Fisher Price Cradle n Swing Safari Dreams Baby Swing Reviews

Fisher Price has developed and marketed the Safari Dreams Cradle n Swing baby swing to allow babies to relax. This cradle and swing from Fisher-Price is a high-quality product that assists In relaxing babies and also allows them to be comfortable.

For this product, Fisher-Price only use the best materials to keep babies safe while keeping content with how well the Safari Dreams cradle swing is made.

Furthermore, Fisher-Price has designed this product to stimulate babies when they are fully awake and to soothe them when they are tired and attempting to go to sleep.

Fisher Price Cradle n Swing Safari Dreams Baby Swing Reviews

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Product Features

Swinging Cradle

The Fisher-Price Safari Dreams is first and foremost a swinging cradle that swings to settle babies down and get them to sleep. This cradle can be swung in different directions, moving from side to side, or forwards and backward. It gently cradles to keep babies asleep. The swinging motion can be sped up or slowed down to make it easier to get babies sleeping.

Music soothes babies

The Fisher-Price Safari Dreams plays music that soothes babies to help them call to sleep and to keep asleep for longer. The swing plays lullabies and these relax babies enough for them to go to sleep. This swing can also play natural sounds that calm babies and ensure they can sleep for longer.

It is a cute swing

The Safari Dreams Cradle and Swing shares a high cuteness factor that most Fisher-Price goods seem to have. The swing itself is white and blue featuring animals and a mobile. The lullabies it plays also add to the cuteness factor.

Animal themed dreams

Fisher-Price called it the Safari Dreams swing as it features an animal’s mobile consisting of animals round on safaris including elephants and lions.

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Pros of the Safari Dreams swing

  • This swing is really good for getting babies to sleep and then keeping them asleep with its music and mobile images
  • Longer and undisturbed daytime maps make babies more content and attempting aids better sleep at night as well
  • Safari Dreams mobile gets babies used to looking at animals like elephants, giraffes, and lions – these images of animals assist in relaxing babies and getting them to sleep
  • Babies are comfortable and relaxed when placed in this swing
  • The design is cute and babies like it, helping them relax
  • Swing senses baby’s weight so it still swings as well even as the baby gets heavier

Cons of the swing

  • The battery life could do with been longer, seem to have to recharge it frequently
  • Quality control checking could do with been improved as some customers receive better swings than others
  • Some people think the swing can be noisy, so try moving it around to reduce the vibrations and therefore the noise

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Specifications of the Fisher Price Safari Dreams

  • 3 soft Safari animal toys
  • A gentle motor that allows it to swing from side to side and from front to back
  • 6 swing speeds
  • Soothing nature sounds and 16 songs
  • A mirror globe

The dimensions of the cradle swing are 31.9 x 15.7 x 13.5 inches, while the product weighs 24.3 lbs including packaging. It is a multispeed baby swing with 6 different speeds that is fitted with a weight sensor so that power can be adjusted to maintain the selected speed even as the baby grows and gains weight.

All the material parts of the swing are machine washable, which comes in handy with babies.

Swing features nature sounds and 16 different songs to soothe and relax babies to help them fall asleep. The mirror globe and the Safari animal soft toys plus the mobile make the swing reassuring for babies.


The Safari Dreams swing is mainly used to relax babies enough so that they will go to sleep. The sights and sounds babies experience while in the swing allows them to relax, as does the swinging action itself.

Furthermore, the sights and sounds of the Safari Dreams stimulate babies and helps to develop their hand and eye coordination.


The Safari Dreams Cradle n Swing baby swing is a cute product that babies seem to find really comfortable and relaxing. Babies have no problem sleeping in this swing and it gives parents a break while they sleep. The product looks good and generally does what it is supposed to do well.

Sometimes the quality control could be better, buyers just need to make that they return faulty swings within the specified time limit.

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