The newborn babies are vulnerable and unable to cope with dangerous situations by themselves, that is why no matter for what baby gear, you need always place the safety as the dominant concern. The tightly attached 5 point harness is not enough, on getting the safest baby swing, there are still a couple of things you should bear in mind.

For the following part, we picked out several safest baby swings on the market in 2020, and listed buying guides and tips additionally.

What Is the Safest Baby Swing?

safe for baby to sleep in swing


2 swing motions
Calming vibrations
16 soothing sounds and songs
2 in 1 swing and rocker combo
Motorized mobile


Safest Baby Swings Reviews

1. Best Overall Safest Baby Swing – Fisher Price Deluxe Cradle ‘n Swing

safe for baby to sleep in swing

The large wide-opened legs add up sturdiness and stability of the swing. Just look at the anti-skid rubber set on the legs, no matter you put it on a smooth floor or on the map, tipping it down can be difficult. Full size as it is, you can simply fold it up and store in anywhere possible in your home when stop using it.

What comes with a swing is a portable rocker, slight vibration powered by batteries coax babies into sleep soundly and peacefully. The perfect angle designed on the rocker legs brings about safety as well as comforting experience in use. Above the swing seat is a motorized mobile, the mirror reflects the image of babies when they look up and that is what appeals them the most.

2. Runner Up – Fisher Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Swing

newborn swing safety

Here comes the most modern baby swing on the market, white color coheres perfectly with light grey, along with the simple structure, it fits in any decorations of your home. The five point harness on the swing seat safeguards babies during the whole time, and the toys set on the harness attracts babies attention when they get bored.

Steel supporting legs, with protective caps design, keep the unit stable no matter for front to back sway or for side to side sway, all is done by a simple turn, by the way. The adorable seat pad not only makes babies feel cozy in sitting, (thanks to its breathable fabric), but also eases the way of cleaning. Take it off and throw it into the washing machine, and it is your relaxing time then.

3. Baby Safety Swing Seat – Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing

baby safety swing seat

If choosing the best yet the safest swing seat under $100, stop hesitating and just buy this type! The large standing feet use durable material to prolong its service life; The semi-closed structure help balances the unit as a baby sits on the swing. The control panel links directly with base, through hard metal.

On the design of the seat, you will find 5 point harness closely attached to the seat. Adjust it to the ideal length and buckle it up, then the baby is under careful protection. The large seat accommodates bigger weight, which is suitable for big babies use. The toy tray moves along with the beautiful songs.

4. 2 in 1 Baby Swing Rocker – Graco Sapphire Duetsoothe Swing

what is the safest baby swing

For this full size swing, it doubles as a portable rocker. The supporting base of it inherits Graco’s classic semi-closed design, making it durable and sturdy. When used as a swing, the 10 melodies and 5 nature sound calm babies down effectively; Adjustable 5 point harness protects babies from knocking.

The portable rocker seat comes with vibration mode, press the buttons on the seat and you can convert the speed from fast to slow. Infant body support with soft fabric is machine washable. The plug in and batteries are both available, you may choose it based on your needs.

5. Best Modern Baby Swing – 4moms MamaRoo Swing

safest baby swings reviews

This is a highly advanced baby swing, with delicate design and durable materials. The breathable 3D air mesh protects baby’s sensitive skin. Small but sturdy base enables small apartment use. The overall modern color design lights up your home decor immediately, while its multiple functions bring about fun user experience to babies.

It adopts 3 point harness, with the soft fabric covered around, babies will feel comfortable and relaxing lying in it. Try to adjust the five modes set on the panel, it imitates the parent’s motion in comforting babies.

6. Safest Baby Swings and Bouncers – Graco Affinia Glider LX Gliding Swing

safest baby swings reviews

The ingenious design on the supporting base assembles all the weight to the middle part of the seat. Stout as it is, the small frame saves around 40% floor space, suitable for placing into a small corner in your house around an ac adapter. The front to back swing motion feels like a glider, accompanies with the songs and sounds, babies feel sleepy in a short period of time.

The soft seat serves as a temporary bassinet if you adjust the recline positions. For newborn babies use, the head support help fixed the head positions and protect it from knocking. Place suitable batteries and turns on the vibration, choose a suitable speed based on your babies preference.

7. Best Swing and Bouncer Combo – Graco Manor DuetConnect LX Swing

safest baby swing

The combination of the swing and bouncer doubles the fun when babies stay in the machine. Being the same as the other Graco full size swing, it adopts strong metal as the major material for the supporting base.

What features most for this unit is the harness. The bare belt in summer use harms baby’s skin, thus the protecting fabric-covered around the 5 point harness solved this problem and makes it super comforting for babies to stay inside for a long time.

8. Portable Baby Swing – Ingenuity Boutique Collection Swing

safest swing for baby

The portable design of the swing enables it to be the perfect option for the people on the go. The small frame saves much floor space, packing it into the suitcase or the backpack can be super convenient, all thanks to its foldable design.

In terms of the safety issue, it includes 5 point harness on the seat, sturdy structure on the legs and also delicate design on the swing body. The toy tray with two toys hanging around entertains babies when they are getting fussy. With the True Speed technology equipped with the machine, the swing speed maintains the stable as babies grow up.

9. Safest Baby Swing for Baby Girl – Fisher Price Blush Safari Swing

safety baby swing

Do you have a baby girl at home? If so, this pink elephant swing will be your best choice. The plush elephant pad makes it adorable, but more importantly, serves as infant support. Its breathable fabric is machine washable. The pink seat pad echoes with the motorized hanging toy, which are there to bring joys to babies.

The sturdiness is affected by the design of supporting legs, the wide-open types like this one are super stable. There are altogether 16 songs and sounds, as well as 6 swing speeds that are adjustable. Turn the seat around, and then you get a swing moving from side to side.

10. The Safe Baby Swing With Canopy – Fisher Price Papasan Cradle Swing

safety baby swing

The starlight series of Fisher Price outstand because of their canopy and motorized light. When turning on the light mode, several beams of light shine on the canopy with the shape of stars, making the unit sweet and warm.

From its supporting legs, you can guess how sturdy it can be. Apart from the protective cap, there are also anti-skid rubbers set on the legs, balancing the unit up but also occupying much floor space in use. However, in storage, you can just fold it up and store it in the garage or storeroom.

11. Safe Baby Swing and Glider Combo – Graco 2 in 1 Soothing system

safe for baby to sleep in swing

Though named as 2 in 1 baby swing, it is actually a combination of a bouncer, swing, bassinet, and a glider, which means, the combo of four machines. Then you will find how cost-effective it can be. When used as a swing, the special design on the base saves much floor space but also increases the stability.

Put the seat down and you get a bouncer. The canopy blocks much sunlight as well as harmful insects; The adjustable recline seat can convert to a stationary bassinet when you change it to totally flat angle. The head support, designed especially for newborn babies use, comes with 5 point harness. When all the fabrics get dirty, take them off and throw them in the washing machine directly.

Baby Swing Safety

The infant swing safety is determined not only by the quality of the products but also relates to the user and using conditions. Here are some tips you should know in use for safety:

#1. Tighten up the harness in use.

No matter for portable or full size baby swings, there will always be harness equipped; The aims of which is to protect babies from knocking on the unit. Newborn babies are unable to control their bodies, the sway motions without the protection of harness may result in potential dangers. The harness should also be adjusted, and choose the suitable length to buckle it up tightly.

#2. Always keep an eye in use.

Let’s make it clear, a baby swing is a relatively safe place for comforting babies, but not a substitute of a babysitter, actually, no baby gear does. The experts have laid the importance of using baby gear under supervision for hundreds of time. Why? Because all the machines have the potential danger to babies, especially the newborn babies that have no capacity to self-protecting. Thus after placing the babies into the machine, you can take a short rest or do your own business, but remember to constantly keep your eye on the swing for safety.

#3. Obey the recommended weight limit

The normal infant swings are designed for babies under 6 months, as babies grow older, they begin to crawl and climb, making it dangerous to use the swing any longer. Therefore, for each swing, there are recommended weight limit marked on the label. Before using, you should check the maximum weight limit, and stop using it the moment your babies outgrow. Plus, once your babies start sitting up on their own, or starts climbing out with arms, it is the time you put the gear for storage.

#4. Install the unit well under the instructions

Once you get the swing, read the instructions first and check if there are missing parts. The assembling of a swing is normal simple, takes only a few steps. If you have trouble reading the instructions, look for some installing videos on YouTube and it will help a lot.

#5. Check before use

After installation, do not hurry to place the babies in the seat immediately. Turn on the machine and check if there is something wrong.

#6. Keep it away from pets

Pets have become intimate family members for most families. However, using baby gear with pets around is dangerous. Therefore, if you keep a cat or dog at home, you may as well place the machine somewhere that pets unable to reach.

#7. Place it somewhere flat

The infant swing can be sturdy only when you place it on the flat floor, any tilt may result in the overturn of the unit. You can either put it on the bare floor or on the mat.

#8. Stop using it when there are strange sounds

When the gear is moving, the working noise of motor can be heard, which is a normal phenomenon (except for the Ingenuity swings, which are pretty advanced in the quiet working conditions). Apart from motor sounds, if you hear something wrong, then you should stop it and carry your babies out immediately before calling the manufacturer for help.

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Safest Baby Swings And Bouncers

Apart from baby swing, a baby bouncer is also a gear that is seen in most families with newborn babies. It provides a safe place for babies to stay, and offer entertainment in the meantime. The auto bounce movement mimicking moms’ natural sway and gives the baby a sense of security and familiarity.

Here are three types of safest baby bouncer we would like to introduce:

infant swing safety

safest baby swing

safe for baby to sleep in swing

How to Choose the Safest Baby Swings?

Choosing a safe and best baby swing directly relates to the safety of babies, thus before buying, here are some considerations you should make.

1. Full size type

If you want one that uses long, then you may choose a full size type. The steel metal on the supporting legs enables it to be super sturdy and durable. The functions of that type are also multiple, you are free to choose the suitable swing speeds and music based on your baby’s preference.

2. Sturdiness

Is it wobble in use? Can you hear some cracking sound when turning the machine on? These are the points you should check carefully in use. If the sturdiness of the swing can not be guaranteed, then all the internal protection means no point. The material of the swing is pretty important, the steel can be much durable and stable than plastic types.

To some of the large size swings, there are protective caps and anti-skid rubbers equipped, enabling you to use it when it gets wet on the floor. There is a simple way to check, put something heavy in the machine and shake it around; if it stays stable, then you can use it without concern. Or else, call for the manufacturer or just return it.

3. Harness

After discussing the supporting legs, now it is time for the internal design on the swing seat. The vital protective device on the swing seat is the harness. There are two types of harness on the market, one is 5 point type, while the other is 3 point type. 5 point harness swing protects baby’s shoulder, waist, and hips by the 5 seat belt tighten up tightly. While the 3 point one focuses on the lower body only. Therefore, comparing the two types, we would like to highly recommend you the 5 point swing.

>For more details on the comparison between the two types, please check our 5 point harness vs. 3 point. 

Safest Outdoor Swing

Outdoor swing refers to the swing machine hang on the trees or a fixed pole, by using manual power, you can swing it from front to back. The using life of outdoor swing is pretty long, basically from babies around 6 months to toddlers, which is why it is called “toddler swing”. Depending on the using conditions, the outdoor swing is also different. Some with a simple design, using T-shape harness to protect baby from flying out the seat; Some are designed like hommock, serving as entertainment for larger or bigger babies to use.

Here we picked out several safest outdoor swings that are perfect for babies around 1-year-old use.

baby safety swing seat

safest swing for baby

safe for baby to sleep in swing

Safest Baby Swing Brands

For this part, we will introduce several top-rated brands that do well in producing brilliant quality infant swings. If you still have trouble in getting the suitable baby swings from our review or have other considerations, then you can click to the top brands and look which exactly product of it fits your needs the most.

If you read our review above, you will easily find that two brands on the market split the world into two pieces, one is Fisher Price, the other is Graco.

1. Fisher Price

Fisher Price baby swings are famous for their adorable appearance and advanced technology. Most of the products under the brands are full size type, with the wide-open design on the supporting leg. Functionality is what Fisher Price features the most; You can get a motorized type with mirror and plush hanging toys; There is also advanced technology, for balancing the swing speeds as baby grows and for Bluetooth remote control, etc.

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2. Graco

If you attempt to get a 2 in 1 swing, then Graco is the brand where you can find all you want. By combining the functions of rocker, swing, bouncer or glider together, Graco infant swing has been the most cost-effective and the most valuable type on the market. The classic neutral color design suits both baby girl and baby boys use.

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Above two brands are famous for the full size type with wonderful quality levels, here we would like to introduce a portable swing brand – Ingenuity.

3. Ingenuity

Here comes the top-rated brand for the portable or travel baby swing on the market. Most of the swings of Ingenuity are of compact shape, foldable enough to be packed into the suitcase or backpack. Even with small size, its function, and quality still equal to the large size types. Of course, aside from small outdoor swing, there are also full size types under the brands with safety design and thoughtful functions. You can click into the review for detailed knowledge.

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Is It Safe for Baby to Sleep in Swing?

No, and never let the baby sleep in the swing for a whole night. Unlike a crib or bassinet, the baby swing is designed for a short nap rather than a sleeper. For newborn babies, the best way to grow rapidly is sleeping, on somewhere flat and relatively hard. The flat cushion is helpful for the development of the baby’s bone. Though getting the same shape as a crib, a swing can never be used for replacing it.

Then how long should a baby stay in a swing?

Well, according to the experts from the baby nursery, the ideal time for baby have entertainment in the swing is around 1 hour a day. Place the baby swing somewhere flat, place your babies in and buckle the harness, turn the music and sway motions on. Once you finished all these movements, then it is time for baby to enjoy a unique yet interesting trip on it. However, once the baby falls asleep during the soothing time, stop the machine immediately and then move him or her to the bassinet or crib.

In a word, a baby swing is not a necessity that each family owns, but it does help a lot in carrying the burden on comforting babies from you. The automatic design with beautiful sounds not only brings a relaxing time for babies, but also creates a peaceful and harmless environment for babies to grow rapidly. Only if you use it under instructions can it be an excellent company to your small angels.


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