Unlike diaper or milk bottle, a baby swing is not a necessity that each family owns. However, if you have enough budget, we still recommend you to get the best affordable baby swings, for they are lifesavers to your babysitting life. To make it clear, the inexpensive infant swing does not mean the low-quality swing. If following the right instructions on choosing, you will get an economical swing which is more valuable than luxury types even.

Now, please go on reading, for there are experts buying guides and top rated affordable baby swings reviews, enabling you to get the ideal types without going deep into your wallet.

Best Affordable Baby Swings Review

1. Overall Best Affordable Baby Swing – Fisher Price Deluxe Take Along Seat

baby swing cheap priceAmong all the automatic swings on the market, this type of gear is the most affordable and inexpensive one, suitable for those with a tight budget. The foldable design eases the way of taking it along for traveling, while the compact shape fits anywhere in small apartment use.

The low price equals not to the low price for it. Costs no more than $80, you get a brilliant 2 in 1 basic swing at home. Buckling the belt under the seat and here comes a stationary baby seat, while unbuckling, babies can enjoy the sway motions controlled automatically by the machine. Change the swing speed if you find it not suitable for your babies.

With soft and cozy fabric, the soothing time staying inside the swing can be pretty relaxing.

2. Runner Up – Graco Linus Slim Spaces Swing

cheap baby swing chair

The slim shape, as well as vertical seat design, enables babies with reflux and colics to use; It helps relieve the pain and coax babies into sound sleep effectively. The two hanging toys carry the burden of being attractive. For newborn babies use, the body insert well supports their soft body.

Aside from the economic price, it appeals to parents with height-adjustable design. Stretching the legs in or out, you can transfer the unit from a tall one to a low type. Worried about its sturdiness? Just look at its anti-slippery rubber set on the foot, making it suitable for either wet floor or mat use.

Simple function as it owns, it still able to amuse babies in fussy.

3. Cheapest Baby Swing – Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing

cheapest baby swings

Looking for a baby swing around $50? Here is the best type. When you shop it in the deal, you can get one within 50 dollars. Well, what can you get with such an eco-friendly swing? It is a good company for traveling; The foldable and compact shape enables you to pack it in the suitcase or in the backpack directly.

Do not get fooled by its cheap price, all the basic functions including adjustable sway motions, inserted music, and slight vibration are at hand. It also outstands in the harness design among full size types, the soft fabric covering around the 5 point harness takes care of vulnerable skin of babies.

Try moving the toy tray if you find it in the way. Never miss out this one if you do not want to go deeper into your wallet.

4. Best Baby Swing Under $100 – Ingenuity Hugs & Hoots Portable Swing

best deals on baby swings

Another portable baby swing and it belongs to Ingenuity, the brand which makes the quietest baby swings on the market. The smooth working conditions bring about a wonderful user experience. Place the suitable batteries and it starts working no matter indoor or outdoor. Do not worry about the battery life, the Hybridrive technology with 3x long-life batteries moves all the worries away.

Among the 5 swing speeds and 8 melodies, you can choose whichever suits your baby’s preference, simply by pressing the button on the leg. The lightweight of it reduces the difficulty in carrying it with one hand.

The large seat along with tightly attached 5 point harness keeps your babies cozy and comfortable when lying inside for a couple of minutes.

5. Best Affordable Plug in Baby Swing – Graco Affinia Gliding Swing

good cheap baby swings

If you are sick of the portable or small baby swings we have recommended, here comes a full size type with plug in design. Place the unit somewhere near the ac adapter and plug it in the wall, then it is time to feel the soothing gliding.

Converting the recline position by moving the seat, and there are three positions available. Flat one for taking a short nap, vertical for feeding, and the middle position for having fun. The small base does no effect to the sturdiness but adds up the possibility of using in a small apartment. By the way, it saves around 40% floor space than other types of full size machine.

6. Best Travel Baby Swing – Bright Starts Whimsical Swing

cheap electric baby swing

This is an adorable baby swing suitable for outdoor travel use. The small and compact shape enables you to fold it up in the suitcase for air travel. The rubber set on the leg keeps its balance and prevents the machine from slipping down for the wet floor.

If you find it troublesome to calm babies down, just put on the toy tray and use two plush toys to entertain babies. Aside from the toy tray, the head support and seat pad are all detachable. Take it off and throw it into the washing machine when it gets dirty. The soft and breathable fabric on the seat and harness protects baby’s sensitive skin.

The control panel is set on either side of the supporting leg, so you can adjust the music and swing speed freely based on the preference of infants.

7. Best Full Size Affordable Baby Swing – Graco Simple Sway Swing

cheap portable baby swings

Being the top-selling infant swing for recent years, this Graco baby swing does well not only in performance but also in price. With all the functions equipped, it costs only around $100, which is far cheaper than other full size types.

The plug in design saves money on the batteries. Semi-closed steel base connects directly with the control panel. All the buttons are there for adjusting the swing speed and motions. The seat of the machine is quite large, suitable for large babies around 5 months use. Along with the vibration modes, you can coax babies into sleep with it pretty soon and effectively.

8. Best Swing and Rocker Combo – Graco Tenley Cozy Duet Swing

best affordable baby swing

In terms of the most economical baby swing, 2 in 1 types should be listed on the top. Costing around $100, you get the machine doubles the functions. Combining the functions of a swing and a bouncer, it gives great joys for babies. And transferring of it can be pretty easy.

The removable baby rocker allows you take it along with you anywhere you go; The compact footrest spares more floor space especially for small apartment use; If your babies are in fussy and get bored on the toys on the toy tray, play the inserted music and turn the vibration mode on. Surrounded by the soft and cozy seat pad, everything seems to be peaceful and baby gets calm in a moment.

9. Bouncer and Swing Combo – Graco Alden Duet Swing

low price baby swings

The bouncer is another frequently used baby gear for most families, with the combo design, you can transfer the functions of the two machines by simply converting the seat. Take it down and it changes into a portable bouncer. Besides, there are handles set on either side of the machine, which eases the way you take it around.

There are two options on the sway positions, either from side to side or from head to toe, based on the directions of the seat. There are 6 songs and sounds available for amusing babies. The toy tray with three hanging toys is detachable, remove it away when your baby gets sleepy.

10. Automatic Baby Swing – Ingenuity Everston Simple Comfort Swing

affordable baby swings

Moving a full size baby swing can be hard for its large shape, but with wheels set on the leg, you can easily move it away for storage. For soothing the babies, pick the suitable sounds from the built-in music by pressing the buttons on the control panel. The plug in and battery operated design offers double options.

It features a vibration mode, and you may adjust the vibration from fast to slow with the buttons. 2 position recline, 6 swing speeds, 180 degrees rotating, all you need on the swing are here for comfort.

11. Best Affordable Baby Swing For Small Apartment – Ingenuity Ridgedale Convert Me Swing

cheap new baby swings

Look at the small base of it and you will know what a space saver it can be. However, instead of using for indoor, we would like to recommend it for the people always on the go. It occupies no much room, and the foldable feature makes it easier to pack in the backpack or suitcase.

What features most on the machine is the super quiet working condition, no noise at all, which creates a peaceful environment for babies to take a short nap. The control panel set on the base enables you to control it with feet when your hands are busy hugging your babies. For newborn babies use, there is 5 point harness to keep them safe, while the soft fabric brings warm conditions for them.

Features of Best Affordable Baby Swings

Portable types

From the reviews you can see, the most recommended types on our lists are portable types, or in other words, the compact infant swing. Why? Because compared with full size types, they are more suitable for outdoor travel use. The foldable design allows you to take it on the train or on the air, by storing it in your suitcase. Besides, the small but sturdy base enables both indoor and outdoor use of it.

Less functional

Though being cheap in the price, the working performance of the affordable swing is still worth praising. (Only when you pick up the right type of course.) However, when in terms of the functions, most of which are basic types, including the inserted music, swaying motions, adjustable swing speeds, and detachable toy bars. All these functions the cheap baby swings have are enough for comforting babies when they get fussy. Therefore, if you are short of budget and in demand of a swing to help coax your babies, the less functional one can meet the needs.

Tips on Choosing Best Affordable Baby Swing

As the concept goes in our mind, the cheap products equal to bad quality. Well, it is true to most occasions. However, if you master the right way to choose, then finding the eco-friendly yet valuable swing can be an easy task. Here we list several tips you should bear in mind in selecting, and here we go!


The quality determines the service life of a machine, but more importantly, it relates closely to the safety in using it. If buying a bad quality machine, you will spend 2 times more money on repairing or get a brand new type. Even worsely, if it cracks or broken as the baby sitting in the gear…Anyway, the primary thing is to check the quality of the infant swing.

Is it stable enough?

Is it made of hard material?

Are there any 5 point harness attached closely on the seat?

Apart from checking the regular structures on the swing, reading expert reviews can be a great help. Like all the products we have recommended to you, they are of brilliant quality level for we have tested for you already.


Anything that uses at home needs to consider the size and shape, particularly for a small apartment. You might have already suffered the troublesome on finding space for placing the crowded baby stuff. Under such conditions, try the small portable types or the full size type with a small footprint. Aside from sparing more room, it also allows you to take it out with you for hanging out or for traveling.

However, if you do not need to worry about the space, then those cheap infant swings with multiple functions can be more suitable.


The affordable swing is a relatively broad definition, thus before picking and buying, you should decide which price level is within your expectation. Make it specific and doable. The low price levels ranging around $50, perhaps with 60 or 70 dollars; The middle types costs around $100, most of which are full size types with multiple functions; The luxury one, as high as $200 or $300, fits those with wide budget, the highly advanced technologies equipped with the expensive machine brings unique experience to babies that cheaper units fail to do.

We have listed several best affordable swings from a broad price, if you have decided your expected budget, then you may choose from our reviews under a specific price as follow:

>Click here to check best baby swing under $50

>Click here to check best baby swing under $100

>Click here to check best baby swing $100-$300


Why would we bring the usage into the list? Well, for baby swing use, it divides mostly into indoor types and outdoor types. The indoor types are basically full size types, with large size footrest, multiple functions and plug in design. The outdoor types, well, refer to the portable and compact gear. The small size with the foldable feature allows you to take it along, no matter for long-trip traveling or for the short hanging out with friends.

The full size types are perfect for indoor use only, while compact one differs. You can also use it residentially, only that the batteries-powered design may cost you a lot in long-time using.

Is the Low Price Baby Swing Worth Buying?

Well, it depends. For some cheap infant swings, you will find them well worth the price in performance or in safety issue design. If comparing the cheap with the luxury one, you will find the obvious difference lie in the functions. (Here we refer to those with high-quality level types). Then in such conditions, buying a low price or a luxury one is determined by your budget and usage.

However, if you intend to get one that meets the basic functions, such as those with sway motions, music inserted and perhaps with slight vibration. Then there is no need to get an overbudget one.

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