The 8 Best Organic Infant Formula Reviews of 2024

New mothers always find it a challenge to choose what to give their children. After the first six months, the mother is thinking of starting weaning. The parents are always looking to introduce formulas that will support your child’s growth and development. The best organic infant formula to choose should have high nutrient composition and smooth on the baby’s digestive system.

Qick Pick on The 5 Best Organic Infant Formula

1. Best Oraganic Infant Formula – Happy Baby Organic Infant Formula

2. Best with Iron – Earth’s Best Organic Dairy Infant Powder Formula

3. Best Formula without GMO – Earth’s Best Organic Gentle Infant Powder Formula

4. Best Formula For Toddlers – Baby’s Only Dairy with DHA & ARA Toddler Formula

5. Best For Sensitive Stomach – Happy Baby Organic Stage 1 Infant Formula

Are Organic Baby Formula Better?

We usually feed our baby’s organic infant formula because we think it is healthier. Like all the other formulas out there, they are made from cow’s milk or soy. The only thing that sets them apart from the others is the absence of hormones, chemicals, and pesticides, making it safer than the non-organic ones.

Reviews of the Best Organic Infant Formula

1. Organic Baby Formula Powder – Earth’s Best Organic Dairy Infant Powder Formula

organic baby formula without dha and ara



The organic formula is very nutritious and smooth on the baby’s tummy. It is easy to digest the baby can have a normal routine and playtime after taking the formula. It is a formula that can supplement your baby’s whole food diet during the first twelve months. It is made of cow milk with lactose levels that are close to the breast milk.

There is no corn syrup; the artificial Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is extracted from water. Omega3 DHA and Omega 6 ARA are the fatty acids available in this formula. They are usually naturally available in breast milk, and its addition is to ensure it promotes the brain, central nervous system, and eye development. Iron is also present that will facilitate the generation of red blood cells that are used to transport oxygen to every body part.

The formula also contains lutein that promotes the development of vision and prebiotics that facilitate strengthening the immune system so that the baby can fight off some diseases.

It is made with organic ingredients, and prohibited GMO ingredients are not used in its production. Artificially, no artificial growth hormones are added, making it safe for your baby and enabling the child to grow naturally.


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2. Best Organic Infant Formula – Happy Baby Organic Infant Formula

baby's only organic formula ingredients



The happy baby organic infant formula is made to mimic breast milk. It is made with experts who sourced the best ingredients of organic lactose the carbohydrate found in breast milk. The formula is rich in crucial vitamins and minerals that are found in breast milk that are essential for the growth and development of the baby.

It contains four times more prebiotics compared to other infant formulas that are important in boosting the child’s immune system. The presence of GOS and FOS, fiber are as important as the prebiotics in natural breast milk.

They develop a formula that does not contain corn syrup solids, carrageenan .this is a very nutritious formula that can perfectly be used to build your baby at every stage. They have different forms of baby formula from dried yogurt, organic cereals, and toddler snacks.

The various forms under the happy family formula include probiotics cereals, teething wafers whole milk yogurt. The snack consists of plum organics, Annies, sprout, peter rabbit organics, and beechnut.


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3. Organic Non-GMO Baby Formula – Earth’s Best Organic Gentle Infant Powder Formula

organic formula without dha



The organic infant baby formula is meant to be used by babies in their first twelve months. The babies who have a sensitive stomach and are likely to diarrhea can use this formula.

It contains partially hydrolyzed whey protein that is easily digested. Include in the baby formula is omega 3 DHA that is important in brain and eye development of the baby and DHA extracted from water that supports the development of the central nervous system, brain, and vision.

It is made from cow milk, does not contain any GMO ingredients and any synthetic ingredient that might be harmful. The product is certified by the FDA as a fit to be used by children.


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4. Best Organic Baby Formula For Toddler – Baby’s Only Dairy with DHA & ARA Toddler Formula

organic liquid formula for babies



This infant formula is one of a kind. It is the first and only infant formula using organic DHA &ARA that is certified. The organic DHA and ARA are extracted from eggs phospholipid, which is essential in the development of your baby’s brain and vision.

The United States Department of Agriculture certifies it as a child’s safety. Additionally, the formula has no artificial hormones or any harmful pesticide or fertilizer. Baby’s only diary is rated among the best formula for babies.

The formula will offer your baby all the nutrients required for growth and development at every stage. They are made of dairy milk, soy, or coconut.


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5. All Natural Organic Baby Formula – Happy Baby Organic Infant Formula

formula organic baby



The Happy Baby formula is made to be like breast milk. It is made with high-quality products and organic lactose that is the carbohydrate found mostly in breast milk. Other minerals and vitamins mainly found in breast milk can be found in this product.

With four times more prebiotics compared to other organic formulas, they ensure the child’s growth and development is prioritized. As the child grows, every stage has a unique formula to provide their body needs and enjoy their growth. They develop products that can be used by babies during the first twelve months, where you can get them in snacks and meals.


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6. Organic Formula For Milk Allergy – Happy Baby Organic Stage 1 Infant Formula

organic non dairy non soy baby formula



The formula is specifically made to be used during the first twelve months after a baby is born. The product is for use by babies with sensitive stomachs. Lactose composition is reduced by 75% in the formula to reduce the effect of gas in the lactose intolerant babies.

It contains four times more prebiotics than other formulas that work as prebiotics in breast milk and promote the development of healthy gut bacteria in babies. They provide delicious and nutritious formulas that can be used at any stage of the baby’s development. They also offer various snacks and meals, including dried yogurt, baby food pouches, and organic cereals.


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7. Organic Milk Based Formula – Earth’s Best Organic Formula

organic formula without dha and ara



The formula is to be used during the first twelve months. It is easy to digest, making it suitable for your baby’s undeveloped digestive system. Additionally, the formula is ideal for babies with sensitive stomachs.

It is made of milk and sold in powder form. Lactose percentage is significantly reduced in this formula to make it easy for babies to digest. The mineral and vitamin composition are like that of breast milk. Omega 3 DHA and Omega 6 ARA are present. These fatty acids play a significant role in supporting the development of the brain and the vision. The iron mineral is present, and this aids in the generation of red blood cells for transporting oxygen.

There are no artificial sweeteners, colors added, or any other synthetic component in this baby formula.


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8. Organic Baby Food Formula – The Honest Company Organic Premium Infant Formula

baby's only organic dairy formula for infants



Honest Company Organic Premium Infant Formula is made with high-quality organic products that are certified by the United States Department of Agriculture. The formula contains DHA and ARA fatty acids that play a significant role in the development of the brain and the eye.

It is rich in nutrients and minerals such as Vitamin D3, calcium, iron, and choline. It is also made to be just like the breast milk in what it offers your growing baby. There is scientific research on this product to ensure it provides what the body needs in the growth and development of the baby. Included in the minerals are prebiotics that plays an essential role in supporting the development of the digestion system and the human immunity system.

To always get the right organic formula for your baby, you need to get a product to make your baby grow and develop naturally. You should understand what ingredients are used to make and the mineral composition. The above review can give you a little insight into what you should do.


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What Ingredients Should I Avoid in Baby Formula?

organic formula for milk allergy

Artificial DHA and ARA

These are fatty acids that are found naturally in breast milk. In the production of organic formula, the fatty acids are extracted from algae and fungus that are not safe for human use. During extraction hexane, a petroleum solvent is used and may end up in the end product that can harm the central nervous system.


This is known to be a cancer-causing substance. A child is born with it in smaller quantities. If it is present in the formula, it will build up and become dangerous to the baby.


They are substances used to increase the shelf life of a product. With a lot in the body, they build up toxins that may even affect the baby’s ability to listen and see.

Corn Maltodextrin

It is a common food additive that acts as a sweetener, mostly added to the snacks.

Hydrolyzed Whey Protein

The protein is found mostly in cow’s milk. It causes most allergies in children like diarrhea and hives.

Palm Oil

It is not easily digestible by toddles. The palm oil reacts with calcium to form soap that causes hard stools.

Why Is DHA Bad for Babies?

The babies who are born prematurely have low levels of DHA. When you have low levels of DHA, you will have a lot of health problems. Naturally occurring DHA is essential for the development of the baby’s brain, nervous system, and the eye. The synthetic DHA is extracted from algae and fungus that are deemed unsafe for humans hence not suitable for babies.

earth best organic formula where to buy

Features to Consider in Good Organic Baby Formulas


You need to research the product to find out what is used to make it. Your baby may be allergic to some ingredients that will have adverse effects on the.

Nutritional content.

The different organic toddler formulas have different nutritional composition. You should see the composition of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and fats in any formula before introducing your baby to it.

Child’s age.

Most people overlook the child’s age. You have to consider your child’s age to the formula you are about to introduce to the toddler.


Most are inherited from the parents. If you know you are allergic to something, your child may probably be allergic. You should always check to avoid any surprises of your baby getting sick.

Benefits of Organic Baby Formula

  • More nutrients.
  • It contains more fatty acids and omega-three that is needed for brain development.
  • It is made with high vitamin composition.
  • It has fewer mycotoxins.
  • It has a high percentage of gluten that promotes the child’s eyesight.
  • No GMO.
  • No organic formula contains any GMO. Some people argue that they are not safe to use, especially on children, while others think they are safe. If you believe they are unsafe, try organic formula.

Certified Organic vs. Made with Organic Ingredients

best organic baby milk formula

In the market, most people understand what organic is. The United states department of agriculture has a list of certified organic products that can be used to produce the baby formula. The natural products produced by organic farming mostly fall in the list of certified organic products and prohibiting synthetic substances.

There are four groups for certified organic products that include 100% organic, organic, made with organic and specific organic ingredients. The made with organic substance may contain over 75% of certified organic ingredients and 25% non-certified organic products. Non-organic products must not be GMO made. The made with organic statement should be specific and truthful always.

What to Keep in Mind When Buying Organic Formula


Your toddler deserves the best formula made of ingredients that are safe for the baby. It is vital to avoid formulas that have excess sugar but also avoid things like sucrose and lactose. Artificial sweeteners can cause some problems, including dental issues and metabolic disorders.

Nutrients in the formula

When you want to purchase the best organic formula, check to know what nutrients are in the formula. Some manufacturers provide natural formula with vitamin E, antioxidant, and lutein that promotes brain development of the baby. You should look out for every nutrient available in the formula you want to introduce to your baby.

Certified products.

Only buy formula baby products from a reliable source, the reputable companies that are known to produce the safest products. You may purchase a product from an uncertified company, and they end up causing significant problems to your baby’s health.

Child’s age.

Your child is always growing and will need a different formula with different nutritional needs while growing. When dealing with the organic formula, you can correctly choose the right one for your baby’s stage.

Choosing Between Organic Baby Formula Brands

Out there in the market are a lot of organic formulas to buy for your child. They offer different nutrients required by the growing baby. You have to be careful to choose the perfect formula with all the nutrients needed by the baby for growing.
The ingredients used to make different products are diverse, like those made of cow milk, soy, and wheat. A brilliant brand will be more reliable in choosing the best organic infant formula, especially those for supplementing.

Final Pick #3 Best Organic Infant Formulas Comparison Chart

Best Organic Formula For Newborns

baby's only organic formula ingredients

Best with Non-GMO 

organic formula without dha

Best Organic Formula For Milk Allergy

organic non dairy non soy baby formula

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