The 10 Best Organic Formula For Supplementing Reviews of 2024

There are many options to choose from when you actually find yourself wanting to supplement your infant’s breast milk. You have to choose one which is best and safe for your baby to drink. Here in this article, you will get the top 10 best organic formula for supplementing reviews and guides on it.

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What Is the Best Organic Formula For Supplementing on the Market?

Comparing the Best Organic Formula For Supplementing

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Reviews of the best organic formula for supplementing

1. Best Organic Formula For Supplementing – Earth’s Best Organic Dairy Infant Powder

organic newborn formula



If you are looking for a formula that has the baby’s health at heart then this is the formula for your baby. It contains lactose which is quite essential for a baby to have it in his or her system as it plays a crucial role in his or her growth and development. The source of its milk is from cows which are well fed with natural grass and grain.

It is not only great for toddlers but also for infants. Even though it has DHA its DHA is extracted from water. It has a metal smell due to the iron it has.


  • Its protein content is quite easy to digest
  • Its prebiotic level prevents the production of too much gas.
  • It has lactose.


  • Some parents will notice that the child will be reluctant to taste it because of added iron


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2. Organic Newborn Formula – Earth’s Best Organic Gentle Milk-based Infant Powder

organic baby milk powder



This was specially made for those infants with sensitive stomachs and tend to be gassy after feeding. They contain DHA and ARA which are also found in breast milk that is good for the brain and eye development. The lutein it contains is also useful in the development of your baby’s eyes. Your baby’s immunity is assured as it has prebiotics.

It has been certified USDA hence one is assured of its reliability. It has the essential nutrients which are useful in the development of your baby.


  • It is affordable in comparison with other organic formulas
  • It is readily available
  • It is quite useful in the prevention of your baby spitting up.


  • It is hard for it to dissolve in water


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3. Safest Organic Baby Formula – Baby’s Only Dairy with DNA Toddler Formula

baby's only organic infant formula



If you are looking for a baby formula that is highly rated by the USDA as being organic and also having no GMO, then this is excellent baby formula. Many parents prefer this baby formula even though it has DHA is because it has not been processed by hexane hence quite healthy. The DHA has been sourced naturally from egg yolks.

DHA is not entirely bad as it is great for the development of your baby’s body and brain. Its package container is 10% free of BPA which is also a plus side when you do decide to use it. The cow’s in which its milk has been sourced have been fed naturally and they haven’t been treated with antibiotics which are detrimental to your baby’s health. Its high-value nutrition is what your baby needs to grow healthy.


  • It is rated by many parents and organizations as being the best organic baby formula.
  • It has been certified by the USDA
  • The packaging container is 100% free from BPA
  • It does not have gluten nor GMO
  • Its DHA has been sourced and processed naturally


  • It is expensive


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4. Natural Organic Baby Formula – Happy Baby Organic Formula

similac organic formula



If you are looking for a baby formula that helps your baby to transition quite smoothly from being naturally breastfed. Its prebiotics is quite similar to those of breast milk which is what makes this formula an ideal organic formula. Prebiotics has been included in the right concentration.

It has been certified by the USDA as being an organic baby formula. It’s quite easy and simple to store and pack due to the container that is square in shape. It has DHA which is a bit controversial but just like all things it has some positive aspects like its beneficial to your child’s development.


  • It has prebiotics that resembles that of the actual breast milk
  • Contains neither corn syrup nor gluten
  • Does not have GMO


  • Its effects are different from each baby


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5. Organic Preemie Formula – Happy Baby Sensitive Prebiotics Formula

best organic formula for breastfed babies



This particular bay formula was formed so as to cater for the infants who are below 12 months for their sensitive stomachs. Those babies who are particularly fussy when they drink breast milk as the might be intolerant to lactose.

This organic formula has derived its inspiration from the actual breast milk as it contains most of the ingredients that the breast milk has. It has a high capacity of prebiotics to ensure the healthy bacteria in the gut are in good condition.


  • The manufacturer has provided for you detailed instructions manual to help you prepare and mix the formula well.
  • It has prebiotics which is good for your baby’s gut.


  •  It is expensive


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6. Healthiest Organic Baby Formula – Similac Pro Advance Newborn Formula

baby organics formula



Its ingredients are of high quality and one is assured of her baby’s immune system is boosted as it encourages the baby’s cells of immunity to produce proteins that are meant to protect the baby. Another good side of this particular baby formula is that the manufacturer did not include any artificial growth hormones into it which are quite detrimental to your child’s health.

One is definitely assured of this brand as many hospitals use it as their baby formula. It’s ideal for those babies with sensitive stomachs. Its oligosaccharides actually have a great resemblance to that of the actual breast milk than ever witnessed in any baby formula.

Your baby’s brain and the eye will develop quite fast as it has the ingredients to ensure it happens. This ingredient include-: DHA and Vitamin E. another good thing about it is that it has more powder capacity than any other standard sized container of baby formula.


  • The manufacturer chose to eliminate any artificial growth hormones
  • It is great on reducing the bad side effects that a baby towards any other baby formula
  • Its characteristics are quite similar to the real breast milk


  • It is expensive


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7. Best Organic Non Dairy Formula – Similac Pro Sensitive Formula with Immune Support

organic soy formula



If you are looking for a baby formula that is great for treating the discomfort that is caused by too much gas production then this is the one for you. However, there is a catch as it is only meant for babies below the age of one year. It is also good at treating the action of babies spitting up.

It is amazing for those babies with sensitive stomachs as the name suggests. Features optiGro nutrients which include lutein, vitamin E and DHA, this formula helps improve the development of the babies’ eye and brain development. It is also available in two forms in powder and liquid form. There are different sizes to cater to whatever needs you started using it for. Furthermore, it has the milk protein isolate which helps to reduce the sensitive reactions that might occur as a result of consuming lactose.


  • They are convenient to use especially the one in liquid form.
  • It is available in two forms.
  • The manufacturer has provided instructions to help you in preparing the formula
  • It is ideal and gentle with sensitive stomachs.


  • Some children might find their taste and smell quite bad.


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8. Organic Formula For Brestfed Babies – Enfamil Enspire Infant Formula

organic milk for babies



The Enfamil enspire is what I would highly recommend when getting started with supplementing your breast milk, this is because it has probiotics and prebiotics which are similar to those of the actual breast milk. Its other ingredients are quite essential in a baby’s health but yet is quite hard to find a formula that has them.

Unlike many other baby formulas, this one has lactose to provide for its sweeteners. Its ingredients are quite easy to digest hence the reason why there are no complaints of babies being extra gassy after consuming it. It has MFGM which is a nutrient that is quite prevalent in the colostrum and it is beneficial in ensuring that there is consistency in stool production.


  • It does not have artificial sweeteners which are quite unhealthy for your baby to consume
  • It has probiotics that resemble that of the actual breast milk.
  • It does not have GMO
  • It is quite easy to mix


  • A bit high on price


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9. Organic Breast Milk Supplement – Enfamil Neutropro Brain Building Gentlease Formula

enfamil organic



This baby formula is great for infants who have just been introduced to organic supplementary breastfeeding. It contains DHA which is of great assistance in the development of your child’s brain.

This particular baby formula is quite similar to that of the actual breast milk as it combines both MFGM and DHA which has been proven clinically to have a positive impact on your baby’s cognitive development. Its protein, vitamins and mineral content is quite easy to digest and is great for your baby’s immunity.


  • This formula mixes pretty well and its feel isn’t grainy.
  • It does not smell bad hence your baby will not be reluctant to consume it.
  • It is good for your baby’s immunity
  • Its tub can be reused as it is so easy to wash it.


  • It is expensive


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10. Organic Formula Milk For Newborn – Similac Advance Infant Formula

top organic baby formula



This baby formula is one of the best baby formulas out there. It is good for your infant due to the nutritious ingredients it has as they have well combined to form a well-balanced formula. It was formed in such a way that the baby will not have trouble drinking because its density resembles that of the actual breast milk despite the fact that is in powder form.

One is assured of its quality as many hospitals prefer to use this milk to feed the infants. The ingredient Optigro is of great assistance in the development of your baby’s eyes and brain.


  • There have been no reports on children experiencing allergic reactions as a result of consuming it.
  • The iron contains assists in the prevention of gas and constipation.
  • its creates no mess


  • It is expensive


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All these organic formulas ensure that your child’s bones and muscles are well developed hence why should consider using them.

What Should You Know About Choosing Supplement Breastfeeding?

organic formula milk for newborn

Age of your baby

One of the first things you definitely have to consider is the age of your baby. This is because if your child is premature then you have to know that their stomach is pretty much sensitive. Also, young infants can experience the reflux of acid hence you have to be careful when choosing a formula as these babies need a specialized formula to cater to their sensitive stomachs.

Your type’s preference

There are three types of formulas and these are powdered, concentrated, and premixed. The powdered one requires a lot of your time to prepare it but it’s quite affordable. The concentrated formulas are usually higher in the scale of price

The numbers of times for breastfeeding

You also have to be mentally prepared to change at any time the formula you chose as some might cause excessive gas in your child’s stomach for days on end hence pushing you to choose another one. Another thing to keep in mind is that when you decide to supplement your breastfeeding then the number of times you breastfeed will have to reduce so as to the chances of you developing mastitis and the clogging of your milk ducts.

However, it is important to remember not to entirely stop breastfeeding your child as there are some nutrients in your breast milk that aren’t available in the formulas.

Using bottle or not

If your baby is less than one month then it is important to introduce the bottle when he at least turns one month. But if they have surpasses this age, then it is important to introduce the bottle as soon as possible so as to prevent the occurrence of your baby rejecting the bottle. A mother has to ensure that they stay loyal to one brand one they have established that the baby is ok with it.

One has to seek a pediatrician’s output once they find out that the formula they have chosen is bringing up some digestive problems, moreover, you have to do due diligence and also research from different platforms and also mothers who have used breastfeeding formula before.

Things to Consider in Getting the Best Organic Formula For Supplementing

Organic formulas are expensive hence if one can afford it, there are many options to choose from. The factors to consider when choosing an organic formula for supplementing your breastfeeding are:

organic liquid formula

A. Availability

This is quite an important factor as one is usually advised not to keep on changing the baby formula as it could mess up your baby’s digestion hence the need of making sure the formula you have chosen for your baby is usually readily available

B. The iron content

This factor usually applies most to babies who are not at all breastfed hence the importance of choosing an organic formula that has iron in it as it is an essential nutrient for your baby’s growth.

C. Allergies

It is important to check on your family’s history before you decide on which organic formula to use as babies tend to inherit some allergies.

D. Reading the label

Before settling on an organic formula you need to read and understand the label and its ingredients and what you would consider as healthy ingredients that your baby might benefit from.

E. Age of your baby

This is such a critical factor as babies who are under 6 months is advisable to give them a formula that is ready to use and the protein content is usually lower than that of babies between the ages of 6-12 months.

F. The weight of your baby

This is usually important in cases where you have given birth to premature babies or twins as they tend to have a lower weight but also one needs to be careful not to cause the babies to be obese.

G. The forms of organic formula

These are powder which is considered economical but not right for babies under 6 months of age and it is ready to use the formula which is a bit expensive but great for babies under the age of 6 months.

H. Ingredients

After taking into consideration your baby’s age and weight then it is important to match these two factors with the ingredients. Some ingredients such as DHA are a bit controversial hence the need to seek professional help if you are a bit unsure if they are good for your baby.

Top 3 Best Organic Formula For Supplementing