20+ Best Bassinet Stroller Combo Reviews for Infant and Toddler Use

Getting the best bassinet stroller is one of the must-to-do things for those with infants or with toddlers. Unlike traditional strollers, the bassinet strollers allow you to use it as a napping or short bedtime space for infant babies. With slight pulling, the stroller seat changes into a bassinet bed, offering a cozy and comfortable place to stay.

Here in this post, we would offer you several best bassinet strollers on the market and made detailed reviews, now let’s begin!

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What Is the Best Bassinet Stroller?

best double stroller with bassinet

  • Alumium material with rubber
  • 2 in 1 stroller with bassinet combo
  • Three modern colors and styles available
  • Removeable foot cover to block sunlight
  • Large extra diaper bags for storing baby stuff
  • Durable material with breathable linen cover

Comparing the Best Cheap Bassinet Stroller Combo on the Market

Photo Title Price Buy
BABY JOY Baby...image BABY JOY Baby Stroller, 2-in-1 Convertible Bassinet Reclining Stroller Buy On Amazon.com
Evenflo Pivot Modular...image Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System Buy On Amazon.com
Graco Modes Bassinet...image Graco Modes Bassinet Stroller, Includes Reversible Seat, Hyde Buy On Amazon.com
Newborn Infant Toddler...image Baby Stroller Bassinet Pram Carriage Stroller Buy On Amazon.com
HEAO Baby Stroller...image HEAO Baby Stroller for Infant &Toddler - Strollers Pushchair with Foot Cover, Mom Bag, Large Storage Space, Strollers with Backrest Adjustable Reversible Buy On Amazon.com
Hot Mom Baby...image Hot Mom Baby Stroller: Baby Carriage with Adjustable Seat Height Angle and Four-Wheel Shock Absorption,Reversible,High Landscape and Fashional Pram (White-1) Buy On Amazon.com
2018 UPPAbaby from...image 2018 UPPAbaby from Birth Kit - Jake (Black Melange) Buy On Amazon.com

Best Newborn Bassinet Stroller Reviews

#1. Best PickBABY JOY 2 in 1 Convertible Foldable Baby Stroller

best double stroller with bassinet

Why We Love It:

  • Bassinet and stroller combo
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Large enclosed diaper bag for extra storage space
  • Adjustable canopy and back rest
  • Equipped with 5 point harness
  • Wearable nontoxic and breathable linen cover
  • Lockable rubber wheels for safety and flexibility


#2. Convertible Bassinet StrollerVEVOR Foldable Anti-Shock Newborn Stroller

stroller bassinet car seat combo

Why We Love It:

  • Perfect for the baby under 36 months to use
  • Easy to fold
  • Adjustable handle with reversible stroller seat
  • Durable and stable material
  • Explosion-proof rubber wheels and aluminum alloy frame
  • Large storage room
  • Easy to move around


#3. Lightweight Bassinet Stroller – Graco Modes Reversible Bassinet Stroller

stroller system with bassinet

Why We Love It:

  • 3 in 1 combo features infant bassinet, car-seat carrier and stroller
  • 9 riding options from infant to toddler
  • Easy to convert
  • Secure 1-step attachment
  • Reclining seat converts
  • Extra large basket
  • Detachable toy tray


#4. Affordable Stroller with Bassinet – Cynebaby Reversible All Terrain Infant Toddler Bassinet

bassinet stroller travel system

Why We Love It:

  • Aviation-grade aluminum alloy for sturdiness
  • Environmental friendly and non-toxic material
  • Unique and fashional appearance
  • Reinforced double steel springs
  • Semi-recline mode or seat mode
  • Flexible front wheels with 360 degree rotation


#5. Jogging Stroller with Bassinet Cynebaby All Terrian Pushchair Compact Stroller

jogging stroller with bassinet

Why We Love It:

  • Perfect for babies from 7 to 36 months
  • Easy to push on all terrains
  • Push-handle bar for conveniently adjust the height
  • Anti-shock springs to protect the baby’s brain
  • Can match the dining table as a chair
  • Equipped with foot cover and mosquito net


#6. Best Double Stroller with BassinetFrjjthchy Abreast Ultralight Twins Stroller Bassinet

bassinet stroller travel system

Why We Love It:

  • Aluminum alloy with elastic cotton
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Adjustable seat design
  • 2 seat for twins use
  • Awning design to block sunshine or cold weather
  • The front wheels rotate 360 degrees to maneuver any terrain


#7. Stroller Bassinet Car Seat ComboEvenflo Pivot Modular Lightweight Baby Stroller

stroller bassinet car seat combo

Why We Love It:

  • Flexible infant travel system
  • Features a modular frame with 6 modes of use
  • Pivot modular travel system allows converting to safe infant car seat
  • Multiple handy features
  • Oversized storage basket and safe-zone base
  • The large canopy and removable armbar to extra comfort


#8. Revertible Newborn Bassinet Stroller – HEAO Reclining Foldable Bassinet

newborn bassinet stroller

Why We Love It:

  • Wearable non-toxic and breathable linen fabric
  • Anti-shock suspension frame
  • Swivel front wheels with lock for super stability
  • 2 model of push
  • 3 recline positions with lay-flat, semi-recline, and upright positions
  • Soft cushion padded
  • height-adjustable handlebar


#9. Baby Stroller with CarriageHot Mom Baby Stroller

cheap bassinet stroller

Why We Love It:

  • Multiple colors design
  • PU leather egg seat
  • Adjustable seat
  • Sleek appearance
  • EVA elastomer material with four-wheel multiple suspension
  • 3 positions
  • Reversible stroller seat


#10. Affordable Infant Bassinet StrollerUPPAbaby from Birth Kit-Jake

affordable bassinet stroller

Why We Love It:

  • Suitable for babies under 20 lbs
  • Easy attaches to a stroller
  • Extra-large storage bag
  • Zip on and off boot cover
  • Foldable design for package
  • Equipped with a canopy to resist bright sunlight
  • 5 point harness


What Is a Bassinet Stroller?

This is simply a baby sleeping unit useful for easy transport, or you plan to go somewhere with your baby. Strollers are equipped with wheels that help in easy moving from one point to the other while bassinets are just baby carriers. People usually confuse these two units, and most individuals have the idea that you only require one of these over the other. However, if you consider having a bassinet stroller as just one product, it will be something of great help to your kid.

Proper Usage of Stroller That Comes With Bassinets

  • You need always to be closest:

Avoid the tendency of avoiding the baby unattended in the stroller.

  • Remain extra careful with the baby toys:

For those who will be hanging some toys for entertainment from the stroller bumper, ensure they are fastened securely.

  • Always buckle up:

When you take the kid for a stroller ride, ensure you always buckle the baby’s seat belt and harness.

  • Make use of the brakes well:

Whenever you need to stop the stroller, ensure you always engage the stroller brakes well.

  • Store the belongings properly:

Avoid things like hanging a handbag at the handlebar of the stroller as this can make it tip over.

  • When folding, always take action:

The baby should be far away from the stroller when opening and folding it. The reason behind this is that small fingers can, at times, be caught at the hinges of the stroller. Ensure that the stroller is always locked open before the kid is placed in there.

  • Always keep the stroller out of the sun:

You should avoid letting your bassinet stroller sitting in the sun for long during the hot weather. The metal and plastic pieces might turn hot enough and eventually burn the baby. If there is need it to be left there, always check it’s surface temperature before you put the baby inside.

  • Always remember to check up for recalls:

You should return the unit warranty card so that in case of a recall, you get notified. For those who will go for used units, ensure the units haven’t yet been recalled.

Cynebaby Infant Compact Single Baby Stroller for Newborn

best bassinet stroller



Benefits of the Stroller Seat Converts to Bassinet

Parents who have used bassinet strollers can agree with me that these units are essential for many reasons. Carrying kids around at our backs or whichever way is tedious and frustrating at large. With the help of these units, everything seems much simplified to most parents at large. Below are benefits bassinet strollers offer:

Besrey Newborn and Toddler Convertible Stroller

double stroller with bassinet



The bassinet can be removed at any time you wish

With these units, parents can get out the bassinet part whenever they wish. Bassinets are areas of sleep for the kids; you can take it off whenever you want and place it at the right place for the kid to rest. This is best for frequently traveling people who require getting the baby in and out of the vehicle often.

Serves two purposes, as a stroller also

These units can help stroll the kid wherever you walk and let them keep exploring nature around them even just right from their bassinet.

They can be used even in harsh weather conditions.

You will find most of these units designed with sufficient weather shields at large. Kids can be covered well from harsh UV sun rays or even from light raindrops.

The units are equipped with a lot of storage options.

You will find most of the units in the market with built-in baskets just right at their bottom part. This is where you will be placing other baby supplies like, for instance, extra diapers, toys, baby formula, and many other things you will like to carry along.

They are lightweight

For those who don’t like carrying around a lot of stuff, the baby bassinet stroller is something to consider. There are those made from plastics and other aluminum that are durable, but then, they are of lightweight to be moved from one place to the other.

Features of the Stroller Bassinet Combo

Selecting the right bassinet stroller in the market for your kid is great. Below are featured a bassinet stroller should have:

  • The units need to be lightweight to be easily carried around.
  • The unit needs to be equipped with an easily removable bassinet
  • Should be equipped with the right covers to keep the baby always warm and cozy
  • Should be made of a breathable and non-toxic material
  • The bassinet stroller should be easily stored.

Belecoo Compact Baby Stroller with Bassinet

baby bassinet stroller



Top Bassinet Stroller Brands


They are one of the popular global high-quality baby products distributors at large, and have been in this industry for three decades now, earning experience in this growing industry. Always try to find a way to produce baby strollers that are more savvy, lighter, fun, and easier to use, they explore new ways of delivering more excellent safety and comfort with style and convenience for the parents out there. At UPPAbaby, they keep striving at providing customer service and personal attention that every parent deserves and also expects.

The thing that makes them different is that they always rely on their real-life experiences to keep setting and also raising the entire standards for style, general safety, and even performance. They have an incredible customer care team that is ready to provide ultimate attention and personalized care.

Best UPPAbaby Full Size Infant Baby Stroller

lightweight bassinet stroller


Baby Jogger

Another famous brand founded in 1984. They manufacture and also design strollers for all terrains at large internationally, focus mostly on the clients they serve globally. Baby Jogger is after producing strollers that make everything work easiest possible for them. About their customer service, they have an expert team that promptly responds to calls from their customers and ensure quick delivery of commodities to where it’s required.


These brand producers have a way they do their production differently from others. World innovation describes what the brand is striving to offer customers globally. Maclarenbaby ensures that only quality products are sold out there in the market. Safety is something paramount at large, at Maclaren, everything is produced to meet the set safety standards at large. They much believe that every kid deserves the safest and best products to stay a healthy life. They have strived hard to remain the forefronts of safety and style trusted by every parent globally.

Is the Bassinet Stroller Unit Necessary?

Yes, having this unit for your kid is ideal. It doesn’t sound healthy having babies in car seats for long hours unless otherwise there is no other option. At the bassinet stroller, the kid lays fully stretched on their back best way possible instead of the way they are bunched up at the seats of the car.

The bassinets can also be used near the parents’ beds before they are later transitioned to cribs. Bassinet strollers are always convenient to use them at any place and any time you need. In the first days of the baby’s life, you may need to get out and have a walk. You can use the bassinet to have the baby sleep flat on their backs and get assured they will be swaddled properly.

Maxi-Cosi Zelia Night Black Stroller

best bassinet stroller



Can a Standard Bassinet Substitute For a Stroller Bassinet?

This is something many new mothers get different answers when they ask about it. Your standard bassinet can be substituted to your stroller bassinet as you wish. All you need is a cheap bassinet stand to use. There is no need to go for expensive stands in the market, get an affordable option, and everything will work out.

Cynebaby Folding Luxury Bassinet 



When to Stop Using a Bassinet?

These units were designed purposely to provide a relatively mobile and small sleeping area for kids at the age of four to six months old. However, this will also depend upon the mobility and size of the baby. Parents will feel more convenient having their kids nearby. With the help of the bassinets, the kids can enjoy a better and comfortable sleep closest to their parents. Parenting experts recommend parents to stay closest to their kids during the night hours, and therefore, using the bassinets, everything has been simplified.

360 Rotation Hot Mom Baby Carriage Pushchair 

cheap bassinet stroller


Are Bassinet Strollers Safe?

Many people have always asked whether the strollers are safe for babies, but none has ever come out with a clear answer for that. The right answer to these is yes, they are. However, for parents who plan to use it, they should ensure that the stroller reclines at large as the newborns have yet not gained strength to sit up or even holding up their heads.

Besrey Pram 2 in 1 Safest Baby Bassinet Stroller

strollers that come with bassinets


What Are Convertible Bassinet Strollers?

Convertible bassinet strollers are strollers that can easily convert into different shapes. For instance, you can use it as a baby car seat, a stroller seat or as a bassinet. It comes with mechanisms to allow you to recline or adjust it so that it can serve several purposes. If you are looking for a way you can apply a single product in different applications in your baby care, then the convertible stroller can be a great way to go about it. The convertible stroller can come with two seats where you can detach one to remain with bigger stroller for the grown baby. The strollers come in different designs; you need to assess the different brands available in the market after which you can decide on the best.

Anti-shock Convertible Pram Stroller and Carriage

newborn bassinet stroller


Classic Carriage or a Regular Stroller With an Option for a Bassinet?

You need to take into consideration several factors before you can decide between a classic carriage and a regular stroller. A regular stroller with an option of a bassinet will serve you better. You will not have to buy a separate stroller. The same unit can convert to bassinet or even allow you to use it as a stroller. For the classic carriage, you will have a separate unit from a stroller only or a bassinet only. If you had already bought a stroller, you may have to buy a separate bassinet. To save on space, you may have to buy the same product which can serve the purpose.

Costzon Infant 4-Wheel Baby Adjustable Toddler Stroller

stroller with bassinet included


Can I Use a Car Seat Instead of a Bassinet?

Yes, you can use a bassinet instead of a car seat for your baby. There are some bassinets with folding and reclining features to allow you to adjust it till it serves as a car seat. You need to take into consideration the general design of your bassinet before you can proceed to buy. Not all bassinets can allow you to convert into a car seat. Always take time to assess the quality of the bassinets and the features available before buying. There are some bassinets that come in rigid designs which can make it hard to convert them into car seats.

Graco Car Seat and Bassinet Stroller Combo Travle System

baby bassinet stroller



Tips to Know Before Purchasing a Bassinet Stroller

Always supervise your baby as she sleeps in the bassinet

Bassinets are supposed to be used for the baby to sleep for short periods. You need to be nearby to supervise your baby as she sleeps on the bassinet. There are some units that can allow your baby to sleep overnight. Never assume, you need to check with the manufacturer’s recommendations and you will know whether the bassinet is suitable for your baby to sleep overnight. The best bassinet to allow your baby sleep should have safety features in place which will keep the baby comfortable as she sleeps.

Avoid carrying the bassinet upstairs while the baby is inside

There are high chances the baby will fall from the bassinet if you can carry the unit upstairs when the baby is inside. You need to place the baby in a carrier and harness the straps before you can move downstairs. The bassinet should be folded and carried separately downstairs. It is a safety measure you need to take into consideration to avoid cases where you will expose your child to injury as you carry the bassinet downstairs. You will risk the health of your baby if you can carry her in a bassinet upstairs. Even if you have applied the harness, it is still not safe for your baby.

Buy a bassinet with the safety harness

There are some bassinet strollers that come with several harness points. Others will have up to five harness points. It is necessary to buy a stroller that can guarantee you the highest level of safety. With a five-point harness, it will be easy for you to realize the highest level of safety for your baby. Ensure you take into consideration the safety of your baby before you can proceed to buy the bassinet. Your child safety is of the highest importance. Ensure you carry out checks to ensure the bassinet stroller you are about to buy comes with all safety features you need to keep the child comfortable at all times.

Besrey Five Point Harness Double Stroller Tandem Foldable Bassinets

double stroller with bassinet


Consider a sturdy model

You need a sturdy model that will stay firm as you carry the baby around. Take time to check on the quality of materials in the frames. Some parents will offer informative reviews online after buying the baby strollers. You need to check on such reviews and it will be easy to locate the best bassinet stroller for your baby. With a sturdy model, it will serve you for long till you realize value for money. Take your time to compare as many models in the market as possible after which you can decide on the best.

Graco Ready2Grow LX Double Stroller for Twins

strollers that come with bassinets


Does a Bassinet Stroller Work for Off-Roading?

A bassinet stroller will not work well for off-roading. It has a comfortable place where your baby will relax, but you risk damaging the unit if you can use it off-road. You need to invest in a stroller that is built to work for off-road terrains. There are also some models of strollers that work well for off-road terrains. You can invest in such models and they will work well for your off roads. Always ensure you check with the manufacturers recommendations. It will be a big mistake if you can take a unit off-road yet it was not built for the off-road terrain.

Cynebaby Stroller Resersible Pram Stroller Bassinet

best double stroller with bassinet



Can I Use a Bassinet Stroller With an Older Child?

You can use a bassinet stroller for up to 6 months old babies. There are some strollers with the bassinet section which are built for older children. Ensure you check with the manufacturer’s recommendations on the age limit so that you can avoid overloading the stroller. The best unit to buy should be able to accommodate the age of your child. Check on reclining features among other aspects of the stroller before you can buy. The best stroller to buy should have all features to assure you of the best performance.

Final Pick: Top 3 Best Bassinet Strollers