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The first few weeks after your baby is born are usually the most important. They are expected to have all the essential nutrients in the right quantity to grow up healthy. When choosing the best baby food formula, it’s expected and very normal to get confused, because infant formulas come in different forms.

What Is the Best Baby Food Formula on the Market?

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Reviews of the Best Baby Food Formula

#1. Similac Pro-Advance Non-GMO Infant formula with Iron

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Similac Pro-advance is mostly used in hospitals and it’s the #1 mom’s choice, and it’s not difficult to see why. It contains all the right nutrients required for adequate growth and development of your baby during the first year. However, some infants can be allergic to this milk-based protein formula, so, it is available in a soy mixture for babies with allergies.

This particular formula is the only one that contains 2′-FL HMO—an immunity-boosting probiotic present only in breast milk, that helps protect babies at their most critical development stage. The Similac Pro-advance is the closest match to breast milk, and it doesn’t contain any growth hormone. It contains the appropriate amount of Lutein, Vitamin E and DHA, to promote brain, eye, and bone development in babies.


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#2. Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease Baby Formula Gentle Milk Powder Reusable Tub

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This formula has a protein blend of DHA and MFGM (Milk Fat Globule Membrane), initially, these nutrients were found only in breast milk and it supports brain development. The protein blend is inspired by breast milk, and it also makes the formula easy to digest. Due to recent research, it has been proven that MFGM in infant formula aids cognitive development, likened to breast milk. It can be used for the first 12 months of a baby’s life because it contains all the necessary nutrients and vitamins. It also helps to relieve fussiness, colic, and gas in infants within 24 hours of usage.


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#3. Happy Baby Organic Infant Formula

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It’s okay to be environmentally conscious and want your baby to live an organic life. However, you should be sure that this is a step you want to take and be consistent with it because it isn’t advisable to switch formulas for an infant. When you decide on using an organic formula, stick to a particular brand. The Happy Baby Organic infant formula is the ideal formula for your baby to lead an organic life, it is formulated with organic lactose and other vitamins found in breast milk. This formula would help in the growth and development of the baby’s brain, eye, muscles, and bones, plus it is corn syrup solid free, to aid easy digestion.


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#4. Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease Ready to Feed Baby Formula Gentle Milk

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With the ready to feed Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease, you can ease your baby’s crying, fussiness or gassiness in as little as 24 hours after consumption. Most doctors recommend this brand for gassy and fussy babies, and also because it is gentle on your baby’s tummy. The formula is made with protein-blend that has been vigorously broken down to aid easy digestion and prevents many stomach related issues.

Throughout the first year of your infant, the Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of your infant and aid their early growth and development. It contains important nutrients like DHA and Choline that support cognitive development. The formula is ready to feed, meaning that you are at an advantage. Regardless of when your baby is hungry, whether in the middle of the night or at an event, you can feed your baby wherever.


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#5. Earth’s Best Organic Dairy Infant Powder Formula with Iron

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The Earth’s Best Organic formula is a formula designed to cater to the nutritional needs of your baby during the first year after birth. It can be used as a supplement to breast milk because it contains the nutrients and vitamins found in a mother’s milk that supports brain and eye development. Iron is also present in this formula to sustain healthy development. Lastly, it contains carotenoids found in plant—lutein, which ensures perfect functioning and good health of the eyes.


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#6. Enfamil NeuroPro Ready to Feed Baby Formula Milk

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Enfamil is one of the most trusted brands, and this particular formula contains MFGM that aids in supporting the cognitive development of an infant. It contains DHA and choline. Also, this formula contains iron which promotes overall health and prevents anemia in babies. The ingredients in the Enfamil NeuroPro are non-GMO ingredients and are not at all altered. With this formula, your baby’s nutrition is covered for the first 12 months after birth.


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#7. Similac Alimentum, 4 counts, Hypoallergenic Infant Formula

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This is a hypoallergenic and lactose-free formula, specially designed for children who are allergic to cow’s milk. It helps to calm fussiness, gas and eczema symptoms in babies, while still providing excellent nutrition to infants. There is no need to be worried about if this formula has the right amount of nutrients, because it is rich in DHA and ARA proteins that boost brain and eye development, and is also iron-fortified.
In as much as it is lactose-free, it still contains milk proteins broken down vigorously into the tiniest of particles. The proteins are so tiny, that they can eliminate any allergies for babies that are lactose intolerant. It contains no palm olein oil and is corn product free, making it easier for infants to digest.


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Things to Consider in Buying the Best Baby Food Formula

Any breastfeeding mother would agree that a time would come when you need to supplement breast milk for infant formula. Most times, this occurs when the mother has to go back to work or leave the baby under the protection of someone else. However, professionals advise mothers to keep breastfeeding their babies for at least six months nonstop, but if you have special reasons and you can’t, it’s okay too.

Before choosing the right formula, you need to understand what the right quality standards and nutritional needs are, so you can make the right choice. Let’s look at the most important factors to consider when choosing the best food formula for your baby.

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The nutritional content of the Formula

This should be the first thing that comes to mind before buying any brand of formula for your baby. The nutritional content of infant formula is to be carefully administered during the first six months because it’s at this stage that your baby needs all the right nutrients. These nutrients are to be taken in the right proportion, so you don’t end up overfeeding your baby.

1. Carbohydrates

It’s well known that carbohydrates are the main energy source for every infant, and it is very crucial for proper growth and development. Most kids who lack the right amount of carbohydrates tend to be sluggish and tired frequently. Giving infants the right dosage of carbohydrates will contribute to keeping a healthy body weight, and at the same time foster favorable growth. Ideally, a baby should have 95 grams of carbohydrate per day to maintain a healthy style of living.

2. Protein

Different baby food formulas come with different protein content, some are higher than others. You should know that the intake of excess protein can lead to obesity in an infant, so you need to be careful of the level of protein content in any baby food formula you are considering buying. For babies of 0-6 months, the ideal amount of protein per day is 10 grams; this is more than enough to keep your baby healthy. Ensure that you look at the packaging of the formula to know the exact protein count before making a purchase.

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Baby food formulas come in two different forms, you can make your pick depending on which works best for your baby.

1. Ready to use formula

This particular formula is mostly recommended for newborns. That’s because they are made of cow’s milk and it is very easy to digest. You can buy from any brand you love, as long as they meet the FDA requirement. Although if it might cause digestion problems if it’s too early, but still if the stomach of your baby doesn’t agree with a particular type of ready to use formula, you can always try out another one.

2. Powder

Just as the name implies, this kind of formula comes in powdered form—usually in little packets or tins, and needs to be mixed with water before it can be fed to the baby. Most people go for this option because it is cheap but it is not advisable for infants under 6 months unless recommended by a doctor. In case your baby is allergic to cow’s milk, the option of soy milk is available.

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Weight of Child

Not all children are born at the standard weight, some are born with a low birth weight of below 2.5 kilograms—mostly twins or premature babies. In such a case, nutritional content can be all your child needs to grow and develop steadily. Still, you should be conscious, while trying to make your child healthy, be cautious of the amount of formula being taken, so it doesn’t lead to obesity.

Financial Status

It’s important to know the capacity of your pocket before opting for a type of baby food formula. The most economical baby formula is the powdered formula, so if you are not in the position to afford the expensive baby food formulas, you can look out for powdered formula. It can last for a long period, provided you don’t mix it with water, but be sure it complies with all the nutritional guidelines to keep your baby healthy and lively.

Baby’s Age

Most mothers often overlook this factor, it is very important to choose a formula for your babies in accordance to their ages. Ready to use formula should be for infants between 0-6 months. Regardless of whether your baby is being fully formula-fed or mixed fed, it is necessary to use the right formula throughout the first year. Babies who are up to 6 months usually use formulas that contain 10 grams of protein and 95 grams of carbohydrate per day, and for babies older, a higher amount can be used.


In 90% of cases, allergies are genetics. So, your baby is most likely to have any allergy that has sprung up in the family before. In such cases, you can expect the doctor to recommend a hydrolyzed formula for your baby, as this is easier to digest and would most likely not cause any allergy reactions.

Ingredients contained in the formula

These two major controversial ingredients are the best kind of fatty acids for all infants, and it should be present in any baby food formula. They work together for the development of the nerve and brain in infants. Naturally, you can find these ingredients in breast milk and eggs, so think about whether to want to feed it to your baby or not.


Due to one reason or the other, some mothers do not breastfeed their babies. It can be understood that circumstances beyond one’s control can cause this, but what isn’t acceptable is not breastfeeding your infant, and still not using a formula that contains iron. All babies who are not breastfed “must” use iron-fortified formulas until they are at least one year old. This is to boost the iron level in their blood cells, thereby preventing anemia –deficiency in red blood cells.


After you have made your choice of using a particular type of baby food formula, please stick to it. It is not advisable to keep changing formulas, as this can interfere with your baby’s digestion thus cause allergies.

Also, after choosing the best formula for your infant, always maintain proper hygiene. The immune systems of babies are quite fragile and germs can easily make them ill, wash your hands before handling your baby’s formula. Lastly, always rinse the feeding bottle with hot water before making the formula.

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