Top 9 Best Baby Formula for Babies Reviews – Natural Safe Formula to Take Care of Your Newborns

It is a well-known fact that the best supply of nutrition for babies is breast milk. But there are times when breast milk might not be available due to one reason or the other. It is at this point that the formula milk feed comes in as a solution. Although it does not necessarily replace breast milk, it serves as a substitute in those cases. So, even if you are giving your baby just formula milk feed or combining it with breast milk, you have to give your baby the best to ensure good growth. There are a lot of varieties to choose from, so choosing the best baby formula for babies can be a daunting task.

What Is the Best Baby Formula For Babies on the Market?

Comparing the Best Baby Formula For Babies

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Features to Consider in Getting Best Baby Formula For Babies

When looking to get the baby formula, getting the one with the right nutritional needs is ideal. Below are some of the features you should consider when buying baby formula.

baby's only organic infant formula

1. Nutritional Content

During the first six months of your baby’s life, you should be careful about the nutritional content that is being administered. For example, your baby should be given a formula feed with the right amount of protein to avoid problems. Also, the formula should be one that gives the right amount of carbohydrate to offer enough energy and maintain a healthy body weight.

2. Forms

Baby formula doesn’t come in only one form. There are a variety of brands that have been authorized as they meet the required standards. Baby formula has two different forms. The first one is ready to use formula, which is recommended for babies below 6 months old. While the second is the powder form, which needs to be mixed with water is and for babies above 6 months old.

3. Financial Status

This is also an important feature to consider as baby formulas are not necessarily cheap, so you should know your financial capability before opting for a particular brand of baby formula. Homemade baby formula is what most people opt for as it is the most economical.

4. Birth weight of your child

Sometimes children weigh less than 2.5kg at birth, which is considered to be low birth weight. So, a diet packed with the right nutrition is what that child needs to grow steadily. But, you should endeavor to be cautious when feeding your child as excess could lead to obesity.

5. Iron Fortified

If you have no intention of giving your child breast milk at all, then you should consider this feature. Babies that are not being breastfed should take formulas fortified with Iron until they are at least one year old.

6. Allergies

Most allergies are genetic. So if there are cases of allergies in your family, then your baby is most likely to have those allergies. In this case, you could opt for a hydrolyzed formula.

Best Baby Formula For Babies Reviews

1. Best Baby Formula For Babies – Similac Pro Advance Non-GMO Infant Formula with Iron

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This formula is regarded as the number one choice by most mothers and it is also widely used in most hospitals. It is ideal as it helps to support the growth and development of your child because of its exceptional nutritional content. You can also opt for the soy mixture of this formula is your baby is lactose intolerant or has allergies. This formula comes with 2’-FL HMO, which is a boosting probiotic that is only present in breast milk. So this formula comes very close to replicating the nutritional content that is found in breast milk.

The Similac Pro Advance formula has very healthy DHA, Lutein, and Vitamin E levels, which helps to improve eye, bone, and brain development. It doesn’t contain any growth hormone and all the ingredients used in making this formula have excellent nutritional values. The early stages of a baby’s life are the most critical when it comes to development, so you have to ensure that they develop a strong immune system by giving them the best formulas with the right ingredients. You can get this formula in the powder or ready to use form.


  • Non-GMO formula
  • Recommended by doctors


  • Slight odor


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2. Best Baby Formula For Breastfed Babies – Similac Advance Infant Formula with Iron

baby's only formula



This is another popular baby formula from Similac as it is also widely used by a lot of parents. Although they are a lot of great ingredients, there is still a possibility of gas and vomiting. This advanced formula by Similac was created with its OptiGRO blend of nutrients.

Most hospitals use this formula to feed even their smallest patients because of the exceptional nutritional content it contains. It has long been established that breast milk is the healthiest choice for a baby, but sometimes there might be complications with breastfeeding. This is why Similac made it their mission to make a formula that comes so close to breast milk as any powdered formula could get.

The OptiGRO is the number one selling factor of the Similac Advance formula, but there are a lot of different ingredients that also make it a top choice baby formula. For one, this formula contains high levels of iron, which will help prevent your baby from becoming anemic and weak. It does not contain sans sugar.


  • Ensures that your baby is healthy thanks to OptiGRO
  • Comes close to replicating breast milk
  • No added sugar


  • It may stain clothes


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3. Best Organic Baby Formula – Earth’s Best Organic Dairy Infant Powder Formula with Iron

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This is an organic dairy formula that also comes close to replicating the nutritional value of breast milk. The formula contains enough iron that helps to develop red blood cells. It also contains DHA and ARA, which are two fatty acids present in breast milk and help to boost eye and brain health. It also contains lutein for eyes and prebiotic fiber that aids immunity, which is why this formula is an ideal solution for your baby.

It is a formula that is very easy to digest and contains superb nutritional content that gets your child through the first twelve months. These nutritional contents include lactose for protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins, which ensures your baby gets all the nutrients needed to grow healthy.

The Earth’s Best Organic Dairy Infant Formula with Iron is USDA organic, which means it does not contain growth hormones, fertilizers, antibiotics, pesticides, or steroids. Most parents that have used this formula for their babies have testified that it tastes pretty close to breast milk.


  • It has a taste that is close to breast milk
  • It does not have a nasty iron taste


  • It is a little bit hard to mix


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4. Natural Baby Formula – Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease Baby Formula

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Enfamil’s NeuroPro line is one that is known to be backed by a lot of research on baby milk and in-depth studies that surround its brain-building nutritional values. This formula contains a milk fat globule membrane, which is a 3-layered membrane that formerly found only in breast milk and it is also ideal in supporting brain development.

This formula also contains proteins, DHA, and baby probiotics, which ensures that your baby has a strong immune system. It is also easy to digest and it lessens the probability of gas, colic, and fussiness. It also has the complete nutritional content that is sufficient to get your child through the first twelve months.

The Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease formula is one that is recommended for gassy or fussy babies because it lessens the problem after 24 hours of using it. This formula is ideal when you want to supplement breast milk with formula, or when you decide to switch to only formula.


  • Easy to digest organic formula
  • Reduced lactose milk-based powder formulation
  • MFGM which aids in brain development


  • Might not be available in all stores around you


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5. All Natural Baby Formula – Enfamil Gentlease Sensitive Baby Formula

healthiest baby formula



This is another superb baby formula created by Enfamil that is guaranteed to give your baby the needed nutrients for healthy growth and development. With this exceptional formula for babies, you can take care of baby feeding problems like gas, cry, and fussiness in just 24 hours.

This formula is also made with a protein blend that is very easy to digest as it has been partially broken to make it gentle on your baby’s stomach. Parents worldwide have only positive things to say about the gentleness of this formula on their baby’s stomachs, even babies that have sensitive stomachs. It is also created to contain vital nutrients like choline and DHA, to aid in cognitive development.

This formula is a product of years of research on breast milk and its brain building power by Enfamil, and it has been modified to ensure that your baby doesn’t lack any of the nutritional content needed to get through the first twelve months. Its distinctive Triple Health Guard blend contains up to 30 nutrients for growth, and a probiotics blend for immune support.


  • Very gentle on babies’ stomachs
  • Eases feeding issues like gas and fussiness


  • Gets bad quickly after preparation


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6. Safest Baby Formula – Happy Baby Organic Infant Formula

healthy baby formula



The Happy Baby Organic Infant Formula is a brand you would opt for and not be disappointed as they make high-quality organic foods for babies. It has superb taste and contains excellent ingredients. It is created by a company that is founded and run by fellow moms. So, they know a lot about breast milk, what is in it and most especially what it tastes like. This is why this formula also comes very close to replicating the taste and nutritional content in breast milk. This is a healthy baby formula that is made using cow’s milk which supplies lactose, organic whey protein, and organic casein for protein. It contains ARA and DHA, lots of vitamins and minerals, which are the essential nutrients that are found in breast milk.

The Happy Baby Organic Infant Formula is non-GMO and it does not contain corn syrup solids or sweeteners. This is one of the reasons why it is a top choice baby formula and also aids in the ease of digestion. It also contains GOS and FOS, which are prebiotics that helps to reduce tummy troubles and gas.


  • Non-GMO product
  • Easy to digest
  • Has exceptional nutritional value


  • It is relatively expensive


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7. Organic Non Dairy Baby Formula – Baby’s Only Dairy with DHA & ARA Toddler Formula

best baby formula for newborns



When looking to get a good formula for your baby, you should consider going for Baby’s Only Dairy Formula as it is well fortified to ensure healthy development. This formula contains the right amount of protein and essential fats that are found in breast milk to ensure stable growth. It is fortified with enough nutrients to healthily get your child through the first year.

If your baby is lactose intolerant, then it is also advisable that you use this formula as it is perfect for lactose sensitivities. It also contains choline and organic DHA which aids in eye and brain development. It is fortified with organic lutein for eyes, carbohydrate and protein content similar to breast milk.

The Baby’s Only Dairy formula is designed to help every child thrive in their early stages. So, if your child is having feeding issues, food sensitivities, or requires supplemental calories, you can opt for Baby’s only organic formulas as they are well poised to keep your baby on the right nutritional track. It is non-GMO, which ensures that it is easy to digest.


  • Fortified with Iron
  • Non-GMO
  • No corn syrup added


  • It is a bit expensive


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8. Organic Hypoallergenic Baby Formula – Enfagrow Premium Toddler Transitions Baby Formula

best formula milk for newborn baby



Enfagrow premium toddler transitions formula is ideal if you want to supplement breast milk with formula or if you are deciding to transition fully to only formula feeding. This nutrient-rich formula contains 17mg of DHA in every 100 calories, which ensures that rapid brain development is sufficiently aided.

DHA is a brain-building omega-3 fatty acid and it must be present in a baby’s formula because most of the brain growth of your baby happens in the first three years. It has an exclusive blend of vitamins and prebiotics which helps to support your baby’s immune system. The Enfagrow premium toddler transitions formula is made with ingredients that are not genetically engineered.

The Enfagrow premium toddler transitions formula is specially designed to help your baby transition into toddlerhood with no hassle and also at 25% less than the cost of an Enfamil premium infant formula. It comes with a Triple Health Guard blend, 30 nutrients for growth, and an exclusive prebiotic blend. It is non-GMO and it is very easy to digest.


  • It is non-GMO
  • It contains great nutritional contents
  • It keeps up with your baby’s transitioning into a toddler


  • It is a little foamy


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9. Best Organic Non GMO Baby Formula – Earth’s Best Organic Gentle Infant Formula

top baby formula



The Earth’s Best Organic Gentle Infant formula is an ideal formula to opt for if you want your baby to have the nutritional value needed to grow healthy. As your baby grows, you must make the right decisions, especially when it comes to feeding. This formula is made with partially hydrolyzed protein, which ensures that feeding issues like fussiness and gas are reduced.

This formula also contains DHA and ARA, which are the two essential fatty acids present in breast milk that help in supporting brain and eye development. It is also fortified with iron for the proper development of red blood cells. This is a superb formula as it also contains prebiotic fiber for immunity and lutein for eyes.

The Earth’s Best Organic Gentle Infant formula is well fortified to ensure that your baby gets all the nutritional content needed to grow healthily for the first twelve months. If your baby has a sensitive stomach, this formula is the right choice as it has been proven to be gentle on the most sensitive stomachs. It is non-GMO, very easy to digest, and comes so close to replicating the nutritional value of breast milk.


  • Contains DHA and ARA
  • It is easy to digest


  • A bit expensive


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Guide on Buying the Best Baby Formula

For most parents that just gave birth, there is a burning desire combined with a lot of anxiety to provide the ideal product for their baby. It is without a doubt that the benefits of breast milk are still not replaceable, but science is inching closer to replicating those benefits. Many parents are usually confused about the brand of baby formula to go for because of the wide range of options.

So, knowing the basic things about these formulas is the best place to start to ensure that your baby gets the ideal formula. Some of these formulas are manufactured to tackle certain infant problems. So, you can make your decision easier by getting all the information you need as every baby has different needs. Below are some of the necessary information about baby formulas.

best formula for supplementing breastfed baby

Formula Base

Baby formulas come in a wide range of different base ingredients, which include cow’s milk, soy milk and many more. Most babies are satisfied with a cow’s milk formula, but there are also a lot of other options that meet the needs of your baby. It is advisable not to switch between formulas too frequently. So, if your baby is reacting negatively to a brand, consult your doctor for the appropriate solution. The following are the different types of formula base.

• Cow’s milk

The most common formulation in baby formulas is cow’s milk and it includes an altered milk protein that reduces the number of spit-ups while helping your baby digest the feed. It is generally regarded as the most economical choice and it is available for pick up in most stores.

• Soy’s Milk

If you are living a vegan lifestyle, then this is the obvious choice for you. Easier digestion is ensured by breaking down the altered plant protein it contains. You can use this formula if your baby is lactose intolerant.

• Lactose-Free

If your baby is lactose intolerant or has allergy problems, then this is the type of formula you should utilize. It is relatively more expensive than the others and it is not readily available in all brands. It provides the required proteins by utilizing corn syrup instead of lactose.

• Hydrolyzed

Newborns have developing digestive systems that can be very sensitive when digesting protein. With this formula, the proteins are broken into tiny particles that make it easier for babies to digest.

• Metabolic

These type of formulas are usually prescribed by a doctor for babies that are premature or ill. They help the babies grow well by providing specifically designed enzymes, hydrolyzed proteins, and additional nutrients.

Nutritional Additives

Baby formulas are manufactured to closely replicate the nutrition that is given by breast milk. It is usually good, but most brands now are utilizing more minerals, nutrients, and probiotics to enhance the nutritional value of their formula.

Shopping Tips

It is a normal thing to want to be prepared for the arrival of your baby, but you should not invest so much in buying formulas that you haven’t tried. This is because you don’t know the particular formula that will work best for your baby. Some hospitals give out free samples, so you can take advantage of that to figure out which formula is best for your baby.

When you have gotten the formula that is ideal for your baby, then you can shop in bulk. Powder formulas don’t require refrigeration and they also have the longest shelf life. If you want to buy a whole lot of baby formulas, then ensure you check the expiration date as you don’t want to end up throwing out a significant amount of formulas.

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When Should I Buy Baby Formula?

There is no need to rush to stock up on baby formulas because there is no shortage of formulas. If you are a panicked shopper, then you will probably buy more formula than you need. It is advisable to wait until after you have given birth and your baby has tried the samples which the hospitals give out. Some formula companies also have reward programs that you sign up for and receive samples beforehand. This would help you know which formula to buy in bulk and also the ones to avoid when shopping.

Dairy Allergies and Lactose Intolerance

If your baby is reacting negatively to a formula, you might be wondering whether it’s dairy allergies or lactose intolerance. A lot of people are usually confused about what the actual problem is because both issues have similar symptoms.

Dairy Allergies

Since most infant formulas are dairy products, some babies tend to be allergic to them. The most common allergy is cows’ milk allergy. If your baby has this issue, their immune system reacts to the proteins in the formula, which will then trigger the allergy symptoms. In some cases, your baby would start showing symptoms in mere minutes, while in other cases it may take hours or even days. These symptoms include digestion problems, runny nose, and skin reactions.

Lactose Intolerance

The other reaction your child may have to baby formula is lactose intolerance. This happens when their body is not able to digest lactose, the natural sugar that is present in milk. Some babies have temporary lactose intolerance due to a tummy bug or another condition. As said earlier, the symptoms of being lactose intolerant are identical to that of having dairy allergies. These symptoms include bloating, tummy aches, bloating, and in some cases diarrhea.

Organic and Non-GMO Baby Formulas

Non-GMO Baby Formulas

Non-GMO baby formulas are formulas that do not include genetically engineered ingredients. You might be wondering what these ingredients are. Genetically engineered ingredients are ingredients that have altered DNA. The DNA of these ingredients is altered by adding the genes of a different ingredient species. The addition of these extra genes is meant to boost crop protection, increase nutritional value, or breed fasting growing animals.

Organic Baby Formulas

For a formula to be called organic, it means it does not contain any genetically engineered ingredient and is also in line with the following USDA Organic regulations.

These regulations include that organic food must be:

  • Produced without utilizing conventional pesticides
  • Must not include any genetically engineered ingredient
  • Made with eggs, poultry meat, and dairy products from animals that have not been given growth hormones or antibiotics

Other types of baby formula:


It can be like a tough task to select what baby formula would be best for your baby. The fact remains that most baby formulas are packed with the right ingredients needed for your baby to grow healthily. It is also ideal to get your doctor’s advice on the formula that is best for your baby and also get your baby to have a taste of different formula samples. This will put you on the right path in making the perfect decision for your baby. When you have selected the best formula for your baby, ensure that you maintain high standards of hygiene. Also, keep in mind that it is okay to give your child regular cow’s milk after the first year.

Top 3 Best Baby Formula For Babies


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