The 18 Best Baby Swing for Small Spaces Reviews & Guides 2024

Baby swing, together with baby crib and high chair, lists on the must-have baby gears for each family. Raising a baby includes protecting him from physical harms, and most importantly, cultivating a good mental development. It requires parents to spend much energy and surely money on various baby stuff. You will find your room full of baby’s necessities, and baby’s clothes have already occupied the room of your wardrobe. Especially for a small house, finding somewhere to place baby stuff has been a headache matter. Therefore, we would like to introduce you the best baby swing for small spaces use.

Compared with those with wide open supporting legs, you will find the space swing baby swing pretty compact in the bottom part. But, will it be shaking in using? Can it support large babies? Is there anything I should take care in buying?

Congratulations! You are finding the right place. Here we offer the most professional buying guides, and also the hot reviews on several best small portable baby swing. Hope you can get what you want in this post.

Now, it’s time to go on the tour!

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Best Baby Swing for Small Spaces Reviews

1.  Space Swing Baby Swing – Graco Slim Space Linus Swing

small baby swing

From its shape, you may find it super space saving, the supporting legs from front to back forms a sturdy triangle, which makes it pretty stable and no wobble occurs only if you use it under the restricted weight limit. The best thing about its leg is its foldability, thus storing it can be an easy task from now on.

Compared with other types, it is quite straight on the seat, and the seat size is not that large; Its unique design results in the perfect usage for baby with colics and reflux. (Have trouble in this? You may want to read our experts reviews on how to relieve. )

It is lightweight, portable, and compact. All these features point to the wonderful performance in outdoor use. Moving it around is as easy as carrying a bag, for it weighs only 13.5 pounds. And one more thing! Its legs are adjustable, pushing it inside or pulling it out, and you can adjust the height of it with such gentle movement!


  • 5 point harness
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Adjustable swing speeds
  • Height adjustable
  • Battery operated, suitable for outdoor use
  • Machine washable pad
  • Suitable for baby with reflux and colics


  • No music inserted

2. Small Baby Swing That Plugs In – Graco Abbington Simple Sway

best infant swing for small spaces

Graco baby swing is best famous for its brilliant quality level and high cost-effective, like this one. From the following introduction, you may find it pretty normal, with basic functions and neutral appearance. But there must be something special that makes it the top 1 hot selling type on various shopping platform on the internet.

Being a full size baby swing, I would say it is highly space saving. The enclosed supporting legs structure enables it to be super sturdy, yet saves far more floor space than wide open types. The metal structure carries up to 25 pounds, which is the average size for a baby with around 4 months old.

Plug it in the wall and it provides all-day-long power for the swing, it feel like the unit is being stuck in a fixed position near a plug. Well, nothing is perfect. It does equipped with battery option, but mainly provides power for the vibration.


  • Gentle movement from side to side
  • 6 swing speeds
  • 10 songs and 5 nature sounds
  • 5 point harness
  • Space saving
  • Mobile with plush toys


  • No head support

3. Baby Gear for Small Spaces – 4moms Mamaroo Swing

baby cot for small spaces

This infant swing will shake off your recognition on the small baby swing. The only “small” of it is its structure, for all other parts, like functions, performance, and quality level, it is a large thing! You can regard it as the most advanced baby gear on the market.

Why is it suitable for small spaces? You may first look at its base, after measuring it to the large full size type, this unit saves 2/3 parts of the floor. Even for a small apartment, there will always be a suitable place for it.

Its high-tech design shows significantly on its unique movements, based on the imitation of parents soothing babies in daily life. Thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity mode, controlling the swing motions and speeds can all be done by your phones. In order to meet different needs on eating and napping, the unit has adjustable seat recline at hand. You may adjust it to any position, even to full recline.


  • 3 interactive toy balls
  • Soft and cozy seat
  • 4 built-in sounds
  • Washable fabric
  • 5 different speeds


  • Take some time to connect it with phone

4. Small Baby Swing – Ingenuity Comfort 2 Go Portable Swing

best infant swing for small spaces

Portable baby swing like Ingenuity products can always be a brilliant choice for a small apartment. It is small, compact, lightweight, and more importantly, foldable. No matter for indoor or outdoor use, it meets the basic needs of your babies.

Apart from the compact structure, this infant swing is pretty thoughtful, reflects in its harness. Half of the baby swing on the market are equipped with 5 point harness, so does this one. But what differs most is the protective cap. There is wide cloth set on the harness, so that it won’t hurt the baby in use.

It has 8 melodies and 3 nature sounds, and features 6 swing speeds. The TrueSpeed technology keeps the speeds consistent as baby grows. Detachable toy tray with two hanging toys calms the baby down in fussy. And 2 adjustable recline meets the demand on napping and playing.


  • 5 point harness
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Automatic swing motions
  • Detachable toys
  • Removable seat pad
  • Machine washable fabric


  • Battery operated only

5. Small Baby Rocker and Swing Combo – Graco Cozy Duet Swing

baby swing for small apartment

Here comes a 2 in 1 infant swing, which combines the rocker and the swing together. A full size swing is normally large in size, but this one adopts the small structure. The small sized triangle formed by the supporting legs helps stablize the swing. And rubber cap on the leg keeps it from sliding.

The rocker, with its portable size, can also be placed in a corner of a small house. It comes with two modes of vibration, powered by battery.

The plush and soft fabric is machine washable, when it gets dirty, you can take it off and throw directly into the washing machine. Small as it is, it carries as large as 27 pounds for the swing function, which is a bit higher than the average weight limit.


  • Suitable for small spaces
  • 2 in 1
  • Two soft hanging toys
  • 5 point harness
  • Adjustable swing speeds
  • 5 sounds and songs
  • 2 speed vibration


  • A bit big for newborn baby

6. Small Baby Swings for Small Spaces – Ingenuity Braden Power Adapt Portable Swing

best baby swing for small apartment

As small as a normal chair, you will always need a compact swing in your space. By folding it up, you can pack it into your suitcase or a large backpack. All the buttons are set on the bottom, and is large enough that can be operated even by your feet when your hands are busy hugging your babies.

The simple color design with light gray and white, is perfect for both baby girl and baby boy use. Though it is a travel baby swing, there are still plug in and battery options.

During the use of other models of baby swings, some parents will complain about the loud working noise. Well, this unit outstands in the working, you can hardly hear any noise in its working process. The peaceful and quiet environment it offers keep baby cozy and comfort in its swing time.


  • Soothing music and sounds
  • Both adapter and batteries available
  • Quiet working condition
  • Easy to fold
  • 3 timer settings
  • 5 swing speeds


  • A floor swing

7. Best Infant Swing for Small Spaces – Fisher Price Sweet Snugapuppy

small baby swings for small spaces

If you search the best baby swing on the market, I am sure this product is the most frequently seen on each list. It looks adorable, functions well and also charges reasonable. There is basically no reason to skip this into your want-to-buy list.

Compared with all the other baby swings we have recommended before, it can be a bit larger, all for its supporting legs. To guarantee the stability of baby gear, Fisher Price habitually adopts the wide open legs, which stabilize the unit no matter for the front to toe movement or side to side one. But do not worry, it is still far smaller than other types of full size machines, which means, the small apartment can also use it.

There is nothing special on its functions, all for the basic needs. It includes multiple inserted music, two recline positions, 6 swing speeds and attractive mobile. However, the brilliant quality level and super cute design makes it well worth the price!


  • Machine washable fabric
  • Head support and body support inserted
  • Plug power
  • Calming music
  • Mirrored doom
  • customizable swing motions


  • Needs assembly

8. Small Swing – Graco Glider Lite Finch Swing

small portable baby swing

The shape of the swing is quite the same as a cot, or a bassinet, anyway, it looks warm and cozy. The structure of the swing is also simple, with several steel legs surrounded around the soft seat. However, because of the round design on the arms, it lacks of the foldable function.

The maximum weight limit it carries is 25 pounds. Even if it unfolds, the lightweight design also enables you to put it in the car for outdoor or travel use. The best thing of it is durable power source available, you can use batteries or plug in at home.

The toy bar ahead the swing is detachable. When the baby gets fussy, you can put it on for attracting baby’s attention, and remove it away once the baby gets into the dreamland. The bright color of teal balances with soft grey, making it appealing for both baby girl and baby boy.


  • 6 gliding speeds
  • 10 melodies and 5 nature sounds
  • Plug in or batteries
  • Cheap price
  • Roomy seat
  • Easy to clean fabric


  • Not foldable

9. Small Portable Baby Swing – Ingenuity Hugs & Hoots Swing

best baby swing for small apartment

There is nothing more convenient to take a baby gear for outdoor traveling, for it frees your hands on hugging babies all day long. In such conditions, this portable baby swing can be your best helper. Even for residential use, its small shape saves a large amount of floor area for you.

Like all the other portable types, this swing is powered by battery only. The expense on the battery can be an annoying thing, thus it is equipped with Hybrid rive technology, that prolongs the battery’s life 3 times longer than normal types. Of course, the best way to save energy is to turn off the unit once you stop using it.

On the control panel, you can see different buttons controlling music, vibration and swing motions; Among them, there is one button set for timer. From 30, 45 to 60 minutes, you can choose the suitable timer to help stop it automatically for you.


  • 5 swing speeds
  • 8 melodies and 3 nature sounds
  • Super quiet working condition
  • Volume control
  • Easy to clean seat pad
  • Slim fold design


  • Only battery operated

10. Best Portable Small Baby Swing – Bright Starts Whimsical Wild Swing

small swing

If you are looking for the cheapest baby swing for small spaces use, this is the best option. It costs around $50, when you luckily buy it in discount seasons, you may need to take only 40 dollars to get a good performance baby swing!

It looks quite the same as the Ingenuity baby swings, but is more lively and active in colors. The mixture of bright colors such as yellow, orange, with dark one like gray, makes it super attractive to babies. Now get back to its shape, small, portable, compact, etc.. Anyway, it is the best baby swing for small spaces in its price level.

There is head support that comes with the machine, it is soft and detachable. However, most complain that it is too thin for the newborn baby to use. If so, you may take it down and replace with a thicker one. Besides, all the fabric on the unit is detachable and machine washable. (I know How tiring it can be to wash baby stuff all day long…)


  • 2 position recline
  • 2 cute hanging toys
  • Special protects on 5 point harness
  • Easy to adjust swing speeds
  • Smooth and quiet working condition
  • Built-in timer to save battery life


  • No plug in options

11. 4 in 1 Baby Swing for Small Apartment – Graco Abbington Soothing System

small baby swing

This full size baby swing is a bit strange in shape, it looks a bit like a wheelchair on the first sight. Actually, its supporting structure is what features the most. There is a test comparing the space it occupied with those of other full size baby swings, and the data shows that it saves 30% less space than normal types. And it is the reason why it appears in this review.

The brillinat thing I like most about the machine is its multiple functions. Name as an infant swing, it combines the function of a bassinet, glider and a removable bouncer together. In other words, it is a truely 4 in 1 baby gear.

The gliding swing offers 6 swing speeds, multiple soothing music and 2 recline positions; the gliding bassinet offers a flat yet comfortable place to take a short nap, with canopy blocking bright sunlight. A portable bouncer, of course, offers different entertainment with vibrations.


  • 4 in 1 baby swing
  • Plush and comfortable body support
  • Removable canopy
  • 5 point harness
  • Timer mode to save battery life
  • 10 music and 5 soothing sounds
  • 6 gliding speeds


  • Assembly required

12. Best Baby Swing for Small Apartment – Ingenuity Boutique Bella Teddy Collection Swing

baby cribs for small spaces

Having a short budget? Then you may consider this type, it costs no more than $100, but values as much as those full size types. After viewing so many portable baby swings, this one is espeically suitable for baby boy use. The dark grey colors also make it dust resistance. (For a newborn baby who produces a mess in a minute, the dark color can always be a wise choice.)

All together two toys are hanging on the top toy bar. When baby grows large enough, he can reach the toy by his hands easily, which also exercise the infant’s arm strength. It is detachable and movable; when placing the baby in or out, you can remove it away so that it does not get in the way.

Even for the portable swing, there is high technology adopted. The True Speed Technology enables to balance the speed with baby’s growing weight. What’s more, in the movement of the swing, you can hardly hear the loud noise. The working performance is super quiet and stable.


  • 5 swing speeds
  • 8 sounds and 3 nature sounds
  • Detachable toy bar
  • Easy to fold up
  • Large button for easy operation
  • 3 timer setting for prolong battery life


  • No plug in option

13. Best Small Baby Swing – Ingenuity ConvertMe Swing

cribs for small spaces

Don’t get fooled by its small size. Compact in shape, it is highly functional. There are multiple music inserted, slight vibration and 5 point harness, as those of full size swings. However, it is more space saving; when folding it up, it becomes a portable gear for travel and outdoor use.

The most annoying things on most baby swings on the market is the loud noise. Being the most popular product in Ingenuity, this model optimizes its working process and results in completely quiet in working.

Cheap price, brilliant performance, all its wonderful design pushes you to get it. However, the only cons it gets is for battery operation. It lacks plug in option. Though the Hybridrive technology prolongs the battery life to 3 times, it still needs regular changes. Thus, remember to turn it off after using, or use the timer to help you.


  • 5 point harness
  • Foldable
  • Long battery life
  • 5 swing speeds
  • Extra quiet motor
  • Gentle soothing vibration


  • Battery operated only

14. Baby Glider Swing for Small Spaces – Graco Rascal Dream Glider Swing

baby swing for small spaces

For this model, I would rather call it a cot rather than a swing, for once you change its position recline, you get a flat bassinet for baby to get a small nap. As for its brilliant performance in space saving, it has supporting legs gathering all the power in the middle, instead of stretching out like most full size types. That is why it is a suitable one for small apartment use.

There are three positions reclines you may adjust, each for different purposes. The operation of it is also easy, it takes only one hand to finish in no more than 5 seconds. The mesh fabric on the side of the swing brings breathable fresh air, especially in summer use.

It features two speed vibrations, controlled by batteries. The other functions, such as 10 melodies and 6 gliding speeds are mainly powered by plug in. The timer mode helps you to get rid of the trouble of constantly changing batteries.


  • 6 gliding speeds
  • 10 melodies and 5 sounds
  • Built-in timer
  • 3 point harness
  • Plug in & battery
  • Perfect for a short nap


  • Assembly required

15. Best Simple Baby Swing for Small Apartment – Fisher Price Deluxe Seat

small baby swings for small spaces

This small model is a combination of a stationary baby seat and a swing. There is a belt set below the seat, once you lock it up, it becomes a peaceful seat for baby feeding; Unlock it and it is a swing that moving from front to toe in certain speeds. Like all the other models, it has 6 swing speeds, from fast to slow, to meet baby’s preference.

Seeing its structure and it’s not hard to guess how portable it can be. The toy bar serves also as a handle, making it easier to move around. And it is the best option for people always on the go, for folding it up is so convenient.

Are you still worried about the mess your baby may make? Well, the seat pad on it is removable and machine washable. There are also 10 built-in sounds and songs to help soothe your baby in fussy. But for newborn baby use, you need to put extra head support in.


  • 6 swing speeds
  • Multiple soothing sounds and songs
  • Hanging toys to attract baby’s attention
  • 2 in 1
  • Machine washable seat pad
  • 5 point harness


  • No head support
  • Battery operated only

16. Best High Chair and Baby Swing Combo for Small Spaces – Primo 2 in 1 Voyager Convertible Swing

space saving baby swing

You may have seen too much rocker and swing combo, but have you ever imagined a gear with a high chair and swing combo? Here it is. The baby high chair is a must thing for each family with babies, it provides a safe place for baby to have meals; Especially when he or she grows around 1 year old.

The bottom structure, or say the supporting part, is quite sturdy yet small. For a small apartment, you need only to empty a small area for it. The gorgeous thing about it is the large weight limit. The high chair is normally suitable for relatively big babies, like those around 6 or 7 months. Thus the maximum weight limit of it for high chair use reaches up to 40 pounds. In other words, it serves two important phases of your baby, from infant to toddler.

Converting it from high chair to baby swing is pretty simple, and it takes no more than 10 seconds. For high chair use, it has a double feeding tray that is dishwasher safe. Connect it with your phone, then you can control the swing speeds and music volume conveniently.


  • Cry Activation mode
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • High chair and swing combo
  • Engaging music
  • Adjustable swing speeds
  • Removable toy and feeding tray


  • 20 pounds weight limit for swing mode

17. Small Cradle Swing for Baby Girls – Treasure Wagging Auto Infant Swing

baby gear for small spaces

If you have a baby girl and want a long lasting cradle swing, try this one! The whole-body pink design makes it an ideal model for your beautiful baby girl use. Different from other sorts of baby swings, the swing motion of this one turns five different angles, from 10-degree, 16-degree, 20-degree, 25-degree to 30-degree. The unique angle movement makes baby feel lying in the arms of parents.

The canopy helps block bright sunlight for outdoor use, you can also replace it with toy tray, with plush toys hanging on. There are five point harness, with easy buckle design, to protect your baby from falling down.

Now let’s turn to the issue of why it is suitable for small apartment use. Look at the bottom structure, it forms a semi-circle, which balances the force brought by babies. Not only does it occupies little space, but it also avoids the embarrassment of tripping down by the legs.


  • 5 movement angles
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • 10 built-in music
  • Breathable materials
  • Multiple power options
  • Maximum weight limit: 41 pounds


  • No vibrating mode

18. Baby Bouncer For Small Spaces – Graco Duet Camila Sway LX Swing

small baby cribs for small spaces

The 2 in 1 baby swing has always been a hot pick for small apartment, for it saves both money and room for placing two baby gears seperately. This one is a combo of bouncer and swing. Surely, the bouncer is lightweight, and you can take it by your side all the time.

The structure of the swing is also compact but stable, two legs in 90-degree to balance the swing, and the center pole is set for regulating the bouncer. There are durable options on the swing motions, either from side to side or from head to toe.

3 position recline enables the baby to get the suitable and comfortable angle. And surprisingly, it carries as large as 30 pounds as its maximum weight limit; even for the bouncer, the largest weight it bears is 27 pounds, far higher than other types of swing. Therefore, if you get this product, you may find that it becomes a best friend for your baby from newborn to around 5 months old.


  • Multi-directional seat
  • 6 soothing sounds and songs
  • Multi-position recline
  • Detachable toy bar
  • Adjustable swing speeds
  • 2 in 1


  • Not easy to remove the entire swing

Features of Baby Swings for Small Apartment

The most occupying part a baby swing, particularly for a full size model, is its base. If you compare them on the market, you will find that the popular and hot selling types are normally those with wide open legs. Surely, this special design on the base help balance the force and makes it capable enough on carrying more weight.

On the other hand, the small baby swing not only compact in shape but also tiny in its base size. Indeed, most of which are portable types, that can be folded up and taken out for traveling. Perhaps they are of battery power only. However, from the review above, you will find that some of which are also full size types with multiple functions and advanced technology.

Except for saving more space, the baby swing for small spaces may be inferior to the large model on weight capacity. The maximum weight limit they carry is around 25 pounds, only some with a rocker or high chair function reach around 30 pounds or more. Therefore, to summarize, the features of them goes like:

  • Small base
  • More space-saving than full size types
  • Portable models
  • Smaller weight capacity

How to Choose?

No one would like to waste some money on a bad product, not to say the baby gears. There is a quality level to be considered, but the most important is the safety issue. However, the considerations on getting the best baby swing for small spaces goes far beyond these.

1. Check the base first

If you want to get a small baby swing that is suitable for your tiny house, then you definitely need to check the base of the swing you want. Is it wide open type, or the small compact model? If you are not sure about it, you can estimate the size you may spare, and then talk to the manufacturer for the suitable size of the swing.

2. Make sure it is sturdy enough

To some extent, the wide open legs will be more sturdy and more stable, but it is not absolutely true to every situation. Those with unique design, like Graco Abbington Soothing System, are also functional and perhaps even sturdy than normal types. Therefore, reading the reviews and get what experts recommend can help you filter and select the strong model.

3. Figure out your usage

From our review, there are both portable baby swings and full size infant swings at hands. At that moment, you need to speculate where you are going to use it frequently, for travel or just place it at home? And for the detailed comparison between portable and full size swing, you may check our previous review:

>>Comparison Between Portable and Full Size Swing

Small Baby Swing Price

The prices of baby swing vary on the types, functions, usages, and brands. However, there is no doubt that small baby swings are generally cheaper than the large or heavy duty baby swings. They cost around $100, but for some large types with compact bases, they charge a bit higher, ranging from $150 to $200, some high-end types like Mamaroo costs more than $200.

And in terms of price, you can never miss the using costs in it. The purchasing cost is only one piece of the iceberg. There are also maintaining costs, energy costs, and the overall values (reflects on its service life).

-Maintaining costs

Well, it needs little maintenance for the baby swing, but you need to clean it regularly. If it is made of plastic instead of steel, take care not to strike it with something heavy and sharp.

-Energy costs

The electricity one baby swing uses are less than other electric devices, here I mainly refer to the battery costs. If you choose a plug in type, then congratulations, you save not only your money on buying batteries, but also your energy on changing it constantly. However, if it is a battery type, then you should make sure that the battery lasts pretty long.

-Service life

Quality level and materials of the units determine their service life, the more sturdy, the more long-lasting. However, obeying the recommended instructions also affect its service life. Once your baby outgrows the maximum weight, please stop using it immediately!

Other Baby Gears for Small Spaces

Apart from baby swings, there are also many other baby gears that you may need, such as rockers, cribs, and cots. Even in a small apartment, you can have them all for they are quite portable and occupy less space for your floor. Here we will briefly introduce some baby gears for small spaces:

-Best Small Baby Rocker

1. Fisher price Infant to Toddler Rocker

baby cribs for small spaces

Maximum weight limit: 40 pounds

  • 2 recline positions
  • Machine washable seat pad
  • Slightly adjustable vibration modes
  • Easy convert from stationary seat to rocker
  • Detachable toy bar

2. Fisher Price Dark Safari Rocker

small baby rocker

Maximum weight limit: 40 pounds

  • Colorful design makes it more appealing to toddlers
  • Sturdy structure
  • Safe 3 point harness
  • Smooth vibration mode
  • Available to change from stationary position to a rocker
  • Easy to clean fabric

3. Fisher Price Rainforest Portable Rocker

best baby rocker for small apartment

Maximum weight limit: 40 pounds

  • Removable toy bar for bigger kids use
  • Foldable and portable for outdoor travel use
  • Extend frame for safe and secure
  • Calming vibration
  • Adjustable recline

-Small Baby Cribs for Small Spaces

1. Dream On Me 4 in 1 Mini Crib

small baby swing

Maximum weight limit: 40 pounds

  • Solid wood pine materials to guarantee sturdiness
  • No toxic elements
  • Easy convert to mini size
  • Features 3 positions
  • Adjustable mattress support

2. Dream On Me Violet Mini Crib

baby cribs for small spaces

Maximum weight limit: 35 pounds

  • Easily convert to a mini day bed and twin size bed
  • Sturdy and steady
  • 3 position mattress support system
  • Simple but chic design
  • High quality

3. Delta Children Folding Mini Crib

cribs for small spaces

Maximum weight limit: 40 pounds

  • Suitable for small apartment and travel use
  • 2 position mattress height
  • Foldable for storage
  • Clean and sleek design
  • Durable wood constructions

-Baby Cot for Small Spaces

1. Rakki Dolli Printing Doll Carry Cot

baby swing for small spaces

Recommended age: 3 years and up

  • Soft and breathable fabric
  • Easy to carry along for outdoor travel use
  • Multiple colors and designs can be chosen
  • Pretty lightweight
  • Adorable look

2. Kids Time Baby Travel Bed

space saving baby swing

Maximum weight limit: –

  • Breathable net for letting in the more fresh air, suitable for summer use
  • Easy to pack up in your package
  • Convenient for outdoor use
  • Soft and cozy fabric
  • Easy to clean up

3. KF Baby Kilofly Instant Pop Up Travel Bed

best infant swing for small spaces

Recommend age: baby up to 80cm(31 inches) long

  • Easy to pack up
  • Suitable for outdoor travel use
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • UV protected by the mesh canopy
  • Zippered mesh panel
  • Comes with toy hooks for hanging toys to entertain kids