Fisher Price Rainforest Swing Reviews

Searching for a way to entertain your new baby? Fisher-Price Rainforest swing has everything you need for your little one. From musical sounds to fun dangling Rainforest Friends, there is something for every baby to enjoy!

Improve your child’s gross motor skills through play or auditory skills through music exploration. The mobile is not stationary so you can easily move it away when you need to reach for your baby.

What makes this product so handy is that you don’t have to stay near an outlet. You can pick it up, fold it flat, and carry it to wherever your next destination is and you will only need batteries if you’re not near an outlet, making the plug-in option a great way to save money on batteries.

Fisher-Price Rainforest Swing Reviews

fisher price rainforest take along swing & seat

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Focus on Fun

The two rainforest animals are more than just a simple distraction. They also peek out from behind the leaves to promote visual tracking by encouraging the baby to reach out and try batting for each one. The built-in music helps develop music skills while giving you, the parent, a much-needed break (and probably some really cute photos). Since all babies are different, Fisher-Price made sure there was something each and every baby could/would enjoy.

Swing into Speed

There are six different speeds on the model as well as two motions (front-back or side-to-side). They range from low to high so you can find which speed works best for your baby. The best part about this model is that it is built with SmartSwing Technology so as your baby grows, the speed will not slow down due to the increase in the child’s weight.

fisher price rainforest mobile

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Keep Storage Simple

With a new baby who has time to clean? Being a new parent is like surviving the longest day ever for the first four months so rest is something you probably not only want, but you actually need. You don’t have time to expend what little energy you do have for anything outside of washing bottles and reaching for another cup of hot coffee (or tea). This swing not only allows for easier storage, but it also folds flat so you can store this in a closet when you’re no longer using it. That keeps chores down to a minimum so you can focus on what’s really important…your new baby!

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Vibrate with Happiness

The Rainforest Swing also includes a vibration setting if the swing is set to the stationary position. This allows your child to enjoy a healthy massage while you take a moment to enjoy some peace and quiet. Babies absolutely love the sensation! Just be sure to turn it off and remove your baby from the chair if he or she is ready for a nap. It can be dangerous to leave the child in the seat unattended.

Safety First

Fisher-Price is committed to safety first. This product comes equipped with non-skid feet so you will never have to worry about your baby moving around too much in the swing. Also, the five-point restraint will help keep your baby from accidentally falling out of the swing.

fisher price rainforest infant swing

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Replace Broken Parts Easily

If anything should ever break on your new swing, such as the motor, for example, Fisher-Price will more than likely send replacement parts. All you have to do is contact the company directly for more information. There isn’t a charge for the part or parts needed to get the swing up and running again. That stretches your money a little farther for all those other toys you want to buy for your child!

Save On Laundry

It goes without saying that babies take work, but with this swing, you will find nothing but easy maintenance. The padded seat detaches for a nice run through the washing machine. So if your baby accidentally drips some formula down the side of his or her new seat you can simply remove your child and carefully clean the padding by hand or in your washing machine.

fisher price rainforest friends swing

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Two Different Modes

Some swings only have one position. This particular product, however, is highly versatile! You can place it in a stationary position with or without the vibration feature, or you can just as easily recline the seat to comfort your baby. Colicky babies will adore the vibration setting! The choice is yours and as every child is different, only time will tell which options are best for your baby.

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  • 2-in-1 swing or stationary seat with vibrations
  • Multiple Musical Tunes
  • Toys included
  • Padded Seats
  • Handle for easy transport
  • 5-Point restraining harness
  • Built with SmartSwing Technology


  • Swing is only rated for ages birth through six months
  • Toys are affixed to the swing
  • 25-pound weight limit
  • Some assembly required


Product dimensions measure 19.84 x 25.39 x 25.04 inches. Alkaline batteries required. Rated for newborn through infants six months of age. Music includes ten songs and two nature sounds. The padded seat is machine washable. The product also folds flat for easy carrying and simple storage. The product weight is twenty-five pounds.


This swing aids in calming fussy babies. The gentle swinging motion encourages napping while more active babies may take an avid interest in the dangling toys included with the product. Only usable until the baby begins to climb out of the seat.


New babies are precious. They make our hearts beat with joy. Every moment is a memory that will last forever. That’s why so many parents prefer the gentle sway of the Fisher-Price Rainforest Swing. Once the baby has had his or her fun and is ready for a nap, the product can easily be folded for simple storage.

fisher price rainforest take along swing & seat

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