Crying of the baby especially for the newborn baby usually is representing the newborn of a life. For newborn baby, crying is the universal language for him or her to communicate with the outer world. They express their hunger, thirsty, bad feelings and eagerness for love and simulations through crying.

But what if the baby is continuously crying for over two or three hours? Then you should pay particular attention, that your baby is perhaps getting colic. You may ask,

what is colic?

Is it something serious?

Do I need to get a doctor?

Don’t worry, in this article; we will give you detailed introductions on the colic and best way to solve or to relieve baby with colic.
To baby with colic, we suggest several best multi-functional baby swings as follow:

5 Best Baby Swings For Colic: Top Recommend

1Fisher Price Sweet Snugapuppy
2Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing
3Graco Duet Soothe Swing
4Ingenuity SmartSize 2-in-1
54moms MamaRoo Baby Swing

Best Baby Swings For Colic Reviews

1. Best Swing For Colic Baby – Fisher Price Sweet Snugapuppy

best swing for colic
best baby swings for colic



This is a classical and best hot selling type of infant swing in Fisher Price. It charges no more than $200, but is highly cost-effective and functional.

What makes it super suitable for baby with colic is its dual swing motions, it swings both from side to side and from head to toe. According to the research, swing motions from side to side or from back to front while head supported can effectively calm the baby down. Because it provides the situation as if the baby is still in Amniotic fluid.

Next attracting set for colicky babies is the music settings. It supports 16 soothing sounds and songs, also include white noise. The beautiful melodies will attract the interest of babies and give them feelings of safety especially in quiet nights.

Because of its safety belts and different recline positions, it suits newborn babies to use perfectly; thus it is surely the best one for colic baby use. What if the baby grows heavier and larger? Do not worry; the machine is equipped with smart technology to sense baby’s weight automatically and adjust swing speeds smartly.


  1. Dual swing motions for colic baby use
  2. Two recline positions
  3. Easy to convert to different positions
  4. 6 swing speeds
  5. Both AC adapter and batteries available
  6. Machine washable

[label type=”label-default”]

  1. Lack of vibration
  2. Uneasy to move


2. Swing For Colic Baby – Graco Simple Sway

best baby swings for colic



If your baby gets colic and you need only one swing motion to help swing baby for you, then this can be an excellent choice. Like Fisher Price Snugapuppy type, this one is also a simple design.

What worth mention is that it swings only from side to side, thus if your baby enjoys front to back swing, then you may skip choosing other types. But if he or she is side to side type, then congratulations, you have found the most suitable one.

There are six swing speeds, and gentle vibration modes can be chosen to attract the interest of your baby and release the pain of your colic baby. Along with 15 songs and sounds, your babies will feel safe as if you are always on his or her side. As colicky babies cry mostly at night, the white noise inserted is hugely helpful to coax them into sleep.

It is equipped with a five-point harness to keep your baby safe, but you still need always to keep an eye on your baby in case bad things happen. If you feel the head support is not strong enough, then you may get another baby pillow for newborn colic baby.


  1. Multiple swing speeds
  2. Small frame to save enough space
  3. 15 songs and sounds to attract baby’s attention
  4. Removable head support
  5. Five-point harness equipped
  6. Both plug in and battery available

[label type=”label-default”]

  1. Swings from side to side only
  2. Unfold


3. Colic Baby Rocker – Graco Duet Soothe Swing

baby rocker colic
colic baby rocker



This unit combines the function of rocker and swing together as one, which means you can either use it as rocker and swing.

When used as a swing, three sitting positions of it is able to swing baby both from front to back and from side to side, Just as what patents do in real life.

Like the two best types we recommended above, this one is also equipped with many songs and sounds, enabling to bring enjoyment and relaxing to colicky babies in anxiety.

With battery operated, it vibrates in two speeds, from slow and fast, you can choose according to your baby’s preference. What we think is useful especially for colic baby is the hanging toys.

Three toys are hanging on the toy bar; they moved with the motions of the machine. With the moving toys, baby’s interests will be attracted, and they will forget their sickness for some period.


  1. 3 sitting positions
  2. 2 vibrations speeds
  3. Multiple swing speeds from slow to fast
  4. 15 songs and sounds inserted
  5. Both battery and plugin available
  6. Can be used as a rocker

[label type=”label-default”]

  1. The machine is too heavy to carry casually


4. Best Bouncer For Colic Babies – Ingenuity SmartSize

baby chair for colic
baby colic chair



Above three that we have recommended are simple design types, if you want something more attractive or more functional, then we would like to suggest the Ingenuity baby swing for you.

Combining the function of both rocker and swing, your baby can get different enjoyment when sitting on it. Swing motions from side and side or from back to front effectively calm the colicky baby down.

For baby usually crying in the evening, this can be a great helper. Baby cries at night because of the incapability of sensing the sights and sounds; this machine has a light beam electronic mobile to bring baby safety at night. But of course this is just a swing, not a cradle, we do not suggest baby sleep in it during the night, you can put him or her in it when the baby gets anxiety.

There are three automatic swing timer settings to turn off the machine by itself. Three soft toys hang on the toy bar within baby’s reach; they rotate once the device is on.

In a word, this can be a smart one you can choose if your baby gets colic.


  1. Able to link the phone with a machine to play music or video
  2. Seat rotates 360 degrees to four different swing positions
  3. Two recline positions
  4. Compact design to save large space
  5. Light beams
  6. Plug in

[label type=”label-default”]

  1. Wheels are not easy to roll
  2. Unfold


5. Best Baby Chair For Colic – 4moms MamaRoo

best swing for colic
best baby swings for colic



In terms of imitating parents motions, no one is better than MamaRoo does. And it is regarded as the future of baby swings, where we can judge from its appearance.

Unlike swinging from side to side or from head to toe, this one moves in unique motions. It is said to imitate the actual movement that parents do in real life; therefore, it may more effectively to calm down colicky baby when they feel uncomfortable.

There are four built-in music to relax baby, if your baby dislikes the inserted music, you can also connect your phone with the machine and play whatever your baby likes.

The machine seat fabric is pretty soft, and the seat position is designed based on the baby’s body structure.


  1. 5 unique motions
  2. Bluetooth baby swings
  3. Machine washable seat fabric
  4. Not heavy but sturdy
  5. Adjustable seat recline
  6. AC adapter available

[label type=”label-default”]

  1. It has only natural music


Does Baby Swing Help Colic?

Surely it helps to some extent. Infant swing frequently is regarded as a lifesaver to help free your hands; it tends to be a safe and cosy place that baby can stay in for a short period. With its swing motion imitating from parents, the baby swing effectively soothes baby down. For colic baby, the best relief method is attending more conservative activities, such as shaking them gently around. And that is precisely way the baby swing can do in working.

Besides, along with its inserted music and slight vibration, the baby feels quite comfortable and gradually calms down. However, only those with well designed can be perfect helpers. Then what are the best gear for a colic baby? Or say, what factors and features should the best one for colic baby have? Just keep reading, and you will find the answer.

Things to Consider on Buying Baby Swing For Colic

1. Baby position

For colic babies, keeping a slightly upright or straight position no matter in sleeping or standing helps relieve the pain, for it helps stomach acid stay where they belong. Some of which are designed as upright types, while others are equipped with multiple seating positions for different needs.

2. Swing movement

The standard swing moves from front to toe, or from side to side, and some combine two act together as binary options. The one with front to back movement is highly suggested. When hugging a baby with colic, the doctor indicates that moving it from head to toe, with slight vibration can better relieve its pain. Therefore, some with vibrating function can also be the right choice.

3. Swing speed

Baby is fond of the movement of swinging, especially for those suffering the uncomfortable feeling of sickness; they are easily getting distressed. In such conditions, those with slight movement are not suitable any longer. You should choose one capable of swinging hard, which, in other words, has a larger swing speed.

4. White noise

It is tested that white noise is capable of soothing baby down effectively. There are many products play white noise such as the sound of the wind, snow or rain that you can choose.

5. Swing constructions

Baby lacks the ability to protect itself in dangerous situations; thus it needs to stay somewhere pretty safe. Selecting a baby swing with metal or stainless steel materials ensures a relatively long service life and durability. Also, the seat needs to be pretty soft and well padded.

6. Safety

There is never too much to focus on the safety issues of babies. And to guarantee safe use, first, you need to make sure that you use it under the recommended weight limit. Then choose a sturdy type with a sturdy structure. What comes next is the harness, the five-point harness is far better than three-point types.

7. Power source

There are two power types, one is battery operated, while the other is plug-in type. Battery operated swings are convenient in travel use, but spends a lot on use costs. Plug in baby swing, as the name suggests, needs to be used at home near ac adapter.

8. Additional features

There are many other swings for colic babies with additional features, such as Bluetooth control, music inserted, tray and canopy equipped, rocker or bouncer combo, etc.

9. Easy cleaning

You won’t want to buy something that can be used only for once, thus purchasing one that is easy to clean. Keeping fabric and seat clean is also suitable for baby’s health. If you are tired of washing them frequently by hands, you can pick the one capable of washing by washing machine.

What Does Colic Mean In Babies?

Colic represents the uncontrollable crying for over three hours a day or three days a week. It is not a severe disease that can happen on most healthy babies, and it affects 10%-40% of babies under 4 months old. It does not result in long term problems, but it is really a tough thing especially for new parents.

Symptoms of Colic In Infants

Colic frequently happens on healthy babies between two weeks and four months of newborn babies. The crying time lasts for more than three hours a day or three days a week. Periods of colic happens typically in the evening for no slight reasons. The symptoms may include high pitch crying, wrinkled brow, legs and hands waving in the air with anger, etc.

Causes of Colic

The causes of colic remain unknown now. It happens on baby boys and baby girls, healthy babies and sick babies, strong ones and weak ones. There is a word that babies born to mothers who smoke a lot during pregnancy are at high risk of getting colic, but it is not proved scientifically.

Some experts believe that baby’s fed cow’s milk is also related to colic to some extent, some of which develops antibody response and causes the colic. Allergy to milk will, of course, worsen the condition.

Another unproved saying is that colicky crying is a physical release of sensitive babies. During the evening, babies are hard to sense sights, sound, and sensation. Thus they become anxious and afraid.

In a word, causes of colic is still a mystery to all of us. What we could do is to try as we could to relieve the sickness for our babies.

best thing for colic in babies
symptoms of colic in newborn babies

How Long Does Colic Last

Luckily, colic is a sickness that can be cured by itself through time. It usually lasts for six weeks, and it gets a large improvement between three and four months. 80% of the babies of more than 4 months years old are over colic.

Effects of Colic On Family

Baby colic to some extent influences the emotions of parents and may get parents into long term depression and anxiety. Baby continually cries in the evening, which means parents need to hug and coax baby into sleep during the whole long night. When it lasts long, mothers and fathers do not get enough sleep and may cause bad depression.

Besides, it may also lead to a frequent visitor to the doctor and excessive laboratory tests, baby colic is to a large extent exposed to abuse and even leads to the shaken baby syndrome.

Should I Take My Baby to Doctor If She or He Gets Colic

Crying is a language that babies use in their early years; they can not speak out their feelings or even sickness but can also express by crying. Therefore, if your baby has the symptom of colic, you should get him or her to hospital. Doctors will make a full test on babies health, in case of potential disease inside the body happens. And they can also check whether your baby is feeding or growing normally. It will significantly reduce your anxiety and worry.

Newborn Colic Treatment

As the causes of colic remain a mystery, there are no medications found to be safe and effective. Thus if your baby is tested to be otherwise healthy, we do not suggest any medicines for you.

There are some home remedies for colic, most of which are pretty conservative. It may include swing baby from side to side or from front to back while supporting their head, playing soft and relaxing music, eye contact and facial emotions on joking babies, feeding babies, using a pacifier or swaddling with legs flexed.

how to treat colic in newborn babies
best way to treat colic in babies

All the above methods aim to attract baby’s interest or attention and make them feel relaxed and safe. In other words, they are some kinds of calming ways on colicky babies.

Of course, if hugging or coaxing babies for an extended period, parents will feel so exhausted both in spirit and in physical. In such a condition, which helps a colicky baby or parents is the best baby swing. It imitates parents motions and brings enjoyment and safety to babies as parents do in real life.

All the best baby swings for colic we have recommended are just helpers to new mothers and fathers; they help to relieve baby’s sickness by offering comfortable sitting positions and attracting baby’s attention.

Colic is not a matter of serious, but it does bring great pain to both babies and parents, patience is an essential factor in helping babies to relieve the pain. And put down all your worry if your baby is otherwise healthy, your baby will safely pass the crying period with the growth of age.

Should I Choose a Face Down Baby Rocker For Colic Baby?

After getting the basic knowledge of causes and relief on baby colics, you may ask: there are many faces down baby rocker that claims to be quite helpful in relieving the pain, should I choose them?”

Well, for that question, the answer of me is, “yes, they do help for a while. But we do not suggest you on getting it. ”


Infant baby is too young to control the motions of themselves. You may have heard many pieces of news on newborn babies being choked to death in sleep on baby bassinets. They cannot turn over bodies or even their heads in dangerous situations. Then the design principle of face-down baby rocker is motivating the motions of mom padding on babies’ backs. If you are able to keep your eyes on them every single second they stay on the machine, then that’s OK, you can definitely buy one. And the best face-down baby rocker you can get is Babocush rocker.

However, if you attempt to use it as a lifesaver, spacing more time for you to do something of your own. I would say, “No! Never get this!”

In a word, a machine is just a helper, which you can never fully believe in it. That’s why the top #1 safety tips we give you on using it is, ALWAYS KEEP AN EYE ON BABY IN USING!

What Can I Use For Colic Baby?

“Apart from baby swing, are there any other things that I can do or buy to relieve the pain of my baby?”

Sure, a baby swing is a device that baby can stay for a short period, then for the rest of the time, there are many things that help a lot.

1. Baby colic pillow

Infants spend a majority of their time sleeping, then pillow can be a good companion for a sound sleep. According to the investigation, baby pillow with 12-degree incline tends to be pretty comfortable for baby sleeping, and also reduces nasal congestion, reflux acid, and spit-ups.

The pillow we refer here is bassinet wedge pillow, which means it should be perfectly matched with your bassinet, whether buying a round shaped or squared shaped, all determined by the place baby sleep in.

Again, safety needs to be a primary concern. The fabric must be toxic and chemical free, the one that is breathable is good for baby’s health. Based on all the above considerations, we selected this Cher Bébé Oval Bassinet Wedge Pillow for you.
anti colic pillow

2. Baby belly wrap

Both colic and reflux are stomach issue, thus warming it up in sleeping can well relieve the pain. Here is a best-recommended baby belly wrap: Happi Tummi Baby All Natural Belly Wrap

belly wrap

Heat it up in microwave-oven for about 15 seconds and wrap it on baby’s belly, then you can smell the relaxing aroma calming herbs and sense the comfy feeling of the baby.

With 100% natural fabric, it keeps baby warm and cozy from infant to toddler.

3. Grip water for babies

Grip water is a kind of medicine that helps to relieve the pain and calm down the fussy baby effectively. However, you should always use it under the recommendation from doctors, though it is said to be no side effects.

If your doctor says it is OK to have some, then you may consider Colic Calm Homeopathic Gripe Water.

grip water for babies



1. When do babies stop having colic?

When the baby grows over four months old, the colic usually is stopped if she or he is otherwise healthy.

2. What age does colic start?

Baby colic usually starts when the baby is younger than four months old, it lasts for about six months and gradually cured by itself.

3. How to get a colicky baby to sleep?

Baby starts normally crying at night, and both parents and babies are unable to sleep, in such condition, parents can holding baby’s head tightly and swing baby from side to side or from head to toe. You can meanwhile murmur some melodies to coax him or her into sleep. Of course, if you have baby swings at home, you can just turn it on and put the baby in safely, but remember to get him or her on the bed again after baby falls asleep.

4. Can a baby sleep in the swing?

No, a baby swing is just a machine to relax and take a nap, if baby sleep in the baby swing for a long time, it will harm the development of its bone, and that is why experts insist baby should stay in the swing for no more than three hours time.


If you still have any other problems on colic or want to know more information on best baby swings for colic, please feel free to contact us or get into Amazon directly.

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