Top 10 Best Rated Formula for Newborns Reviews

The infant baby formula market is flooded with different brands. There are many choices, and choosing the right one can be a challenge. You should be keen when buying infant formulas since they dictate the health of your baby. Here we offer the 10 best rated formula for newborns to use in meeting different kinds of babies.

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What Is the Best Rated Formula For Newborns?

Quick Pick on the 10 Best Rated Formula For Newborns

Reviews of the Best Rated Formula For Newborns

#1. Best Rated Formula For Newborns – Enfamil NeuroPro Brain Building Ready to Feed Baby Formula Milk

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Enfamil is a reputable brand in the infant formula market. The carton contains 24 bottles ( 2 ounces each) of ready to feed infant milk. It has a fat protein blend of Omega 3 DHA and MFGM, an ingredient found in breast milk.

MFGM is an essential ingredient that facilitates cognitive development, just like breast milk. Enfamil milk also provides the required nutrition to the brain. It’s a complete nutrient for babies less than a year and contains easy to digest proteins.

The formula comprises probiotics for immune support. The ingredients of the formula are natural and not genetically engineered.


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#2. Formula Milk For Newborn Baby – Similac Pro-Advance Newborn Formula

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Similac Pro Advance is a unique formula since it contains oligosaccharide, an ingredient that can only be found in human milk. Note that this ingredient is not from human milk. Although it’s not similar to human milk, the formula is much closer to it.

Similac is the number one brand that doesn’t have artificial growth hormones. The formula reduces fussiness, spit-up, and gassiness in babies.


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#3. Most Gentle Formula For Newborns – Similac Pro-sensitive Immune Support Infant Formula

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Similac Pro-Sensitive is the best formula for babies with sensitive stomachs. It’s ideal for infants who are lactose intolerant, especially for babies who experience gassiness and fussiness. The formula doesn’t contain any artificial growth hormones.

The brand is one of the leading in the market and is preferred by moms and hospitals. The formula contains special nutrients for eye and brain development. It has an exclusive blend of Vitamin E, DHA, and Lutein, which are found in breast milk. The formula supports the overall growth and development of the baby.


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#4. Best Organic Newborn Formula – Earth’s Best Organic Dairy Infant Formula with Iron

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This organic formula is nutritionally complete and easy to digest. It’s perfect for babies with less than 12 months. The formula is lactose based and is one of the closest formulas to breast milk. The formula comes in powder form and doesn’t contain added corn syrup.

The Omega 6 ARA and Omega 3 DHA found in breast milk are present in the formula. These fatty acids support eye and brain development. The high levels of iron in the formula support healthy development.

The organic formula has prebiotics for immunity and lutein for eyes. It’s made from natural ingredients that can have long-term effects on your baby’s health.


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#5. Best Formula For Newborn Breastfed Babies – Enfamil NeuroPro Easy to Digest Infant Formula

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This powdery formula is effective in building your baby’s brain. The formula replicates breast milk and is recommended by pediatricians. Enfamil NeuroPro has a fat protein blend of Omega 3 DHA and MFGM found in breast milk.

Clinical studies have shown that MFGM facilitates cognitive development like breast milk. The formula provides complete nutrition for infants below one year and contains DHA and Choline. The ingredients are easy to digest, supports brain development, and contain probiotics for immune support.

The milk doesn’t contain GMO ingredients and is composed of high iron levels.


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#6. Best Liquid Formula or Newborns – Similac Alimentum Hypoallergenic Infant Formula

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This ready-to-feed formula comes in 48 bottles, each weighing 2 ounces. The formula is hypoallergenic and can reduce frequent crying caused by protein sensitivity. The formula is lactose-free and contains hydrolyzed proteins, making it easy for children with food allergies to digest.

Besides, the formula contains ARA and DHA, ingredients found in breast milk. The nutrients support eye and brain development. Similac is recommended by pediatricians and doesn’t contain any chemicals.


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#7. Baby’s Only Formula For Newborns – BesHappy Baby Organic After Breast Milk Infant Formula

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The Happy Baby Formula replicates breast milk and is made with premium ingredients. The formula contains lactose, the main carbohydrate in breast milk. It offers key minerals and vitamins found in breast milk.

This formula contains prebiotics that boosts healthy bacteria in the gut, however, it doesn’t have carrageenan or any other corn syrup. The formula is not only delicious but organic too.

Happy Baby is a renowned manufacturer of baby foods and is recommended by many pediatricians. The ingredients are derived from natural products and don’t contain any GMO components.

This formula contains iron, vitamin D, ARA, DHA, calcium, and choline. These nutrients are essential for the growth and development of a child.


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#8. Best Kind of Formula For Newborns –  Similac Advance Formula For 12 Month+

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Similac doesn’t contain any artificial growth hormones, making it different from other formulas. The formula is nutritionally complete and is perfect for the first 12 months. The ingredients are selected carefully, with the health of the baby in mind.

The formula features an exclusive blend of Lutein, Vitamin E, and DHA, which occur naturally in breast milk. The ingredients are essential for eye and brain development. Pediatricians recommend Similac. The high iron levels promote the health of the baby.


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#9. Best Powder Formula For Newborns – Similac Pro-Advance Non-GMO HMO Infant Formula for Brain Building

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The formula focuses on immune support and development of the baby. It doesn’t contain artificial growth hormones. The formula is ideal for infants that have delicate stomachs.

It reduces spit-up, fussiness, and gassiness in one day and is trusted by many moms.

Vitamin E, Lutein, and DHA are essential for eye and brain development. The formula doesn’t contain any GMO ingredients. The high levels of iron protect the baby from conditions such as anemia.


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#10. Top Newborn Formula – Similac Pro-Total Formula without Artificial Hormones

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Like other Similac products, the Pro-Total formula has hydrolyzed proteins for easy digestion. It contains prebiotics that boosts immunity and is gentle on the baby’s stomach. Infants with sensitive tummies should use the formula.

Also, the brand reduces gassiness, fussiness, and excessive crying. Therefore, you can feed the child this formula without worries. The Similac brand is trusted since it contains carefully selected high-quality ingredients.

The formula is composed of nutrients such as Lutein and DHA for brain and eye development. This formula should not be given to babies with galactosemia.


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How to Pick the Best Rated Formula For Newborns

Babies have different needs and preferences, and you have to choose the right formula. The following tips will narrow down your search for the best formula.

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Consult a pediatrician

A pediatrician can recommend the right formula type for the baby. He/she understands the ingredients of different baby formulas and the allergic reactions they may cause. Therefore, ensure that you book an appointment with one and ask all the questions that torture your mind.

Consider your baby’s allergies

Does your baby have any dietary restrictions? Baby formulas are made from different ingredients, and some may cause allergic reactions.

There are special formulas that are suitable for babies with dietary restrictions. Ask your doctor if the baby requires special formulas.

Is the formula iron-fortified?

The AAP recommends that you use iron-fortified baby formula, especially under the age of one.

Features of Good Formulas For Newborns

Standard baby formulas are based on cow milk. However, there are numerous special formulas, such as lactose-free formulas for infants that can’t digest lactose. Also, there are protein-hydrolysate formulas for newborns who have soy or cow’s milk allergy.

Also, some formulas reduce diarrhea, gas, fussiness, spit-up, and colic. Others are specially created for low-birth-weight and pre-term babies. Seek advice from your pediatrician on what to feed your newborn. Avoid switching formulas every time your child develops complications.

Other features that good infant formula should have include:

the best baby formula milk for newborn


Most baby formula brands have arachidonic acid (ARA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). These synthesized versions of these essential fatty acids can be found in breast milk. ARA and DHA are necessary for a baby formula since they boost brain development and eye health. Note that these fatty acids are not the same as the ones found in breast milk. This is because breast milk has multiple components that are hard to replicate.


Iron is vital in a baby formula since it prevents anemia. Therefore, every formula that you purchase should contain iron unless your child is allergic to iron. Note that formulas with low iron levels may increase your baby’s risk of iron-deficiency. Therefore, check on the iron levels of the formula for purchasing it.

Prebiotic and probiotic

Probiotic is an essential bacteria that are found in the gut. The bacteria facilitate the breakdown of medicine and food to prevent harmful bacteria. Experts say that infants suffering from diarrhea or are on antibiotics may feel better when they are given formulas with probiotics.

A serving should have more than 100 million live cultures for the probiotics to be effective. Note that a probiotic formula is not necessary if you breastfeed your baby because breast milk contains natural probiotics.

Prebiotics, on the other hand, support and stimulate the growth of friendly bacteria in the gut. Prebiotics can be found in different foods like fruits and vegetables.

Guide to Buying the Best Formula For Newborns

There are numerous options out there when it comes to baby formulas. Below are the considerations to put in mind when purchasing infant milk.

1. Cow milk or soy source?

Soy milk is gaining popularity, but for an infant, you should start cow-milk-based formulas. Most newborns tolerate formulas made from cow milk. Also, cow milk contains components that can help sick babies, especially the ones that have digestive problems.

However, there are some scenarios when you might be forced to use soy milk formula. For instance, if your baby doesn’t respond to cow’s milk-based formulas or causes rashes or any other effects, it might wise to switch to soy milk. However, only use soy milk if your newborn is allergic to cow’s milk.

2. Brand

Babies are delicate and vulnerable to allergies and health issues that arise from their diet. Therefore, you should only buy formulas from reputable brands. Generic formulas might have the same ingredients as brand-name formula but are not the same. Some brands don’t research their products.

3. Don’t spend too much on organic formulas

Regular and organic formulas don’t have a big difference. Therefore, you can balance between organic and regular formulas to save money.

4. Add-in is not harmful

Breast milk has high iron levels, an important ingredient for a child’s growth. Most baby formulas have iron as an ingredient. Ensure that you buy formulas with high iron content, unless the doctor suggests otherwise. Other add-ins include fatty acids, ARA and DHA.

5. The baby’s age

Formulas have different mineral and vitamin content. Therefore, you should buy formulas that are ideal for your child’s age bracket.

Types of Newborn Baby Formula

There are three main types of infant formulas. They include:

best infant formula for newborn

Cow milk protein-based formulas

The majority of infant formulas have cow milk as their base. Note that the milk has been altered to resemble breast milk. The formula is easy to digest and has a nutritional balance. Most infants are comfortable with cow-milk formula, except ones that are allergic to the proteins in the milk.

Soy-based formulas

These formulas are suitable for babies that are lactose intolerant. Also, some parents don’t want to feed animal proteins to their babies. However, you should note that some babies are allergic to both soy milk and cow milk.

Protein hydrolysate formulas

These formula are ideal for babies who can’t tolerate soy or cow’s milk-based proteins. This formula contains proteins that have been broken down extensively.

There are special formulas that are ideal for premature babies or infants with specific health issues.

When Should a Baby Use Formula?

For breastfeeding mothers, a baby should be introduced to formula after a month. You should transition to formula gradually to help the child adjust to bottles. Also, there are some scenarios where you are forced to start feeding formulas to your baby from birth. Try to come up with a feeding plan for your baby.


Baby formulas are essential in the growth and development of a baby. However, you should be careful when buying the formulas since babies react faster to dietary products. The above formulas are the best and most trusted in the market.


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