8 Best Compact Baby Swings AWESOME Reviews 2020 (Small Home Use)

best compact baby swings

With newborn baby, many families are crowded with baby stuff in each corner of the home, and if you get a full size baby swing, you will feel like having no place to put feet in. In such a situation, compact baby swings can help you out.

The small size and perhaps folded up supporting legs save much floor space for you. Thus buying the best compact baby swing can be a wise choice for small spaces.

Top 8 Best Compact Baby Swings 2020 On The Market

14moms 2015 mamaRoo
2Fisher-Price Take-Along Swing
3Graco Slim Spaces Compact Baby Swing
4Graco Lite LX Gliding Baby Swing
5Graco LX Gliding Swing
6Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing
7Ingenuity SmartSize 2-in-1
8Ingenuity Swing'n Go Portable Baby Swings

Best Compact Baby Swings Reviews

1. Best Baby Swing For Small Spaces – 4moms 2015 mamaRoo 

best compact swing for baby

This baby swing is a compact but functional one, it is the half size of full size baby swing, the small but sturdy footprint makes it easy to be put in any corner of the home. It is Bluetooth enabled, you can control the machine on and off remotely. With 5 unique motions, including car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock a bye and wave, the baby will feel as if he or she is still lying in the arm of parents. It has 4 built-in natural music to soothe baby, if you want to play melodies for infant, just connect your phone with Mp3 plug.

The machine pad is washable and soft but lacks the newborn baby insert. 5 point harness keeps baby safe and secures all the time. The seat recline positions can be adjusted to meet different needs. You can easily get baby in and out.

The swing speed is relatively slow. No vibration mode is set. Three toys hanging on the top entertain baby greatly when an infant gets bored. Plug in operation saves a lot of money in buying batteries constantly. It weighs light and can be moved anywhere you want. It takes about only 20 minutes to put all together.


  1. 5 unique motions
  2. Bluetooth Enabled to control motion & sound
  3. 4 built-in sounds & MP3 plug-in
  4. Machine washable seat fabric
  5. AC Adaptor
  6. Adjustable seat recline


  1. Only natural sounds
  2. No vibration
  3. Have no newborn insert

2. Portable Baby Swing – Fisher Price Take Along Swing

best compact portable baby swing

This baby swing is portable and easily taking one. When used at home, it occupies only small piece of space just like a chair. It swings from head to toe only and powered by the battery. Two plastic toys are hanging on the toy bar, soft and easy clean seat pad makes baby feel cozy and comfortable, and it is easy to remove for machine washing. It can convert to a stable situation when you lock the seat belt.

It has 6 swing speeds and you can choose one from fast to slow, the calming vibration calms the baby down easily. When it is folded up, it is twice its original size, which is suitable for carrying out for traveling. 5 point harness keeps baby secure during whole using time, protect both upper and lower part of the infant’s body.

There is no head support, thus is not suitable for newborn baby without putting extra pads in. As it runs on battery only, it may be costly on buying batteries constantly. And battery life lasts about a month for daily use. The assembling of it is quite simple, takes approximately 20 minutes to put it together.


  1. 6-speed swing
  2. 10 tunes and natural songs
  3. Soft and comfy seat
  4. Easily convert
  5. Calming vibration seat
  6. Great for taking along or storage
  7. Much smaller than other types


  1. Run-on battery only
  2. Head to toe swing only

3. Best Baby Swing For Reflux Baby – Graco Slim Spaces 

compact baby swing reviews

This baby swing occupies only a small piece of floor space, two balls are hanging on the toy bar, they move with the motion of the baby swing. The swing machines swing from head to toe only. As a compact and portable baby swing, the operation and function of it are both simple. No music insert and it supports no vibration. The height of swing can be adjusted on the leg, and swing speed can also be chosen on your baby’s preference.

The seat is pretty soft and easy to remove, it is machine washable, so it is able to save much energy for you. The battery is used to control the swing motion only, thus its using time is relatively long, lasting about 3 months for daily use.

It can be folded up and packed into a suitcase easily. 5 point harness keeps baby safe during the whole using time. It is designed neutral, suitable for both baby boy and baby girl. The incline position is fixed, but the vertical position makes it suitable to be used for baby with colic or reflux.


  1. Height adjustable leg
  2. Space save
  3. Easy to fold
  4. Adjustable swing speed


  1. Battery use only
  2. Head to toe only
  3. No music

4. Small Swing For Baby – Graco Lite LX Gliding

top rated compact baby swings

This is a compact baby swing suitable to be used both indoor and outdoor. It is powered by both plug-in and battery. It has 6 swing speeds can be adjusted, it swings from head to toe. The lightweight size makes it easy to move anywhere. The built-in timer prolongs battery life and controls swing machine on and off automatically. It has 15 songs and sounds inserted, melodies give baby auditory enjoyment while natural sounds soothe baby into sleep effectively.

Two-star toys are hanging on the toy bar, but you need to remove it away before you put the baby in or out. The seat pad is soft and cozy, easy to remove and is machine washable.

Head support makes it suitable for newborn baby use, the large space gives baby freedom to wiggle around inside swing. The control panel is set on one of the arms, convenient to operate. It is set low, making it hard to put the baby easily for parents.

Though it is compact, it can not be folded up, thus if you need to use it outdoor, you need to put it in the back seat of the car. But the battery-operated option does bring much convenience to use outdoor.


  1. 6 gliding speed
  2. Lightweight
  3. 15 songs and sounds
  4. Toy bar can be removed
  5. Build-in timer
  6. Plug in or battery
  7. Space save


  1. unfold
  2. Head to toe only
  3. Remove the toy bar before putting the baby in

 5. Small Footprint Baby Swing – Graco LX Gliding Swing

best small baby swing

This is not a portable one but is really a compact baby swing. Being a full size type, it is designed to save 40% floor space. Its footprint is small but sturdy. Two toys are hanging on the toy bar, if they in the way of you putting a baby in and out, you can move them away.

It has two vibration modes but is mainly powered by the battery. 3 recline positions enable you to adjust the baby’s seat without waking him or her up in nap. It swings only from front to back and has 6 swing speeds, various from slow to fast.

Plug in setting helps save a lot of money in buying and replacing batteries monthly. It is unfolding, suitable for indoor use but not for traveling. The seat pad is pretty soft and cozy, head support is inserted for newborn baby. All of which can be removed easily and are machine washable.

5 point harness protects baby’s secure both from the upper part and lower part. It weighs quite heavy, is not suggested to move around. The design style is unisex, thus can be used for both baby boy and baby girl.


  1. 40% less space than other types
  2. 3 incline positions
  3. 6 speeds and two vibrations
  4. Plug in or battery


  1. Battery for vibration
  2. unfold
  3. Head to toe only

6. Space Saver Baby Swing – Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom

best baby swing for small space

This is also a portable baby swing, and the whole size is small and compact. It can also be folded up for traveling. The toy bar is removable, two plush toys move according to the motion of the swing. It swings only from head to toe like glider. 5 point harness keeps baby safe and secure. Seat belt is covered with thick fabric to make it cozy when tightening it up. The seat pad is comfortable, easy to be cleaned by washing machine. Head support is inserted for newborn infants.

It has 6 songs and natural sounds, able to calm the baby down effectively. 6 swing speeds offer you more choice on choosing one baby loves most. One feature of the Ingenuity baby swing is its noiseless working condition, the working noise can hardly be heard.

The whole machine is powered by battery, thus the battery cost can be relatively high. The seat is low and it is hard for parents to put the baby in and out. The toy bar needs to be removed every time you put the baby in.

When it is folded up, it becomes flat and easy to be carried anywhere you want. The support leg is sturdy enough.


  1. Foldable, easy to travel
  2. Pad washable
  3. 6 sounds and songs
  4. 6 swing speeds
  5. No working noise


  1. Battery only
  2. Seat is low

7. Baby Floor Swing – Ingenuity SmartSize 2-in-1 

best baby swings for small spaces

This baby swing is a full size type, but is made super compact and can be a good space saver, which is said to save 30% floor space. It is a baby swing and rocker combo, When used as a baby swing, you can plug it in the wall, so as to save much money in replacing the battery.

It weighs heavy, so we do not suggest you carry the whole swing machine around, if you need to keep baby stay with you, you can take the seat down and use it as a floor rocker. The rocker can be carried easily with one hand.

5 point harness keeps baby safe and the seat belt is careful covered by soft fabric. Three plush toys rotate with light beam electronic mobile. It can be easily transferred to different positions and is able to swing both from side to side and from front to back.

3 automatic swing timer settings are used to save energy on controlling machines on and off manually, especially when you are busy doing your business. The seat pad is comfortable and cozy, making the baby feel so relaxed. It has two wheels set on the back of the leg for moving, but because of its heavyweight, it is so hard to roll around easily.

You can connect your phone with it to play music, picture or even video for baby.


  1. Compact design takes up 30% less space
  2. Two recline positions
  3. Light Beams electronic mobile
  4. Plug in
  5. Used as rocker
  6. Seat easily rotates 360° to 4 different swing positions
  7. 3 automatic swing timer settings and 2 adjustable recline positions


  1. Still take up much space
  2. unfold
  3. The wheel is not easy to roll
  4. The machine is quite heavy

8. Compact Baby Swing With AC Adapter – Ingenuity Swing’n Go

best baby swing small spaces

This baby swing is so easy to be folded up for traveling, you can just put it in the suitcase or backpack. The compact design makes it a perfect space saver when used at home. Two plush toys are hanging on the toy bar, if it gets in the way of you putting the baby in and out, you can remove it away. It swings from front to back and has 5 swing speeds that can be adjusted. The battery is used to control the baby swing so it may be quite costly.

There are 11 songs and sounds inserted, among which you can pick one your baby likes most. The noiseless working condition can be your best helper to coax baby into a nap. It has also a volume control and 3 timer settings, you can use the timer to stop it working automatically, which prolongs batteries life if you forget turning it off manually frequently.

The seat pad is super soft, 5 point harness gives a baby a sense of secure. No matter you are bathing or cooking, you can take it with you, so you can do your business freely while still able to keep an eye on your baby.


  1. Clean seat pad
  2. Fold up easily
  3. 5 speeds
  4. 11 sounds and songs
  5. lightweight
  6. noiseless
  7. Volume control and 3 timer settings


  1. Battery only
  2. Front to back only

Compact Baby Swings Pros And Cons


1. The compact baby swing is able to save much floor space
2. It is easy to carry out and you can take it anywhere you want
3. It is perfect for small space use, especially when your home is crowded with baby stuff anywhere.


1.Less functional
2.Less sturdy than full size one

Compact Baby Swing With AC Adapter

Baby swing with ac adapter can save much money in buying and replacing battery monthly. If you use baby swing at home frequently, we do suggest you to choose a plug in baby swing. Followings are best baby swing with ac adapter than are of highly recommended:

best space saving baby swing

best space saver baby swing

best compact swing for baby

best compact portable baby swing

Our Choice…

Among all the compact baby swings, we would like to suggest Graco Lite LX Gliding Baby Swing- Lambert as the best baby swing for small spaces. It has a small and compact shape and weights light enough for one to carry it anywhere you want. It occupies only small pieces of land and has a plug in option, enable to save much money on replacing batteries.

Besides, compared with other portable baby swings, it is more functional, and it is also the most compact baby swing among all the full size types. Therefore, if you want to get a compact baby swing for small space indoor use, this can be a perfect one and the quality of it is definitely worth the price.

If you have interested in such an item, please feel free to check the latest price and more performance on Amazon.

most compact baby swing