available in the market. You can decorate your nursery with this product and is warmer than any other woven sheet with smooth transitions for the baby.


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Things to Consider in Buying Best Bassinet Sheets

As far as your baby’s sleep is concerned, safety is the most important aspect to consider. It is advisable to choose sheets made by the manufacturer of your bassinet. However, there are third party manufacturers that make great sheets. You want to ensure they are of the appropriate size. However, there is a lot to it. These are things to consider when choosing bassinet sheets.


Like any other sheets, you do not want your baby to rub hands and feet on rough materials. Other than being uncomfortable, the baby’s skin is quite sensitive. To ensure you choose the right bassinet sheet, you need to check the materials. In this case, you should go for soft and quality materials.


Most things that will get on the bassinet are in liquid form. If you are planning to change sheets only, you want to ensure they have waterproof properties. If that is not, you may end up changing the bassinet mattress cover. You do not want to start washing the mattress. The best option is to look for waterproof sheets.

Strong Elastics

Elastics that wrap around the edge of a mattress are what keeps it taut and safe for a baby to sleep on. In fact, if elastics are not strong, they are likely to become loose and even come off. This is dangerous, and you do not want it to happen.


How Many Fitted Sheets Do I Need for a Bassinet?

The number of sheets you need is dependent on various factors. If you need to change the sheets each day, you need at least four bassinet sheets. However, if you are going to change once per week, you should have at least two sheets. You will need to consider the mess created by your baby. Although this is unpredictable, you should ensure you have spare sheets. Thus, having several sheets at your disposal means that you have adequate sheets to deal with any emergency.

Are Bassinet Sheets Universal?

No. Although bassinet sheets are standardized in most cases, the bassinet mattresses sizes do vary. For instance, the average bassinet mattress is 15 by 33 inches and has a depth of 1 to 2 depending on the style and manufacturer.

Are Bassinet Sheets the Same As Crib Sheets?

No. The difference is that crib sheets come in standardized form while bassinet sheets do not. Thus, it is a bit challenging to find sheets that fit your bassinet.

How Often Should You Wash Baby Sheets?

It is advisable to change and wash baby sheets 1 to 2 times a week, even the mattress pad. If you are using bumper pads, you need to change them once a month. That is because they collect general grime and dust from little hands. However, if you notice soiling at any given time, you should wash the sheets.

How Big is a Bassinet Sheet?

You should note that bassinets are available in a wide range of sizes. Usually, the standard size is 76 by 40 cm. A lot of brands use this type of sheet. Ensure you check the mattress size before you order to ensure it fits.

Can You Use a Crib Sheet for a Bassinet?

No. It is advisable to get sheets that are specifically meant for the bassinet. Ideally, you need 1 to 4 sheets, and you can wash them once a week. In any case, your newborn will be in the bassinet for a few weeks before moving to a crib.


If you have the rectangle crib or bassinet of large size, then Burt’s Bees Baby Standard Organic Stroller and Bassinet Sheet will be a perfect choice for you.

For those fond of elastic design with round oval shape, you will find Beabea Goods 100% Rectangular Bassinet Pads an ideal selection no matter for the crib or for bassinet use.

To keep baby cool and dry in warm weather, the cotton material as well as waterproof performance on Ely’s & Co. Waterproof Safe Soft Jersey Knit Cotton Bassinet Sheet becomes the winner.

The right bassinet sheets ensure that your baby has a comfortable, clean surface for sleeping and protects the bassinet mattress from messes. Since your baby is vulnerable and small, it is dangerous for the baby to get tangled in a poor-quality sheet. Ensure you check sizing before buying to ensure it is a good fit for a given model.