Choosing the best Graco baby swing is never an easy task, for types of which vary a lot. Some are suitable for travel use, while some fit on residential use only. Getting a poor quality baby swing wastes not only your energy but more on your money.

Is Graco baby swing really worth buying?

In this post, we will offer you the top 9 best Graco baby swings on the market of 2020, and also a professional reviews of each type based on your needs.

Now, let’s dive in!

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What Is the Best Graco Baby Swing on the Market?

About Graco

Graco is a world-famous brand for producing and selling all kinds of peripheral products on babies, such as a bassinet, high chairs, and of course, baby swings. With long producing history and innovated spirit, it has been a popular brand on mom’s best choice. Till now, Graco has many series of swings, including sweet peace vibrating musical baby swing, duet oasis swing with soothe surround technology, etc.

History of Graco Baby Swing

This is a company that was founded in the year 1942 by Russell Gray Robert Cone. It is situated in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, and the United States of America. It serves the whole world with its products. This is a company that deals with various products but they are the best when it comes to baby swings.

The 9 Recommended Best Graco Baby Swings 2020

Best Graco Baby Swings Reviews

1. Graco Electric Baby Swing – Simple Sway

graco electric baby swingGraco infant swing simple sway series is always the most popular and recommend baby swings on the market. Compared with other series, it is simple, reliable, and has a super compact structure. Its small frame helps save much space for you and suits any rooms of yours, even when you are cooking or bathing, you can easily keep your baby close and have an eye on its safety.

Motor and buttons are all set ahead, so you do not need to bend down to operate the baby swing. Motor sound can be heard but babies are seldom influenced by it.
It provides both plug in and battery options. With plug-in set, you can save a large amount of money in buying expensive D batteries and changing them three or four days a week.

Removable infant head support and comfortable baby swing seat can soothe fussy baby quickly into a nap. The five-point suit-in harness keeps your infant secure all the time. Gentle vibration and six swing speeds brings infant into cozy and comfortable situation. 15 sounds and songs make your baby relaxed and calm easily.


  • 6 swing speeds
  • 15 sound and songs
  • Gentle vibration
  • Plug in /battery
  • Small frame, save space
  • Removable head support
  • Five-point harness


  • Side to side swing only
  • Unfold


2. Graco Soothing Vibration Swing – Dream Glider Gliding Swing

graco infant swingsThis is a 2 in 1 baby swing and sleeper combo. With a gentle pull of a lever, it is easily transferred from gilder to sleeper. Two reclining seats meet the demands on both entertainment and nap. Soft and cozy infant swing seat clams baby down quickly and sleeper option of it can be used as a bassinet for little nap for a short period of time. It uses gentle motion as nursery glider to soothe babies, 6 gliding speeds and 2-speed vibrations give the baby feeling of comfort and relaxation.

Sturdy structure and 3 points harness to keep the infant safe. 15 sounds and songs soothe them easily when you are busy doing other business. Easy one-hand recline lever helps you to change baby swing gently into sleeper without waking or moving your resting baby.

Plug in and batteries options are able to save large $$ for you. Timer set helps prolong service life of battery. Most moms want it to be a multi-directional baby swing, while it only swings from head to toe. And full-size baby swing design may not suitable for small spaces.


  • 2 modes of use(gliding seat, gliding sleeper)
  • 10 songs and 5 sounds
  • 6 gliding speeds
  • 2-speed vibration
  • Plug in or battery
  • Timer mode helps extend battery life
  • Easy to assemble and clean


  • Take up much space
  • unfold
  • 3 point harness


3. Graco Baby Swing 6 Speed – Duet Oasis

best baby swing gracoIt is a baby swing and rocker combo. If you are free and want to have fun with your baby, the swing seat can double as a rocker, giving you the flexibility to move it wherever you want and manually rock it for soothing.

10 soothing settings, including Car Ride, Heart Beat, Lullaby, Stroller Ride, Playful, Twinkle, Waves, Raindrops, Wind, and Bells, give you the possibility to customize your infant’s preference. 6 swing speed and 2 reclined positions provide optimal space.

It swings both ways, goes side to side and front to back. Soothe surround technology replicates soothing ways of mom used, giving baby familiar feelings, and a sense of safety.
Plush body support is removable as your baby grows, and cozy fabric of baby swing seat keeps baby warm and comfortable. 5 point harness and sturdy structure ensure safety, while it may take up much space and are not suitable for small space using.


  • Plugin/battery
  • 10 soothing setting
  • Removable rocker seat
  • Easy to carry
  • 2 recline position, 3 sitting position
  • 6 swing speed
  • Side to side, head to toe


  • Vibration use battery only
  • Take up much space
  • Short use period (maximum weight: 18 pounds)


4. Best Battery Operated Baby Swing – Linus/Etche

graco infant glider swingGraco baby swing electric of this series is super compact and space-saving. The height-adjustable leg can be easily transferred from compact size to large size.

Being a foldable baby swing, it is easy to be stored in any corner of the home or brings anywhere in traveling. Toy overhead gives a baby a sense of visual entertainment.

Adjustable swing speeds suit infant’s different moods and emotions. 5 point harness brings safety, removable body support and cozy fabric seat keep infant into a safe and sound nap.

As a cheap baby swing under $100 on the market, these slim spaces Graco compact baby swing can only offer basic function but lacks music and plug-in option.



  • Battery use only
  • Head to toe only
  • No music


5. Graco 2 in 1 Swing – Duet Connect LX Swing

graco 2 in 1 baby doll swingThis Graco infant swing offers plug-in and battery options, which saves much $$ for you on buying D batteries. The battery is using for operating vibration even when it is plug in the wall.

Full-size design and sturdy structure make it stable and safe. 2 reclining position and 15 melodies and nature songs easily calm the infant down.

When tired of swing, you can remove the seat down and use it as a rocker. Small light rocker seat and stable structure enable you to carry it any room you are in, freeing your hands and trouble on the soothing infant while you are busy washing or cleaning.

Removable head support keeps baby cozy and comfortable and it can be removed easily when the baby is growing larger to have more activity room. 2-speed built-in vibration gives it a sense of comfort and relaxation.


  • 2-speed vibration
  • 6 swing speeds
  • 15 songs and sounds
  • Removable swing seat doubles as a bouncer
  • Removable head support
  • Seat is the biggest


  • Side to side only
  • Take up much space
  • Toy bar not rotate


6. Graco Plug In Baby Swing – Duet Soothe Swing

graco 2 in 1 baby doll swingDuet soothe baby swing and rocker looks quite similar to LX swing and bouncer type. Toy bar ahead with three little toys interest small baby constantly.

Motor and buttons are set ahead to switch on and off. 3 sitting positions enable the baby to face right left or center. It goes both ways, from side to side, and from front to back. If you want to have an intimate joy time with your lovely baby, then just put baby swing seat down, and it will change into a rocker.

Of course, the rocker is not designed electric but needs manual power to rock it on. Most mommies feel it too costly on buying and changing the battery, then this plug in and battery option infant swing will be on your bet.

To better soothe baby, it has 15 songs and white noise, together with 6 changeable swing speeds. Because of its full-size design, it is not suitable to be carried anywhere you want but is designed as indoor baby swing. So it may take up much space and is not fold away type.


  • 3 sitting positions
  • 2-speed vibrations
  • 6 swing speeds
  • 15 songs and sounds
  • Plugin /battery


  • Toy ahead not rotate
  • Heavy, not easy for carrying


7. Graco Soothing Vibrations Swing – Lite LX Gliding Baby Swing

graco baby swing 6 speed 15 songsThis Graco lite LX Gliding baby swing is extremely compact and lightweight, which is the best baby swing for small space. Simple and compact as it is, still able to keep baby soothed in mind. 6 gliding speeds and 15 songs and melodies calm the infant down immediately.

It imitates parents’ motions and gives the baby a feeling of lying mom’s arms. Both sides are tied tightly with legs, so it swings only from front to toe. Built-in timer saves the life of the battery, once setting on time, it will stop play music or swing automatically. If you are tired of changing the battery, then just plug in the wall.

Toy bar ahead can be removed easily, if your baby is growing bigger, you can remove it away and to get more activity space for baby. As the toy bar is set in the middle part, you need to remove it before putting your baby in, which is quite troublesome. Altogether, if you want a portable baby swing under $100, it can be a good choice.


  • 6 gliding speed
  • Lightweight
  • 15 songs and sounds
  • Toy bar can be removed
  • Built-in timer
  • Plug in or battery
  • Space saver


  • Unfold
  • Head to toe only
  • Remove the toy bar before putting baby in


8. Graco Motorized Baby Swing – LX Gliding Swing 

graco baby swing 6 speedThis robot-like Graco infant swing is actually a super space-saving type, it is said to spend 40% less space than other types, which is tested by us and proved to be true because of its small footprint.

Plug in design saves up $$$, battery option sets for portable or outdoor use, and is also set for vibration.2 speed vibrations keep baby smooth and peaceful. Plush body support and cozy fabric make baby warm and comfortable.

The built-in five-point harness provides basic safety and free mommy from worries. Lightweight design makes it easy to pick up and move around, but as it is not foldable, this infant swing is not suitable to be put in the car or used as a travel baby swing.



  • 40% less space than other types
  • 3 recline positions
  • 6 speeds and two vibrations
  • Plug in or battery


  • Battery for vibration
  • Unfold
  • Head to toe only


9. Graco Baby Swing Rocker – Cozy Duet Swing

graco baby swing one hand reclineIt is another baby swing and rocker combo type, the swing seat is removable and changes into a portable rocker. The small footprint of it saves a lot of space, especially for a small house.

5 point harness keeps baby secure all the time. The sturdy footprint of rocker makes mom at ease even when they are busy cleaning or bathing. It has a higher weight rating and the seat is tested to be comfortable.

Unlike other types, it has fewer music options and only 5 songs and sounds are played. But the white noise included is really helpful to soothe baby into sleep.

It is quite easy to assemble, and we spend about only 15 minutes to put it together. The seat holds baby upright and is super great for reflux.



  • Plug in or battery
  • Used as rocker
  • Space saving, small footprint
  • Easy to carry and assemble
  • 2 vibration modes
  • 5 songs and sounds


  • Head to toe only


All the above are the best Graco baby swing reviews 2020 on the market. In order to meet the various demands of new moms and dads, Graco develops a series of infant swings. Including full-size type, portable type, and plug-in type, etc. Decide which function exactly you need before buying.

Are Graco Swings Safe for Newborns?

Graco baby swing is safe for newborns. So long as you don’t keep your baby in a baby swing for a long period. But it is not good to use the baby swings as sleep aids. This has been known to be a bad idea for the baby. Research has shown that this can make the baby not to breathe well. It is also known to increase the risks of SIDS on a baby. This means you should only use the swing for the intended purpose and not to suit your need. Graco baby swings should be used for a short period of less tan hour. This is healthy for the baby and it is safe to use it in such a short period.

How Long Can a Baby Use Graco Swings?

The right time for the baby to use the Graco swing is when they are below the age of nine months. After this age, the baby will outgrow the swing, and using the swing again might cause serious injuries. This is because the baby can climb out of the swing and might end up hurting himself or herself. So do not make a mistake of making your baby use the swing after the age of nine months.

This is not a good idea at all. Just use it when the baby is below this age and everything will be fine. But it should be known that some babies outgrow the swing faster than others. You can get a baby outgrowing the swing at the age of 7 months. So you should avoid the use of the swing when the baby can sit on their own.

What is the Graco Baby Swing Weight Limit?

Graco baby swings are known to have the highest weight that they can hold. This is always a weight of 30 lbs. this makes it become the highest number of weight that the device can carry. Other baby swings always range between 20 and 25 lbs hence making Graco baby swing to be with the highest weight it can carry in the market.

Overloading these swings can cause issues. This is because they are known to be underpowered machines which are very prone to bursting. The weight therefore should never be exceeded. It is okay to have underweight rather than an over one.

Types of Graco baby swings

Various Graco baby swings are always the best in the market. Here are a few good Graco baby swings.

Graco electric baby swing

The simple way series of this Graco baby swing is aways one of the best. It is one of the simple, reliable and it is known for its compact structure. It is one of the popular Graco baby swings.

Graco baby swing 6 speed

This is a baby swing and at the same time being a rocker combo. If you want to have great fun with your baby when you are free, then you can just double it as a rocker. It is one of the flexible Graco baby swings in the market. This is another great device that you can opt for.

Graco Baby Swings And Bouncers 2 in 1

Graco Duet Connect LX Swing and Bouncer- Manor

graco baby swing with musicThis type of Graco infant swing is easily transferred to a bouncer with a button. Unlike a rocker, it is movable with a baby’s movement. The bouncer is designed light-weighted and is easy to be carried anywhere you want.

Vibrating set on the bouncer is used to soothe fussy baby, 2 speeds vibrating meets different infant’s preference. Stable and sturdy footprint design ensures baby safely even out of mom’s sight.

Portable Baby Swings of Graco

1. Slim Spaces Compact Baby Swing- Linus/Etcher

graco simple sway baby swingThis baby swing machine has an adjustable height leg and two legs can be folded together. When folded up, it is easy to put it in the car or carry it away. A simple and compact structure makes it light weighted. When you decide to stop using it, just fold it up and throw it in any corner of your house, which is super space-saving.

2. Lite LX Gliding Baby Swing – Lambert

electric baby swing gracoJust look at its small frame, then you can imagine how portable it can be. Small but sturdy footprint and low seat design help save much space for you. A simple structure makes it easy to use this infant swing anywhere in your house.

Unlike Slim Space type, this gliding baby swing is not foldable, therefore, you need to think twice if you intend to put it in the car.

Graco Baby Swings Side to Side Reviews

1. Simple Sway Baby Swing-Abbington

graco simple sway portable baby swingGraco simple sway baby swing is capable of moving side to side only. Sturdy structure and simple design make the infant feel cozy and secure.

The reclined position is fixed and not adjustable. The whole seat is designed deep and comfortable.

2. Duet Oasis with Soothe Surround Baby Swing- Davis

graco side to side baby swingThis swing machine is able to swing both from side to side and from head to toe. 3 sitting positions enable the infant to face center, left and right. When the baby is facing the center, it goes from side to side and moves like a cradle. While the baby is facing left or right, the baby swing moves from head to toe.

You can just twist the upper part and then transfer the sitting position easily and rotating directions easily.

3. Graco Duet Connect LX Swing and Bouncer- Manor

graco automatic baby swingLooks quite similar to simple sway type, this baby swing machine can only move from side to side. When the swing chair is put down, it becomes a bouncer and moves along with the baby.

4. Graco Duet Soothe Swing and Rocker- Winslet

graco baby swing soothing vibration

Duet soothe infant swing chair is able to move both from side to side and from back to front. Swing seat can be rotated through the twisting upper part of the machine. If you change it into a rocker, then you can manually rock it from head to toe.

Some babies feel it uncomfortable when it rotates from side to side, while the other finds it cozy when moving from head to toe, 3 inclined positions of this Graco baby machine suits infant’s different preference.

Graco Baby Swings Soothing Vibration Reviews

Vibration is a best method to soothe fussy babies, on intimating motions of most parents, graco develops most of their baby swings into vibration types. All of which are designed into two modes, each for different vibration frequency. But the common shortcoming of graco baby swing soothing vibration is its battery control. Battery must be used for operating vibration even when it is plug in the wall. But according to customers’ reports, the two modes of vibrations differ less. Here are those with vibration settings:

best baby swing vibrate

best baby swing with vibration

best vibrating swing for baby

vibrating baby swing

baby swing with vibrating seat

baby swing music vibration

Graco Compact Baby Swings

1. Slim Spaces Compact Baby Swing- Linus/Etcher

graco slim spaces compact baby swingSlim space series baby swing is designed into simple type, the function of which is less but still remains basic features. Small footprint and portable, foldable swing body makes it more space saving.

2. Lite LX Gliding Baby Swing – Lambert

graco slim spaces compact baby swing etcherThe small structure and leg make it suitable for small spaces. Toy bar can be removed and the internal structure is simple but sturdy. One typical con are that it unfolds, though compact in shape, it is still space cost when put into the car.

Graco Full Size Baby Swings

The main difference between full-size baby swing and portable baby swing lies in their size and function. A full-size baby swing is, of course, large, and spend much more space, so if your home is loaded with baby stuff and have no space for a swing, then you might as well choose portable one. A portable infant swing is designed to compact and some of which as foldable, therefore, they can be used for travel. But compared with full size, the function of it is less and use feeling is, of course, worse than full-size types.

Here are some full size baby swings of graco:

best baby swing for large babies

best full size baby swings

full size baby swing

tall baby swing

big baby swings

large baby swing

large swing for baby

Graco Plug In Baby Swings

Plug in baby swing is able to save much money and efforts in buying and changing battery, therefore, almost all the full size graco baby swings are set both plug in and battery option. Portable swings are used for outdoor and travel baby swing frequently, battery option makes it easier to be used without adapter.All the Graco infant swings listed above are plug-in infant swing, except Slim Spaces Compact Baby Swing- Linus/Etcher, remember to choose one according to your needs.

How to Have the Best Graco Baby Swing?

There are various factors that one should consider when purchasing a Graco baby swing. These factors are:


This is always a very important aspect that you should look at before making your purchase. It is always good to buy a baby swing that you will not be worried when the baby is in there.

Battery or a plug-in

There are some Graco baby swings that use batteries. This will make you go through a lot of batteries. If you want the best Graco baby swing I would advise that you go for the plug-in system. This is good for the operation.


Another key aspect is the speed to ensure that you purchase a Graco baby swing that has good speed. This is good for your baby and also you as a person.


1. What is the weight limit on the Graco baby swing?

Weight limit varies according to different swing series, but the maximum weight limit on most Graco baby swings is 30 pounds. Maximum recommend weight of Duet Oasis with Soothe Surround Baby Swing- Davis is only 18 pounds, and some swings can carry weight for no more than 25 pounds. Average weight limit in the baby swing is 20-30 pounds and each baby swing has its own weight limit, before buying, you should be aware of your baby’s weight and then make clear of maximum numbers.

2. What is the Graco baby swing age range?

Actually, baby swing has less relation to age range, because, in the same age, baby weights can be quite different. Therefore, all the infant swing brands will note the weight limit instead of the age range. When your baby is beyond the recommended weight, the baby will feel uncomfortable and even be dangerous to use it again.

3. Which one Graco baby swing is suitable for a girl?

Through investigation, we found that the designing style of Graco infant swings is more unisex when choosing, parents can decide on your own preference. In our opinion, most of which are perfect to be used for both girls and boys. If you want to get one for your baby according to infant’s sex, we have made baby boy swing reviews and baby girl swing reviews for you to choose.

What We Choose…

Among so many Graco baby swings, Simple Sway Baby Swing is the one perfect pick if you want a cost-effective one. With a price under $100, it can be a good helper for you and also a great company for your baby.

If your baby is hard to calm down, the soothing music and changeable swing speed make it feel cozy and comfortable. The maximum weight limit in the baby swing is 30 pounds. Therefore, the using life of it can be much longer.

graco simple sway portable baby swing
Graco simple sway portable baby swing – Abbington

Check more information on Graco infant swing types and detailed introductions on Amazon if you have an interest in the item.


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