30+ Best Wooden Baby Walker Reviews

best wooden baby walkersA baby walker comes in different frame types like wooden, metal, or enforced plastic frames. A wooden baby walker may not have a sling seat for providing support to the baby while walking. But they have handles for your baby to hold on to the baby walker easily.

For easy supervision of your child’s attempt to walk, some baby walkers also come with a handle. Some of the walkers are easy to fold and store.

Depending upon your choice, you can choose from the different feature-rich baby walkers. Of all the feature-rich baby walkers, we would recommend you to buy a wooden baby walker for its inherent qualities due to the use of wooden frames.

In this buying guide on a wooden baby walker, we would find out their features and reasons for choosing a wooden baby walker over other baby walkers.

Let’s take a closer look at it!

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What Is The Best Wooden Baby Walker to Buy?

wooden baby walker

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Why Choose Wooden Baby Walker?

It’s a great joy and excitement to watch your little one take their first steps. Stumbling and balancing they try to walk when they turn a year old. As parents, we carefully monitor their development and growth, to avoid any fall for our little one.best wooden push walker

Having mastered the art crawling, they seem very keen to stand and walk on their own and explore the world around them.

This new development is exciting and amazing on the one hand but is worrisome on the other, for their parents as they might lose their balance and fall. We look for different baby accessories like knee guards, etc. for preventing any injury to our little toddler during this crucial development cycle.

Baby walkers are time tested aid for helping your child learning to walk. Babies usually learn to sit up on their own by the time they are six months old. They learn to crawl after that and try to explore the things around them. As the muscles develop in their legs and hands, they try to stand up on their own when they turn a year old.


Because the wooden baby walkers use a wooden frame, they come with few inherent advantages of using wood as the workpiece. A wooden baby walker is not an old fashioned tool for your baby. In this advanced world of the 21st century, the companies are coming up with innovative and scientifically proven solutions to develop the best product for your new generation baby.

Even a simple wooden baby walker may look so simple, but that is not the case, it is a sophisticated piece of work that has been scientifically designed for ensuring safety and comfort for your baby along with the development of essential skills in your baby. Following is the list of advantages of using a wooden frame in a wooden baby walker.

  • Wood is easy to work with and therefore may not have any sharp ends or corners. If at all, there are any sharp edges in your wooden baby walker, they can be smoothly rounded to make sure that they don’t hurt the baby.
  • Being a good insulator, wooden baby walkers don’t need heating or cooling in different weathers and therefore are more comfortable and safe for babies.
  • Wood is inherently beautiful as compared to metal frames or plastic frames that need a coat of toxic paints to look attractive.
  • Wooden baby walkers are cheaper than other baby walkers and are durable and safe at the same time.
  • Wooden baby walkers may come in different shapes, attractive designs, and beautiful carvings.
  • A wooden baby walker is also safe because of their inherent antiskid features that prevent your baby from tripping or toppling the baby walker.

wooden toddler walker wagon

No electronic parts

Wooden baby walkers do not come with any electronic components. They have quiet toys like cartoon figures, soft toys, etc. attached to them, which give a soothing and quiet environment for your child while walking. This not only keeps your child engaged during the rest time but also avoid any distraction while they are trying to walk. Being devoid of any electronic parts, they are also much safer to use for your child.
Wooden baby walker may come for children of age group 8-10 months till they turn three years old.

Some of the wooden baby walkers come with removable play panel that may have colorful educational tools like an abacus, shape sorter/identifier, music box, etc. But these are not required all the time as the fundamental purpose of the wooden baby walker might get defeated with these distractions.

Your baby might find it more engaging to play with the games in play panel than attempting to walk on their own. Therefore the play panel provided is removable, attach them to attract the baby’s attention towards the baby walker.

Encourage imaginative play

A child’s brain development happens most from 0 to 5 years of age. Therefore during this period, it is necessary that your child learns to develop essential skills like problem-solving, creativity, etc. for healthy brain development. A wooden baby walker is devoid of any distractions and helps your child develop the power of his/her imagination by encouraging your child for imaginative play.

As per Dr. Catherine Neilsen, a researcher in child development- “Pretend play or imaginative play has got a huge impact on the brain development of your child.” When children play creatively with their peers, they learn to share and compromise. Children learn to have conversations with dolls and toy figures.

They learn to develop social skills like eye contact and self-esteem. In addition to that, they learn to develop skills like language and vocabulary, emotional intelligence, creativity, and physical development. Considering the advantages of imaginative play, a wooden baby walker is, therefore, the best choice for the holistic development of your child.

Imaginative play like role play, etc. helps your child develop their imagination as they can be whoever they want to be in their world. It has been scientifically proven that imagination plays a vital role in developing creativity in your child.

wooden baby walker

Melissa & Doug Chomp & Clack Alligator Push Walker

The multisensory toy design encourages kids’ discovery and walking as they learn with every step. Give your kids the best with Melissa & Doug Wooden Walker!

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Things to Consider In Choosing A Wooden Baby Walker

Baby walkers are an excellent choice to assist your infant learning in walking without the fear of falling. It has been scientifically designed to provide support to your child while walking. A baby walker may consist of a suspended sling seat from the wooden or metal frame having holes for sliding in your baby’s legs into it. The baby walker comes with castor wheels fitted underneath the wooden or metal frame that helps in the movement of the baby walker in directions as desired by the infant.

A wooden baby walker is designed to help your child take his first step and develop essential motor skills. You can use them when they are 6-8 months old until they turn three years old. A wooden baby walker comes in colorful patterns, shapes, and sizes that would entice your little one to learn walking faster.

Now that you know in detail about a wooden baby walker. We shall now focus on the factors you should be looking for when choosing the best wooden baby walker. They come in different sizes, dimensions and are equipped with features that may require little homework before finalizing your buy. Therefore to help you in making an informed decision, we have come up with a ready reckoner that you may refer to while choosing the best product for your baby.

wooden baby walker with blocks


A wooden baby walker comes in different sizes for infants of different age groups. To identify the best wooden baby walker for your child, you need to check the age group for which the baby walker is meant to be along with the dimensions of the baby walker.

It shouldn’t be too big to move by your baby and shouldn’t be too small to avoid tripping. Usually, the dimensions for a baby walker for a baby 10 months old are 20 x 20 x 10 inches. At these dimensions, the baby walker is safe to use as a walking aid.

Height and Width

You should also check the height and width of the baby walker properly. They should not exceed 20 inches in any case. Though baby walkers come for children up to the age of three, they are bigger for a toddler trying to take their first step. The baby walker for a three-year-old child would not be the best choice for an infant in their learning stages. So, buying an oversized baby walker for your toddler considering its long term use in the coming years is not advisable.

Additionally, we suggest that you go for a wider baby walker. The wider the baby walker, the better the stability it will be. Because it means moving the center of gravity out of balance for a child can be difficult.


Along with its dimensions, the wooden baby walker should be stable to avoid tripping when your child pushes or pulls it. Check the stability thoroughly before finalizing your purchase.

Different brands manufacture these wooden baby walkers, and they use a scientific approach while designing these baby walkers. They should have a broader base to ensure that the center of gravity lies close to the ground. That way, even a sudden push to the baby walker won’t trip them at all.

wooden walker for toddlers


Wooden baby walkers are designed to ensure the safety of your child. They come with ergonomically designed hand grips for your child. The handgrips make sure that the child firmly holds on to the baby walker handle and takes its support comfortably when they lose their balance.

The wooden baby walker may also come with extra attachment in the legs/wheels that will prevent them from toppling. These safety measures are necessary to avoid your baby from falling and injuring herself.


The wooden baby walker may come with castor wheels or rubber trimmed wooden wheels. Your junior will experience the fun of pushing or pulling these baby walkers because of these wheels. Most of the branded wooden baby walkers come with brakes in their wheels; these are necessary when your baby wants to play with a stationary baby walker.

Just put them on, and watch your baby play with the baby walker. These brakes also ensure their safety when you don’t want the baby walker to move from their resting position. While buying a wooden baby walker, make sure that your baby walker has got rubber trimmed wheels with brakes, for they are antiskid and safe for your child.


Primarily, a wooden baby walker is scientifically designed to help your child develop essential motor skills. But alongside that, they may come with a removable play panel having different tools like an abacus, music box, etc. to keep your little one engaged for hours. Your child can also use them as a shopping cart to collect all the toys, games, etc. in the cart and move that miniature cart around the house.

This pretend-play activity help develop imagination and creativity in your child. We have enlisted below the different functions that you can accomplish using a wooden baby walker; they are as mentioned below:

  • Use a wooden baby walker as a simple push walker that can assist your child in learning walking.
  • Use as a wheelbarrow for transporting toys, games, etc. around the home. Something your child would love to experience.
  • Use as a shopping cart and move around the home with all their toys stored in the cart.
  • Use as a toy doll stroller.
  • Creating an obstacle course is another way to help your child develop skills like problem-solving and critical thinking. Your child will develop problem-solving skills when they try to move the wooden baby walker around the obstacles.

wooden walker push toy


A wooden baby walker is also suitable for hardwood maple flooring because the wooden baby walker provides just the right amount of traction required for preventing skidding. Wheels of the wooden baby walker are designed for all types of floors and surfaces. They are therefore used for all kinds of floors.

Speed control

A wheel in a wooden baby walker comes with brakes. With a proper braking system with the baby walker, you can control the speed of the walker as per your child’s degree of agility. Initially, every child needs a slow-moving baby walker as they learn to walk at a slower pace.

With time and practice, they learn to master the art of walking, and at that point; you need to remove the brakes for the swift movement of the baby walker. After they learn to walk, the baby walker becomes their shopping trolley/cart. At this stage, you can remove the brakes and watch your little buddy move around with confidence pulling her baby walker along with them.

Wooden baby walker with speed control is a popular choice for parents as the speed of its motion can be regulated in these baby walkers. To begin with, you might need a slow-moving wooden baby walker, but later, as your toddler grows up, you may choose to increase the speed of the baby walker.

baby push walker wooden


As compared with the plastic toys and plastic baby walker, wooden articles and wooden baby walkers are more durable and remain your child’s playing partner for long. Wood is inherently more durable and beautiful than other materials and is, therefore, a material of choice for manufacturing baby walkers.

The durability can be adjudged from the fact that these baby walkers remain a utility for more than 2 years. An excellent wooden baby walker may last a lifetime even if they are not looked after much after their use during your child’s infancy.

Wooden Baby Walker vs. Plastic Baby Walker

Plastic baby walkers could be easier to clean, but they are not a substitute for an excellent wooden baby walker. Unlike plastic baby walkers, wooden baby walkers are more durable, and since it is easy to work with wood, they come with some inherent advantages that we have discussed above in detail. Wooden baby walkers do not use toxic chemical paints and therefore are safe for your child.

Wood is easy to work with, and consequently, any sharp corners and edges could be rounded easily. The wooden baby walkers may also come in beautiful designs and shapes with handcrafted carvings on them. Being a good insulator, they are not required to be heated or cooled in different weathers and are therefore thermally stable, safe, and comfortable for your baby.

The plastic baby walker comes with plastic wheels that are too slippery to hold on to by your baby. On the other hand, a wooden baby walker comes with wheels that provide good traction over any surface, helping your child depend on them while learning to walk.

kids wooden walker

Tips on Using The Baby Walker Safely

Now that you have already decided on buying a wooden baby walker for your child, there are some essential tips that you would like to refer to before finalizing your purchase. These tips will also give you an idea of what you should be looking for while buying a wooden baby walker.

  • Most of the baby walkers come with braking features in their wheels. They are to be used when your baby is learning to walk. At this point, they need stable support that can help them stand on their feet. Once they develop the muscles in their legs strong enough to support walking, you can remove brakes and let your child push or pull the baby walker.
  • Apart from using the brake feature judiciously. Do not overload the wooden baby walker with toys as the junior may topple the baby walker and cause injury to herself.
  • Always follow the safety instructions, as mentioned in the Instruction sheet.

Types of Wooden Baby Walkers

Going by the name, a wooden baby walker is meant primarily for assisting your child take their first step. Apart from being a push wooden baby walker, they can also be used for varying purposes like as an activity center, sit to stand walker, walker cart, etc. Let’s take a closer look over some of the common types of the wooden baby walker with differences among them.

Wooden Push Walker

The wooden push walker is a simple push walker for your child. Available in varied shapes, concepts, and colors. They are the best learning partner for your child while they learn to walk. They consist of a rubber hand grip that helps your child get a firm hold on to the baby walker handles.

Best Wooden Push Walker

wooden walker trolley

Wooden Baby Walker Activity Center

Wooden baby walker may also come with additional features like an activity center. The activity center includes games and educational tools like an abacus, music board, shape sorter, etc. for keeping your little one engaged for hours.

While they are engaged with their newfound games, you can complete your daily activities without any worries. The activity center could also come as a removable panel to help your child learn walking distraction-free. Because of the multi-faceted wooden baby walkers, they are the best investment considering their long term use for your child.

Best Wooden Baby Walker Activity Center

childrens wooden walker

Wooden Sit to Stand Walker

When not being used for helping your child walk, these baby walkers come with removable play panel used by your baby for playing games that are inbuilt in the play panel. Having games like an abacus, xylophone, shape identifier, piano keys, etc. they can provide complete entertainment for your little one. After your baby is tired of putting in efforts for walking, they can sit and relax with the play panel in their hands.

Best Wooden Sit to Stand Walker

wooden baby walker with bricks

Baby Wooden Walker Cart

Babies tend to use the wooden baby walker for multiple purposes. A wooden walker cart comes with a cart like an arrangement attached to the main walker unit. The child is enticed to fill up the cart with all her toys and games they can pick. Once their cart is full, they try to push or pull the cart as they desire.

They learn this from their parents when they watch them shop using a cart. It is also a natural act of exploring the world around them, and a baby wooden walker cart is excellent to help them explore the world around them.

Best Baby Wooden Walker Cart

wooden shopping carts for toddlers

Choose With Different Usages:

It is best to start the walking practice of your little one on a soft surface (like grass, carpet, etc.) rather than hardwood floors as they will fall during the learning phase. A smooth surface will prevent any injury to them.

But if you don’t have a soft surface around then hold on to this para while we discuss the features of the best wooden baby walker for hardwood floors.

Here we will find out the things to keep in mind while purchasing a wooden baby walker for hardwood floors and small spaces.

For Hardwood Floors

For hardwood floors, you need a baby walker that is anti-skid and doesn’t leave marks on the wooden floor. Therefore for such cases, you need to look for a wooden baby walker that has got trimmed rubber wheels. A wooden baby walker that comes with wooden wheels is also equally stable. They are anti-skid on a hardwood surface and therefore prevent your child from losing balance or falling.

Best Wooden Baby Walker For Hardwood Floors

wooden walker for kids

For Small Spaces

For small spaces, you need a baby walker that is compact and can be easily stored. There are foldable options available in the market for your consideration. When it comes to serving their purpose, these foldable options of baby walkers are an excellent choice for compact/small spaces. They can be easily assembled or dismantled for folding them to store in compact spaces.

Best Wooden Baby Walker For Small Spaces

wooden baby walker activity centre

Choose With Different Shape Design:

The babies these days are spoilt for choices. All they want is everything. So, to give the best to your child, we have come up with two choices for a wooden baby walker. Your baby will go gaga over these. With colorful options available to choose from, the wooden baby walker could be the best playing partner for your little toddler.

Pink Wooden Baby Walker

An excellent choice for a baby girl. Wooden baby walker may come coated in different nontoxic colorful paints. But the best choice for your little princess would be the one in Pink for she will look prettier in a pink dress and driving a Pink wooden baby walker. You may also choose to decorate the pink wooden baby walker with beautiful ribbons and balloons for enhancing the beauty of the whole setup.

Best Pink Wooden Baby Walker

traditional wooden baby walker

Vintage Wooden Baby Walker

The wooden baby walker comes in different colors and finishes. If you are an antique lover, then a vintage wooden baby walker would be the best choice for you. There are two unmatched benefits of having a vintage wooden baby walker. Firstly, they will help your child learn the art of walking the old way, and secondly, later when your little champ grows up you don’t have to dump it in your storeroom but rather conserve them in your living room as an antique piece. That way, it will enhance the beauty of your house too.

vintage baby walker

Different Styles of Wooden Baby Walkers

When it comes to choosing the best wooden baby walker for your child, there are many different designs to take into consideration. Each of these designs has its benefits, and you should choose the one that best suits your child’s unique personality and style. Size is essential, and it is crucial to understand how much control your child will have when using his or her walker.

Features of the walker are also important, from the style of blocks and bricks to the number and types of activities on the walker.

Wooden Baby Walker With Blocks

This style of the walker is a fun push toy that includes a storage compartment along with a set of blocks. These blocks can be decorated with pictures of items like animals, numbers, letters, or short words. All are allowing your child to develop his or her curiosity and independence. Many children will like to transport their walkers with blocks then unload load back up, and walk around again.

It is important to see how easy it is to turn these walkers. Sometimes wooden walkers are hard for children to turn, especially if they are heavy. Lighter walkers allow the child to lift the front wheel when they wish to turn the walker. Heavier walkers might not let the child do that.

Best Wooden Baby Walker With Blocks

plan toys baby walker with 24 wooden blocks

Wooden Push Along Baby Walker

This type of baby walker is designed for babies who aren’t yet able to walk. It is used to increase a baby’s mobility, and many believe it may help the baby master walking. But these baby walkers have some controversy surrounding them. Some pediatric physicians believe that baby walkers can delay a baby’s physical development. Such walkers have been around for centuries, so the debate still goes on. It is therefore prudent to make sure your baby is comfortable in his or her baby walker and to monitor at all times.

Best Wooden Push Along Baby Walker

wooden activity cube walker

Wooden Walker Wagon With Blocks

A walker wagon with blocks is ideal for the child who likes to collect things to push around while also enjoying the blocks that can be stored and taken out of the wagon. These types of walkers can vary in size and weight. Some might be too lightweight for certain children to be able to maintain balance for long periods. Others might be too big for the child to maneuver appropriately. It is crucial to find the right size.

What is on the blocks and the number of blocks can be an essential consideration. Numbers and letters are often popular. Other designs might be more popular for some wagon purchasers.

Best Wooden Walker Wagon With Blocks

wooden wagon for toddler

Wooden Walker With Bricks

This walker helps toddlers maintain balance while also carrying around bricks on their trips. They can use the bricks to build things and stack. Much like the wooden blocks, the bricks often have designs on them ranging from numbers to letters, animals, and various designs. These walkers will vary in size depending upon the length of the compartment holding the bricks. Children love to transport the bricks before building items or stacking them before loading the walker and taking off on another journey.

Best Wooden Walker With Bricks

wooden walker wagon with blocks

Baby Walker With Blocks Wooden Toys

This type of walker will often have some wooden blocks that the baby can move from side to and also sometimes stack on top of each other. This allows the baby to stand while also having attention to drawn to the blocks. It is important to continually monitor the baby in using, as you do not want the baby falling downstairs or tipping over, among other things.

Best Baby Walker With Blocks Wooden Toys

childrens wooden walker

Wooden Walker Block Cart

The wooden walker block cart will usually carry a deeper storage space than a walker with blocks or a wagon. This cart will allow the toddler to store his or her blocks as well as carry other items fitting neatly in the relatively large cart. These block carts are also usually heavier and sturdier, offering the benefit of being able to support and slow down the walking toddler.

Many children enjoy the block carts because they can build up a block structure and then collapse it with the cart.

Best Wooden Walker Block Cart

wooden baby walker with bricks

Wooden Baby Trolley Walker

Trolley walkers are devices that provide support for a baby as they are learning to walk. The trolley walker will often have a broad piece on the front side sitting at a steep angle of a little less than 90 degrees. This connects with the handle which is connected to a piece sitting an angel forming a triangle. The front flat piece often has items the baby can play way attached. Trolleys are usually very easy for children to control and maneuver, making it the right choice for those just learning to walk.

Best Wooden Baby Trolley Walker

baby walker with blocks wooden toys

Wooden Activity Cube Walker

A cube walker is just what it sounds like. Your toddler can push around what is essentially a cube which stretched up 2 or 3 feet and is a foot to 2 or more feet wide. These cube walkers will have various activities attached for the toddler to play with. The style of the walker allows for a lot of room for activities to be attached. Often cube walkers will allow pressure to be directed downward, prohibiting a child from picking up too much speed while pushing the walker, which might result in an injury.

Cube walkers are often popular due to a large number of activities that can be attached or placed on the walker. Far more activities can be placed on a cube walker than other types.

Best Wooden Activity Cube Walker

walker baby wooden

Wooden Doll Stroller Walker

Many doll stroller walkers are essentially small strollers. They allow your toddler to place a doll in the stroller and push it around. Other varieties include built-in dolls or are designed similarly to a trolley with a character on the front side. Many children enjoy taking their doll for a stroll, and a similar design to a trolley walker usually results in the child being able to have good control of the stroller.

Best Wooden Doll Stroller Walker

melissa and doug wooden walker

Best Wooden Baby Walker Brands

There are several different brands of wooden walkers. The following are 7 of the most popular brands, along with information to help you choose one for your child.

Hape Wooden Walker

Hape wooden walkers get high marks for their looks, their use of non-toxic paints, and the toys that come along with the walker. But perhaps the most popular feature of the Hape Wooden Walkers is that they are almost impossible to tip over. You certainly don’t want your walker tipping over as your child is pushing it, as this can cause injury.

The most common complaint with the Hape walkers is that they are challenging to turn. This seems to be the downside of having such a stable walker as it is difficult for some children to lift the front wheel to turn the walker.

Hape has a wide variety of walkers: a bus walker which is a cart walker, a wagon cart, a walker with blocks, and a wagon walker that is designed as a Beetle automobile. With this variety, you are bound to find something your child will like.

wooden alligator walker

Brio Wooden Walker

One feature that many people love about the Brio Wooden Walkers is that you can alter the resistance of the walker’s wheels. The back wheel has screws in them that you can tighten or loosen to give the wheels more or less resistance. Thus the walker can “grow” with the child.
The design of these walkers also seems to get high marks.

One common complaint is that the handle screws tend to come loose. It is best to monitor these and tighten when necessary.

Brio makes the Toddler Wobbler, which is a wooden wagon walker.

wooden baby trolley walker

Plan Toys Wooden Walker

Plan Toys is known as a sustainable toy company that produces environmentally friendly products. The company takes pride in making its products from reclaimed rubber.

The company produces a wooden walker with blocks and a wagon walker which is designed to look like a van. The wagon walker comes in blue, pink, or yellow colors.

The Plan Toys Wooden Walkers get high marks for their flexibility. You can adjust the height of the handles, which is excellent for any size child.

There is also a brake on the walkers to prevent it from rolling out from under the toddler, while he or she is pushing.

Some concerns about the walker include how lightweight it is which leads to some children tipping the walker over. Also, some say the walkers are difficult to turn.

haba wooden walker

Melissa and Doug Wooden Walker

There is a concern that the Melissa and Doug Wooden Walker tips over too easily when used by larger children. For smaller children, this does not seem to be a problem whatsoever.

The wooden walker gets high praise for its craftsmanship and design. It is also worth pointing out that the wheels have rubber around them to prevent any potential scratching of wooden floors, but this makes it difficult to use on carpet.

The walker has 3 alligator figures at the front who will open their mouths and “chomp” as the walker is being pushed.

wooden baby walker pram

Janod Wooden Walker

Janod offers a few varieties of wooden walkers. These include a cart with blocks, a trolley, and a doll stroller. These walkers all seem to get high marks for their design, as well as the features the children play with, such as the blocks, the colorful abacus on their trolley, and the beautiful design.

It is important to note that these walkers do not have brakes. If that is an essential component to you, then it could mean having to look elsewhere.

Janod offers several designs of wooden walkers. There is a wagon cart that is designed as a rabbit or as a dog, a trolley cart with blocks, a buggy cart with blocks, and a small “mini” buggy cart.

wooden kids walker

Boppi Wooden Baby Walker

The Boppi Wooden Baby Walkers receive high praise for their sturdiness. It seems no matter the size of the child, the Boppi walkers are hard to tip over.

The Boppi walkers come in a block cart and a musical walker that resembles a trolley. This includes a “xylophone” that the child can play.
One concern with the Boppi walkers is their durability as people have reported minor issues with screws coming loose and wheels falling off.

wooden truck walker

Tidlo Wooden Walker

Tidlo carries a cart walker with alphabet blocks as well as a trolley style “activity walker.” The activity walker includes items such as a rattle, a spinning mirror, matching blocks, and a mini abacus. The cart walker includes 24 letter and number blocks.

These walkers get high praise for their activities and for their craftsmanship. However, there is some concern that there are a few potential “finger traps” on the activity walker where a child could get his or her finger pinched.

There are different considerations to think about when choosing a walker for your child. When it comes to selecting a walker for a boy or girl, there are a few things to consider.

wooden walker with alphabet blocks

How to Choose A Girls Wooden Walker

An easy way to answer this question is to say that if the girl seems to enjoy the walker, then it is worth purchasing. But that is easier said than done. Sometimes the walker is being purchased as a gift, and it is also impractical to spend all day at the store while your girl tries out different walkers.

The most important consideration is to make sure the walker is the right size. You want your girl to be able to maneuver the walker easily. It is also essential that the walker is sturdy enough to handle your girls’ weight and activity level.

How to Choose A Boys Wooden Walker?

Choosing a walker for a boy is similar to selecting one for a girl. You want to make sure the walker fits with the size and weight of the boy. Apart from that, the rest is really cosmetic.

Do you want your boy pushing and playing with a walker containing blocks?

With a doll stroller?

The wooden walkers on the market on geared to appeal to both boys and girls, so apart from concerns about the size the rest is really just a matter of taste.

Its, of course, easy to say that a girl is more likely to like a doll stroller and a boy more likely, perhaps, to prefer a block stroller. But girls and boys tend to enjoy both – it is more the parent’s preferences.

wooden dog baby walker

Should I Get A Traditional Wooden Baby Walker?

There are many different choices available in the market today. If your pocket permits, then you may choose a more sophisticated wooden baby walker, but if you are looking for a budget option, then a traditional type could be a popular choice. The traditional wooden baby walker comes with a wooden frame and three wheels attachment similar to what we see in a tricycle.

They are the cheapest of the entire wooden baby walker. Your child can learn to stand by holding the traditional wooden baby walker and can also walk with ease using these baby walkers. The only point to be taken care of here is the fact that you need to ensure that your child uses baby walkers under your supervision.

The traditional baby walkers are the most basic form of baby walkers and therefore may not come with required safety features like brakes, etc. to prevent tripping.

wooden baby walker and bricks

Wooden Baby Walker Games For Toddlers

A wooden baby walker is designed for a multi-faceted development of your child. They come with different attachments like cart, play panel, etc. that helps your child in using them for playing different games like the four ways we have given below. Your child would love to have a game with so many different options to explore.

Regard walker as the shopping cart

Toddlers often learn things by watching what their parents do. They want to grow up fast and therefore imitate what grown-ups do. Like shopping is an excellent example; most toddlers observe their parents while shopping.

They put articles in their home into the walker’s cart and drag the cart with them all around the house. They learn to regard walker as their shopping cart while babbling with themselves. These types of games develop a child’s social skills.

Create an obstacle course

You are limited by your imagination, in the ways you can use a wooden baby walker. You can create a course with obstacles and ask your baby to walk around those obstacles, avoiding them. This will help develop the motor skills and coordination in your kids. These activities develop critical thinking in your child as they learn to find a way around these obstacles.

Use a walker as a wheelbarrow to transport things

Your child can use the wooden baby walker as a wheelbarrow to transport things. The child finds joy and amusement while doing this. Your wooden baby walker may not resemble a real-life wheelbarrow, but it serves both the purpose of a baby walker and a toy wheelbarrow.

Use a walker as a toy doll stroller

A toy doll stroller is another game for which your baby can use a wooden baby walker. Kids can use a wooden baby walker until they turn 3+. The wooden handles provide a firm grip, and the wooden undercarriage provides a lightweight tray like arrangement for your little one to collect all her toys, games, treasures, etc. and stroll around the home.


wooden baby walker

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