The 7 Best Battery Operated Baby Swing Reviews 2024 【Newly Updated】

Battery operated baby swings are normally also portable. Since they don’t need an outlet, they are easy to carry away and take with you on trips. If you aren’t careful, however, they can be costly.

Here are the best battery operated baby swing reviews, you can choose one on your actual needs.

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Quick Pick on Top 7 Best Battery Operated Baby Swings

Best Battery Powered Baby Swing Reviews

1. Best Battery Operated Baby Swing – Graco Slim Spaces

battery operated baby swing reviews

Battery Life:
Comfort Level:

This baby swing is a super-compact one, the height of it can be adjusted with legs. When you fold it up, it occupies only a small part of the place so you can put it in your suitcase or backpack easily. Even when you are using it, its small and compact shape decided it a perfect one for a small space family.

As it is battery operated only, it can be used both for indoor and for outdoor travel. It lacks music and is not vibrating. Baby can enjoy the swing from head to toe. Ahead two toys on the toy bar move together with the machine, entertains the baby greatly.

As a basic function baby swing, the battery life of it can be rather long, it is able to be used for about 3 months for daily use. The vertical seat position makes it perfect for a baby with colic and reflux. 5 point harness keeps baby secure all the time. But for newborn babies, it lacks head support and body support.

The seat pad is soft and cozy, making the baby relaxed and comfortable when lying in it. The lightweight of it enables you to carry it anywhere with you, so you can do your own business while still keep an eye on baby’s safe all the time.


1. Height adjustable leg
2. Space save
3. Easy to fold
4. Adjustable swing speed


1. Battery use only
2. Head to toe only
3. No music


2. Outdoor Baby Swings – Ingenuity Battery Operated Convert Me Swing

best battery operated baby swing

Battery Life:
Comfort Level:

Baby swing of this type is super easy to assemble and operate. It is a portable and compact battery operated baby swing. Because of lightweight, you can take it to close with you. No matter you are having a bath or washing, you can always keep an eye on baby. It has 5 swing speeds, but the average swing speed is rather low. One toy ahead hanging and moves with the machine. The toy bar can be rotated to other directions, so you can put the baby in and out easily.

It is convenient to convert to a baby seat with swing lock, 3 point harness keeps baby secure. Battery-operated control and easy fold-up design make it perfect to use outdoors. You have no worry about finding a plug anywhere when staying outdoor, and when folding it up, it narrows into half size and is easy to be put in the suitcase or backpack.

The seat pad is made soft and cozy, you can remove it easily with one hand, and just throw it into the washing machine when it gets dirty. Two vibration modes can be adjusted according to your baby’s preference. But as the control panel is set on the foot of the machine, you may find it hard to control it easily.


1. Easy carry and light
2. Space-saving
3. 5 swing speeds
4. Fold up easily
5. Clean in the washer nicely
6. Easily convert to seat with a swing lock


1. Battery only
2. 1 toy ahead only
3. Swing speed is low


3. Battery Powered Baby Swing Portable – Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom 

top rated battery operated baby swing

Battery Life:
Comfort Level:

This baby swing is a portable one, two plush toys are hanging on to interest baby. It is a perfect one as an outdoor or travels baby swing. You can fold it up easily and pack it in your suitcase or place it in the car.

It swings from head to toe, 6 sounds, and songs are inserted, giving baby great enjoyment. The seat is set low, and a toy bar gets in the way when putting the baby in and out, so parents need to remove the toy bar and bend down to put the baby in. But this has been a normal problem of each portable baby swing.

The seat fabric is very soft and cozy, the seat belt is also covered with soft fabric to avoid tightening. When it gets dirty, you can easily remove it down and throw it into the washing machine. All the basic functions of the baby swing are satisfied with the small compact machine. But be careful to turn off the machine after using, or the battery will drain out easily.

The battery is used to control music and swing motion, for daily use, it can be used for a month, so it can be costly on buying batteries frequently. But the great advantage of it over other baby swing brands is its noiseless working condition, it moves quietly and smooth in its whole working process.


1. Foldable, easy to travel
2. Pad washable
3. 6 sounds and songs
4. 6 swing speeds
5. No working noise


1. Battery operation only
2. Seat is low


4. Outdoor Infant Swings – Ingenuity Swing’n Go Portable

battery operated baby swing reviews

Battery Life:
Comfort Level:

This is another battery operated baby swing of Ingenuity. The unisex design style suits both baby boy and baby girl. It can be folded up half size and packed into a suitcase or backpack easily. The clean and soft seat pad makes baby feel warm and cozy, machine washable fabric helps you reduce the trouble of washing by yourself. As it weights light, you can take it anywhere you want. If you want to take a bath or need to cook, you can take it with you, play the inserted music to entertain himself or herself. There are 11 songs and natural sounds, one of which will meet the baby’s preference.

The sound volume is adjustable, turn it down when the baby is taking a nap. And 3 timer settings help you to turn off the machine automatically, in case you forget and the battery is drained out.

You can choose one suitable speed among 5, the 5 point harness will keep baby safe. The seat belt is covered with soft fabric. Two plush toys hang on the toy bar, giving visual joy to the baby. The button is set on the foot, which is quite hard to operate without bending down. The toy bar can be removed so that you can put the baby in and out easily.

Noiseless working condition enables to bring the best user experience.


1. Clean seat pad
2. Fold up easily
3. 5 speeds
4. 11 sounds and songs
6. noiseless
7. Volume control and 3 timer settings


1. Battery only
2. Front to back only


5. Battery Powered Baby Rocker – Fisher Price Infant-to-Toddler 

battery operated baby swing reviews

Battery Life:
Comfort Level:

This is a baby rocker used from infant to toddler, two plastic toys are hanging on and moving with the shaking machine. Being a rocker, it moves with the baby’s motion but not to move automatically. Therefore, the battery is only useful for controlling vibration. Compared with other battery-operated baby swings, its battery life is quite long.

When the baby grows old enough, he or she can move the rocker by oneself, then you can remove the toy bar to get larger activity space for the baby. 3 point harness keeps baby safe all the time.

It can vibrate calmly to entertain baby or coax infants to sleep. When the baby is sleeping, you can adjust it to a stable position easily with a kickstand. The seat pad is soft and easy to be cleaned out. The large space enables the baby to wiggle and moves the head from side to side.

It has no music setting, and you need to remove the toy bar away if you need to put the baby in and out. It weighs light but unfolds, the small and compact shape enables it to be a great space saver. If used for newborn baby, you may need to put extra infant insert because it has no neck support and body support.


1. Adjust to a stable position with kickstand
2. Calming vibration
3. Bat-at toys stimulate baby
4. Removable toy bar grows with baby
5. Machine-washable seat pad
6. Use from infant to toddler
7. Not lead to a flat head syndrome, the baby is able to wiggle and move the head from side to side


1. C battery only
2. Manually rock only
3. unfold
4. No music


6. Battery Baby Swing – Fisher-Price Take-Along Swing 

top rated battery operated baby swings

Battery Life:
Comfort Level:

This swing machine is super easy to operate, two plastic toys are hanging on within baby’s reach. It has 6 swing speeds, you can choose one according to babies like; it only swings from head to toe like a glider.

10 tunes and songs can be chosen to coax baby into sleep, natural music is soft enough to calm the baby down. The small and compact shape occupies less space, suitable for small space family. And it is folded up, you can fold it up easily and then pack it into the car for traveling.

Calming vibration makes baby feel comfortable if you need to change it into a baby seat, just lock the seat belt. The colorful seat pattern and toys entertain the baby greatly. 5 point harness keeps baby safe. As it runs only on battery, you have no worry of finding plug anywhere outdoor, but is also costly on changing batteries constantly.

The seat is soft and cozy, and it can be removed for cleaning. The battery lasts for about a month for daily use. Be sure to turn off the machine once you stop using it, or the battery may drain out much quicker.


1. 6 swing speed
2. 10 tunes and natural songs
3. Soft and comfy seat
4. Easily convert
5. Calming vibration seat
6. Great for taking along or storage
7. Much smaller than other types


1. Run on battery only
2. Head to toe swing only


7. Best Outdoor Baby Swing – Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo

battery operated baby swing reviews

Battery Life:
Comfort Level:

Compared with the Rainforest Friends series, this seat is deeper. But when the baby grows large enough, the infant’s legs may reach out of the seat. It is compact and small, easy to carry out for traveling. When used at home, it occupies only a small piece of space, which is a great space saver. The padded fabric is soft and cozy, making the baby feel warm and comfortable. It has 7 soothing songs and melodies, you can choose you that suits baby’s preference. It only swings from head to toe.

When you lock the bottom belt, it changes into a stable seat. Calming vibration keeps the baby comfortable in it. But the seat is nearly flat, it is not suitable for the baby with colic or reflux. The cover of the seat is quite thin and lacks a baby insert.

The battery serves as the only power to control the music, swing motion, and vibration, thus its service life is quite short, lasting about a month for daily use. Of course, when you forget turning it down frequently after using, the battery will drain out faster.


1. Easy to take along
2. Space Saver
3. Easy convert to the baby seat
4. 5 swing speeds
5. Calming vibration
6. 7 soothing songs and melodies
7. Nice deep seat


1. Only battery operation
2. Front to toe swing only
3. The cover is a bit thin


Why Choose Battery Operated Baby Swing?

As we have said before, the battery-operated baby swing is perfect for outdoor use, and nearly all the portable baby swings are powered by battery, so it can be carried out easily for traveling. If you like hanging out with your baby, we would suggest you buy a battery-operated type, so you can use it outdoor conveniently.

On the contrary, if you intend to use it at home for most of the time, we still suggest plug in baby swing. Because the battery costs are much high, and you need to change it monthly, which is not so cost-effective for indoor use.

Anyway, for a travel lover, battery operated baby swing will be your best choice. On choosing baby swing, parents must determine by your actual use.

How Long Can Battery Last In Battery Operated Baby Swing?

It takes quite long before thinking of purchasing another one/ changing. It can be used for up to three months, and that is when used daily, that is long enough. If you want the battery to last longer ensure that you turn it down after using it because if left on the battery drains out faster.

The battery is the only power that controls the music, vibration, and the swing motion. Therefore, the duration of the battery depends on how you use the swing, for the baby swings that do not function regularly the batteries last longer but for the functional ones the battery drains out quickly and can only last for a month.

Most of the people will notice that the baby swing batteries do not last long to their expectations, not knowing that it depends on how the baby swing functions.

Pros & Cons of Battery Powered Baby Swing


1. Avoid the trouble of finding a plug anywhere
2. Suitable for outdoor or travel use
3. Convenient to take it along from room to room when at home


1.Cost much money on buying a battery
2.Need to constantly change batteries

How to Pick the Best Operated Baby Swing

First-time moms may find it difficult to pick the best baby swing; baby swings are wonderful during the first few months of your baby. There are some things you should know before picking a battery-powered baby swing because they guide you in picking the best one.


Type matters a lot when it comes to picking battery-operated baby swings, there are several models of baby swings, and these are; no-frills models, basic and fully loaded entertainment. You can pick a small or big size depending on the space that you have.

Speed and motions

Look at the speed and motion of the swing; there are those that offer side to side motion, rock head-to-toe, up and down or round and round circular motion. Pick one that you find more soothing to the baby. For the case of speed, swings offer multiple speeds starting low to high, pick that according to what your baby prefers.


In addition to that, you also need to pick a sturdy/ strong operated baby swing. A good swing should have a wide, sturdy frame that is near to the ground so that it cannot tip just in case your baby leans to one side.

Benefits of Battery-Powered Baby Swings

Battery operated baby swings have various benefits, and that is why most parents prefer it to any other baby swing. One of the major benefits is that it is perfect for outdoor use since it can be folded nicely, and because it is powered by a battery, it can be easily carried out for traveling.

Perfect for outdoor use

Anyone who loves hanging out with his or her baby is best for you. Battery costs are too high, and therefore, this battery-operated swing is not effective for indoor use. Another benefit of the battery-operated swing is that you don’t have to look for plug every now and then as it only uses a battery that can last for quite long.

Easy to move around

Having this swing is really wonderful because you can move it from one room to another since it is not bulky, you don’t have to leave your bay in another room just because you can not move the swing to where you are.

Battery Operated Baby Swings Vs Plug-in Swings

The main difference between the two swings is this; plug-in swings are only used at home/ indoors near an adaptor while the battery-operated swings are works well outdoor because they use batteries that do not go off any time soon.

If you need a swing that can only be used indoors a plug-in swing is the best. Plug-in swings save you a lot of money for buying batteries regularly all you need is just plugging it in the wall, and you are good to go.

On the other hand, battery-operated baby swings are good for traveling, with battery operation you can’t have any trouble of finding plugs anywhere, and all you need is take out the baby swing, turn it on and have fun.

Both of the two swings have their advantages and disadvantages; it all depends on where you like spending your time mostly. Travel lovers can go for battery-operated swings while those who love staying indoors plug swings are the best choice for you. We hope this article will help you to make the right choice.


1. How long does the battery last?

For less functional baby swings, the battery lasts quite long, some last for three months for daily use such as Graco Slim Spaces Compact Baby Swing-Linus/Etcher, but as for functional baby swing, which includes music, swing motion, and vibration, the battery is easily drained out, it may drain out in a month.

2. Which kind of battery do I need?

For each different baby swing, it requires different batteries. Some need C battery while the other uses D battery. Just read the battery requirement before using it.


#1. Graco Slim Spaces Compact Baby Swing- Linus/Etcher
#2. Ingenuity Convert Me Swing-2-Seat Portable Swing – Ridgedale
#3. Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing
#4. Ingenuity Swing’n Go Portable Baby Swings-Hugs & Hoots
#5. Fisher Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker- Floral Confetti

If you want to know more information and price of the products, please feel free to check on Amazon.